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Chilton Foliat is an ancient settlement, going back to Saxon times, and beyond.  It is a small village with a current population of just over 300 adults. And it's beautiful, with many ancient houses. You could say it's a typical English country village.

Location in UK The village nestles in the undulating landscape of the Marlborough Downs, lying alongside the River Kennet, a very beautiful and clean chalkland river, much loved by fishermen.

This web site has been created by villagers, for the villagers, and aims to provide visitors and locals alike with information about the village. Any comments on how we can improve the site are always welcome.

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Click here for the latest (1st July) information and advice regarding coronavirus from Wiltshire Council

Temporary Defibrillator location

The temporary defibrillator location is at John Summers house, in Orchard Green, directly behind the bus shelter. It is in a red coolbox on his porch.

Don't delay seeking medical help because of coronavirus

People living in Wiltshire are being advised not to let worries about coronavirus stop them asking for medical help for themselves or their children if they become ill, have a serious accident or have a concern about their health.

They are also being warned that not seeking medical help for symptoms that could be the early warning signs of serious conditions such as cancer could be putting lives at risk.

The warning comes as new data shows a considerable drop in the number of people coming forward to ask their GP for help and advice during the coronavirus outbreak. Recent statistics show that, in Bath alone, the total number of weekly referrals from GPs to the Royal United Hospital have fallen from around 2,000 at the beginning of March to 300 at the end of April.

In Swindon, the average number of patients being sent by their GP to the Great Western Hospital for further investigations into symptoms that suggest cancer each week has dropped by more than 200 to 80.

Dr Ruth Grabham, Medical Director at BaNES, Swindon and Wiltshire CCG, said the statistics made for worrying reading because the drop in numbers "is not because people are not experiencing symptoms."

"While it may seem that coronavirus has put a stop to most aspects of everyday life, the one thing it hasn't stopped is what's going on inside our bodies," she says. "Now more than ever, we need to pay attention to anything that isn't normal and seek help early on."

"For example, if you notice blood when going to the toilet, or if you've found a lump that wasn't there previously, or if you've just noticed something odd that is causing you to worry, you need to speak to your GP.

"Should the symptom be the early warning sign of something serious like cancer, that delay in seeking help could have serious implications for how successful possible treatments may be."

Although GP practices across the region have adopted new ways of working, such as establishing isolated clinics for potential coronavirus patients, the practices themselves are still open to offer care, treatment, advice and peace-of-mind.

The same also goes for emergency departments at the three hospitals in Bath, Swindon and Salisbury, all of which continue to be open 24 hours a day for people with a genuine and life-threatening health concern.

Additionally, all healthcare facilities in the region, as well as those elsewhere in the country, have put in place stringent infection control measures to ensure that the risk of contracting coronavirus while visiting a hospital or GP surgery remains low.

-    Details of which services continue to open, as well as how to get in contact, can be found online by visiting

-    For information about local hospital services visit, or

Further information on how to stay well throughout the coronavirus outbreak can be found at

Calling all Stitchers

Like so many of us, being 'confined to barracks' has meant that my work level reduced and I had spare time and energy. I heard that people were volunteering to sew scrubs, caps, masks and linen bags for medics and care workers and immediately saw this as a way I could make a very small contribution to those amazing people who are helping us fight Covid 19.

It took a few days of searching the internet to find an organisation that would be prepared to deliver and collect as, in the current situation, I emerge from the house very rarely. Eventually I found Sew Scrubs For Wiltshire and Lucy and Lara Till who do a great job getting their 100 volunteers across Wiltshire sewing to order. They have responded to requests for scrubs and other sewn equipment from two hospitals and several care homes across the county and the requests keep coming in. As I write (at the end of April), my tiny contribution has been seven sets of scrubs. The first set took me thirteen hours and ages on Zoom and 'phone to a very patient seamstress friend, but having once got the hang of it, (aided by a slight simplification of the pattern used,) I find I can turn a set out between three and a half and four hours (including time for my propensity to make mistakes!). I enjoy the therapy of sewing and the feeling that I am doing something that will be useful, if only in a small way. And it beats housework!

If anyone reading this is interested in having a go, Sew Scrubs For Wiltshire can be contacted via Facebook at or, if you are not on Facebook, at

You don't have to be a skilled seamstress; some of the things are quite easy to make and there are now clear instructions. You will need a sewing machine (and an overlocker if want to sew scrubs) and it is helpful if you can source your own fabric (anything cotton or cotton mix which can be washed at 60 degrees or hotter). I am now using sheets and duvet covers. You will probably be asked to leave any completed items at, and collect any available fabric from, my house on Stag Hill, so there is unlikely to be any significant travel required.

If you want to talk this through, please contact me at If you don't want to sew, but have any spare suitable fabric, we can put it to good use.

Bridget Warr

The defibrillator is out of order

Unfortunately due to damp getting into the cabinet the village defibrillator is currently out of action.

A new cabinet is being purchased, kindly paid for out of the Village Hall 100 Club funds.

In the mean time we are looking for a safe place to house the defribrillator temporarily and as soon as we have found somewhere we will put a sign up.

Warning for Dog Walkers & Public to Take Care

The Parish Council has been contacted recently by a local agricultural contractor. They have reported seeing a number of people and dogs walking through (not around) the field when contractors are spraying fertiliser. The field in question is located between Craven Farmhouse Cottages and Crabtree Close on the B4192, running parallel up past the Chilton Foliat School. These chemicals could be harmful to both dogs and public. Although they are not adverse to people walking in the field, they have asked if they could kindly walk around the perimeter of the field whilst work is being carried out, to ensure no harm comes to both pets and/or walkers. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

The Wiltshire Bobby Van Trust

During the current lockdown we would like to notify you of the services still available through The Wiltshire Bobby Van Trust to those over 60 or 18+ with a registered disability.
Our team of Home Security Operators are still securing the homes of victims of house crime and domestic abuse. Our office team are on hand to give telephone support and advice on a range of home security issues. Please call 01380 861155 and leave a message, your call will be returned within a few hours during working hours. Our operators are also delivering Personal Protective Equipment for Wiltshire Police across the County.
Our team of Stay Safe Online volunteers are available to offer telephone advice on a range of issues from improving cyber security awareness, to cyber and scam prevention advice and signposting to future advice and resources. Please call and leave a message on 01380 861191 and someone will get back you shortly.

For details of the Community Action Group supporting each other in Chilton Foliat in the event of self-isolation. Click here.

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