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Dateline: 15th July 2024


Hello im currently looking for info on 2 people who lived in chilton foliat. Firstly Edward PETT also went with the last name HYDE and JACOBS was born in 1945 his father was an American GI stationed in Chilton. Also recently came across a Marvin WILLIAMS who I believe recently or still does live in Chilton. According to what I've found he completed an election ticket addressed to Number 4 The Groves.

If you could get in touch with any info you may have it would be greatly appreciated thank you.
Lewis Pike

Dateline: 8th July 2022

EVERETT family

I am currently researching a branch of my family tree. This is namely the Everett family. Many members of this family lived in Chilton Foliat and nearby areas such as Aldbourne.
I have a special interest in one particular Everett family. They lived in the village in the 1760's to mid 1840's. The head of the family was Stephen Everett, his wife was Maria Everett (nee Gregory). They were married in Chilton Foliat on 20th April 1807.
They had children John, Edward, William, Sarah, Maria, James and Francis. Stephen was a shoemaker by trade.

I was wondering if any descendants of the Everett family still live in Chilton Foliat or if any records exist that details this particular family in more detail.

Mr G Barnes
4 x Grandson of Stephen Everett

Dateline: 9th July 2021

We are looking for the relatives of Thomas and Jemima SMITH

One of the graves in the old churchyard at St Mary's is showing signs of becoming dangerous to passers-by. We have the approval of the diocese to carry out repairs but they have requested that we see if we can find any relations who we can consult about the work before we are given final approval.

The grave is for Thomas and Jemima Smith, both of whom died in the mid 1860s.
The memorial is in the form of a large raised stone slab under which there is a vault. The vault is entered from steps in an anti-chamber. The stones covering the anti-chamber have become unsafe and we have devised a plan where the anti-chamber is filled in and the access door to the vault is blocked up.

If anyone has any information about the Smith family who owned land around Soley in the 19th century we would be glad to hear from you.
Please contact:- Tim Williams, churchwarden, at

Dateline: 21st January 2019

DOBSON Family History - Chilton Foliat / Leverton

I have come across your web page researching my family tree. I wonder if anyone can help / share any information or photos.

My great grandmother was Agnes Dobson. She was the daughter of William Dobson and Thyrza Jane Dobson (was Gilbert).
I think William Dobson's father was Richard Dobson (abt.1826) & mother Elizabeth Dobson (was Few).

All records show Chilton Foliatt. Agnes Dobson my great grandmother grew up in Leverton.

I'm not 100% of any of my records as we didn't know this family line. My Nan (Agnes Dobson's daughter) was given away at birth and very little was shared about her mum and this family line.
If anyone can share any information I would be thrilled to hear from you.

Many thanks
Philippa Norris ;) was Toghill

If you can help Philippa with her research, please email and your message will be forwarded.

Dateline: 29th June 2017

Harry DODSON's remains finally interred

From Vic Gardener

Hello again,

As you were kind enough to publish my email about the news that the late Harry DODSON's remains were finally going to be interred, perhaps you would like to see some photos which were taken at St. Matthew's, Blackmoor, on 19th June 2017.

You may have already read elsewhere that the congregation included Lord and Lady Selborne, Adrian and Sarah Scrope and Amanda Ward from Chilton, members of the Norris (Harry's mother's) family, and members of the BBC's 'The Victorian Kitchen Garden' team, including Keith Sheather, Jennifer Davies, and others. Jennifer Davies also spoke as part of the Service which was led by the vicar of St. Matthew's, the reverend Dom Clarke, who did a brilliant job. As did the 'Friends' of St. Matthew's, who made everyone very welcome, and who also kindly provided tea and cake afterwards.

Any tinge of sadness the congregation might have felt was more than outweighed by the sense of 'the right thing' finally being done.

The photos include shots of: the new gravestone (which also commemorates Harry's mother and his late wife, 'Jane', who, I suspect, is still remembered by people in the Chilton area); flowers brought from Chilton (grown in the walled garden, of course); flowers from the 'Victorian Kitchen Garden' team; and a passage from Kipling's 'The Glory of the Garden', hand-written by Jennifer Davies which, she said, Harry used to quote. The stone vase in the general view of the grave is the original memorial to Harry's mother, who died in 1963.

With best wishes,
Vic Gardener.

PS. And the local Blackmoor newspaper reported the service and interment here:§ionIs=news&searchyear=2017 with the headline: "Harry's ashes finally come home"

Dateline: 17th June 2017

Harry DODSON 'coming home'

From Vic Gardener


I know that in the past you've had lots of fans of the 'Victorian Kitchen Garden' TV series contacting you, asking for more information about Chilton and the characters they saw on-screen, etc. Well, if you can stand a bit more, there is a bit of 'new' news pertaining to the head gardener, Harry DODSON.

That might sound a bit strange, as Harry passed away in 2005. However, what didn't happen at the time was the interment of his ashes, as no-one knew at the time where that should take place.

Finally, Harry's wishes are now known and next Monday, 19th June 2017, a Service and the interment will take place at St. Matthews Church on the Blackmoor Estate, where Harry grew up and started work.

I only found out myself due to this article in the Bordon Herald, a paper local to Blackmoor:§ionIs=news&searchyear=2017

So, although for everyone who knew or remembers Harry it'll be a slightly sad day, it's also a comfort, knowing that Harry's remains are finally going to be laid to rest where he requested.

And the timing is also somewhat fitting. 2017 marks the 30th anniversary of the first 'Victorian Kitchen Garden' broadcasts, and 70 years since Harry became Head Gardener at Chilton.

Best wishes,
Vic Gardener

From Webmaster:
See also

Received 23rd June 2017 from James Drury


Many thanks for the reply and links, yes, I agree it would make sense for the family to live in Mill House. All speculation I guess at the moment but nice to think they might have.

James's father was listed as a miller on his baptism papers in Ramsbury in 1834 so it seems it was a long standing family trade. Iím not sure when they moved to Chilton, all part of my quest.

I have traced my GGGfathers family back in the 15th and 16th century to Painswick in Gloucestershire moving to Lambourn in the late 17th Century and Chisledon in the mid 18th century, from there to Ramsbury and Chilton. I guess there are many branches of the family in the area so very much possible that some already lived in and around Chilton before my branch moved there.

It was rumoured in the family, from an old aunt, that the Winchcombs were descended for John Winchcomb or 'Jack of Newbury' who was a miller/clothier in the early 16th century and became quite prominent though we have no proof... just rumour, a common name and a strong theme of milling.

I notice that there are also Winchcombs in Soley? Chilton Foliat in the 1840/50s... may be another branch of the family... something for a future date I think. I concentrate on my immediate line for now.

All these pictures are generating an interest in visiting the village to see where James grew up, may be a day over the summer...

Many thanks once again
Kind regards

Message to James Drury from Webmaster on 23rd June 2017


The Mill House is on the south side of the main road on the corner as it bends towards the west. Mill Cottage is opposite, on the north side of the road. - for details of The Mill House - for details of Mill Cottage

I attach some estate agents pics of Mill Cottage, but it seems more likely that your ancestors lived in The Mill House.

I was mystified by the fact that you were coming up with different names in the censuses, but I now realise that for the early censuses Chilton Foliat was split into two parts, so I am grateful to you for that revelation.

Received 22nd June 2017 from James Drury


Sorry if I am being a pain... I really do appreciate all the time you have taken to help so far...

Have been through the 1841 and 1851 census for the village and entries for the Winchcomb family as below

1841 census
John Winchcomb 55 miller
Sarah Winchcomb 44 miller
Thomas Winchcomb 20 miller
John Winchcomb 10 Ag Lab
Sarah Winchcomb 10
James Winchcomb 7
Wallace Winchcomb 5
Saraha Moulding 14
Eliza Alexander 19 servant 19

1851 Census
John Winchcomb miller
Sarah Winchcomb miller
John Winchcomb miller
Sarah Winchcomb miller
James Winchcomb millers son apprentice
Wallace Winchcomb millers son apprentice
Jane Platt Niece

There are no other millers listed in village on either 1841 or 1851 census

Maybe I am making too bold an assumption but also came across 'mill cottage' on line, built opposite the mill.

In trying to place the family within the village was wondering if it was plausible that being millers they lived there?
I may be barking up the wrong tree - just wondered your thoughts.

Kindest regards

Received 22nd June 2017 from James Drury



Not sure if it's the same winchcombs as the funeral people.

John and Sarah were Millers at the mill in Chilton, James was listed there as a miller until 1851 when he joined the military. Sarah is listed in the 1855 post office directory for Chilton under traders as a miller.

Many thanks once again, any info on the village or family at this time is fantastic.

Kind regards

Received 15th June 2017


I am looking for any information relating to the WINCHCOMB/WINCHCOMBE family who resided in Chilton Foliat around the 1830-1860 and were millers.

Specifically John Winchcomb (1781 - 1857) and his wife Sarah (Nash) (1797-1861) millers at the local mill

Children (probable) with specific interest in James

Any info on this family or records relating to mill itself much appreciated.

Many thanks for your assistance
James Drury

If anyone has more information about the WINCHCOMBE family, please send an email to James by clicking here

Received 25th August 2016

MUDGE family

Hello from Australia

I am trying to find confirmation of christenings for my Mudge family.
1. Thomas Mudge b1813 in Chilton Foliat. Son of Jonathan Mudge and Mary Sarah Lawrence married 12 Oct in Aldbourne
2. Samuel Mudge 15 Jan 1815 Parents as above.
3. Mary Mudge c1815 Parents as above.
4. Jane Mudge c1816 Parents as above.

Maybe someone will know of this family and their details..

Naomer Walters

Received 28th June 2015



My family history research has led me here; to Geoge AUSTIN b 1831, and his family of whom his father appears to be Jason.

According to the 1841 Census, they were at Berks Park Farm, Chilton Foliat.

I am wondering if there is any information about this farm or family.

Thank you.

Brian Austen

Received 30th May 2015


Hi there,
I was browsing your website when I came across a request from somebody that wanted to know where the late Harry DODSON was buried. I don't know if you were able to answer that request but if it helps, I seem to remember that he was from the same village as my Father and that was Stroud (pronounces Strood) near Petersield in Hampshire.

Dad met and married my Mum who was born in Chilton Foliat as was I.

Hope this snippet of information is of interest.

Best wishes, Carol Hyde (nee STUBBINGTON)

Received 25th March 2015


Good evening,
I am contacting you, as I am sure many others have before me, as I am a huge fan of the Victorian Kitchen Garden series. I have read some of the articles on your website with interest.

I understand the walled gardens at Chilton are no longer kept up. I wondered if you knew if there had ever been any statement made by the family as to their long term intentions towards them? It seems such a shame after all the wonderful work done in those gardens over the years.

I understand you received a query from another fan recently, as to the final resting place of Harry DODSON. If this information is available I would be grateful for it, in order to pay my respects at some point in the future. Mr DODSON truly was a national treasure.

Apologies if you are often inundated with requests of this kind. Any help you can provide would be appreciated.

Kind regards,
(Name supplied)

Received 15th March 2015


I still have unanswered questions about my COWLEY line. I think the line started in Chilton with a Hugh CAWLEY.a Gent., then moved over to Lambourne, where William was born in 1784. He then married Ann Cook, after which they lived and raised 10 Children in Chilton. Where my G/Grandfather John COWLEY was born and Baptised.
Mystery as to what happened to William. He died between 1861/75, but he isnít buried in Chilton. Iíve bought several Death Certsí but none were him. If you have any thoughts as to where he may have died, and is buried, Iíd appreciate it.
Have tried Workhouses,if he fell on hard times? No luck.
Good luck.

Message from Janet Wheal

Received 15th March 2015


I posted a message on the Website a few years ago regarding my Ancestors. Which is still on there.
I also paid Nimrod researchers to go to the Records Office in Chippenham. They found Documents relating to G/G/Grandfather William COWLEY renting property on Old Charity help with Coal and Blankets. Also Recipes.
I did send copies of the documents to Ray Brooks on a CD.,so you may already have these. My Maiden name was COWLEY,my G/G/Gran Ann COWLEY and her Daughter Eleanor WIGGINS are buried in the Churchyard, as was Richard COWLEY, the only one with a Headstone. Attached Photo of G/G/Uncle Richard's Headstone.

I have others,not scanned.

Message from Janet Wheal

Received 15th March 2015


Hi Janet,
Many thanks for your message. We're in the process of collating old village documents and photos so thank you for the offer. We do have an ancestors' part of the website if you'd like to share any information relating to the village your relatives lived in or nearby?

Message from Webteam to Janet Wheal

Received 5th March 2015


I have only just read about your putting some of Mr Brooks Documents online. So,I may be a bit out of date.
Ray Brooks was a great help to me in my Family History research. We met several times. So sad to learn of his death.
Not sure what help I can give. But have COWLEY family info.
J Wheal.

Message from Janet Wheal

Received 19th February 2015

DREW Family Name

Hello Robert
I have recently been going through all the census returns for Chilton Foliat from 1841 to 1911.

I have found the following Drews:
1911 Census
          Charlie Drew living at The Tanyard
          Charles Drew living in a Private House near the Church
          Jim Drew living at East Soley, a hamlet to the north of the village

1901 Census
          Charles Drew, age 47, born Lambourn Woodlands, carpenter
          Harriet Drew, wife, age 46, born Warwick
          Charles Drew, son, age 20, born Ramsbury, carpenter
          Winifred Drew, daughter, age 2, born Chilton Foliat

1891 Census
          No Drews recorded

1881 Census
          No Drews recorded

1871 Census
          Ernest Drew, age 7, nephew of William Wiggins, born London

1861 Census
          William Drew, Head, age 37, born 1824 Lambourn, agricultural labourer
          Martha Drew, Wife, age 35, born 1826 Chilton Foliatt
          William Drew, Son, age 10, born 1851 Lambourn
          Emma Drew, Daughter, age 6, born 1855 Lambourn
          Mary A Drew, Daughter, age 5, born 1856 Chilton Foliatt
          James Drew, Son, age 2, born 1859 Chilton Foliatt
          John Drew, Son, age 6months, born 1860 Chilton Foliatt

1851 Census
          No Drews recorded

1841 Census
          Robert Drew, age 50, born 1791 Wiltshire, agricultural labourer
          Eliza Drew, age 17, born 1824 Wiltshire
          Mary Drew, age 15, born 1826 Wiltshire
          Henry Drew, age 12, born 1829 Wiltshire, agricultural labourer

I'm sure you will have contacted Karen Drew already, but here's her Facebook page, just in case

I hope this information has been of some use to you.


If anyone has more information about the NEW family, please email Bob by clicking here

Received 19th February 2015

DREW Family Name

My name is Robert DREW and I live in Canada and I do genealogy research of my family name. I was on your web site and saw the name Karen DREW. My family lived in Aldbourne in the 1700 and early 1800. Then my g-g grandfather moved to Little Bedwyn about 1811 when he got married to Ann MILLS. I'm always looking for contacts in your area. When I see a DREW name I wonder if we are related?? Please someone respond to me if you can help.

Bob Drew

If anyone has more information about the NEW family, please email the webmaster by clicking here

Received 18th October 2014

NEW Family

Hello to the folks in Chilton Foliat, from Canada. My sister and I visited your beautiful village for a week last month to see where our grandmother grew up and the family farmed at New Hayward Farm many, many decades ago. Our visit included your church where family weddings were held, church yard where generations of ancestors lie, The Wheatsheaf (of course), Little Hidden Farm (riding the same trails our grandmother rode her horse), finding Walnut Tree Cottage (great-grandparentís home), and visits to neighbouring towns and villages where family lived. We enjoyed matching 80-90 year old photos with todayís locations (here's one from the 30's). Unfortunately, we missed the Flower Festival because of a 3-hour flight delay - hope the church fundraiser was a success!

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit and wish we could have stayed longer.
Thanks to everyone for their incredible hospitality, including: Julie (Curers B&B), Sue (Little Hidden Farm), Max and Penny, Sally and Roy, and cousin Rob.

Message from Linda Hudson on Chilton Foliat Facebook page

Received 4th May 2014

NEW Family

Thanks so much for your email. H. New is my great grandfather. F New, beside him is likely his brother, Frank, because he looks a similar age so not likely his father, Francis.

My sister and I will be visiting Chilton Foliat in September. I noticed that New Hayward Farm now has businesses in the alongside the house where my grandmother grew up so I'm hoping we'll be able to enter the property


Linda (Hudson)

Received 4th May 2014

NEW Family

I just came across this photograph on the Chilton Estate website and I thought you might be interested as there is a H.New in the cricket team 1924.

Message from Webmaster to Linda Hudson

If anyone has more information about the NEW family, please email the webmaster by clicking here

Received 28th April 2014

NEW Family

My grandmother, Gertrude NEW lived on one of the thatched cottages which I seem to remember were on a bend in the road as you enter the village. When we came last year I couldn't find them!

Gertrude was a nursemaid at Littlecote House in the early 1900's and had two sisters Annie and Edith.

I went to school in Hungerford in the 1960's with a girl whose father worked on one of farms in Chilton Foliat, unfortunately I can't remember her name - I was Denise Preston then.


If anyone has more information about the NEW family, please email the webmaster by clicking here

Received 22nd May 2013 from Linda HUDSON.

Do you recognise any of the people in these photographs?

If so, please contact Linda at

Click on the photos for a larger version.

Hudson family 1959 no.1 Hudson family 1959 no.2

Attached are a couple of photos that were taken when my father and grandparents visited family in 1959. I hope someone will recognize them!


Received 20th May 2013 from Linda HUDSON.

Can you help Linda track down her Chilton Foliat ancestors?
Do you recognise any of the people in these photographs?

If so, please contact her at

Click on the photos for a larger version.

Unknown 1
Unknown 2
Unknown 3
Mary and Geoff on the motocycle
Marjorie New's wedding
Connie's wedding

Attached are some of my grandmother's photos. The one titled "Mary and Geoff on motorcycle" are my grandparents (Mary NEW and Geoff HUDSON) on one of their first dates in about 1927 and the photo was taken at my grandmother's house at New Hayward Farm. The motorcycle's brand was a "New Hudson". This was my grandmother's favorite photo so I thought I'd share it.

Connie's wedding and Marjorie NEW's wedding: I believe these were taken in the mid 1930's. I have a newspaper article about Marjorie's wedding at St Mary's church in Chilton Foliat. I assume that Connie's wedding was also there. I recognize some people in these photos including: Frank NEW, Madeline BAVERSTOCK, Isabel NEW (both mother and daughter), Harry NEW, John PEGLAR (son of Isabel NEW and Bob PEGLAR). John is the little boy in the left corner of Connie's wedding would likely be about 80 now so may still be in the area?

The unknown photos: I have many similar photos of these houses and people but, don't know who they are or who the homes belonged to. I'm not sure if these are relatives or friends of my grandmother's. I'm pretty sure the photos were taken in the 1920's.

I have found the name Hannah PEGLER on a website indicating that she may be doing a family tree but, don't know more about her or how to find her. Also not sure if the correct spelling is PEGLAR or PEGLER. Do you know Hannah PEGLER?

I've also attached the family tree that I'm trying to put together.
Click here to view the file.

Many thanks for any help you provide.


Received 30th January 2012 from Eric HUNTLEY.

Some wonderful photographs from Eric HUNTLEY
Do you recognise any of these people?

If so, please contact the webmaster.

Click on the photos for a larger version.

These photographs have been printed from some old glass plates. The people are not known to me, but I think the one of a man with boy outside what was DOBSON's shop is a Mr BRAY who was the carpenter. The gamekeeper I think worked for Littlecote.


Received 29th January 2012 from June HUNTLEY


I worked at Stag Garage until going on my own in 1979 when I had a workshop at Littlecote then belonging to Sir Seton WILLS moving to Eastridge with Sir Seton when Littlecote was sold to Peter DE SAVERY in 1985. I retired from here in 2007 and enjoy my time with my family now in Hungerford.

Received 30th July 2011

Hello from Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia.

My fatherís family is KEMP and I have it that my great great grandfather Henry KEMP, bap 1799 in St Maryís, Chilton Foliat, resided in Leverton: as per his census records in 19th c.
Henry was the youngest child of about 8 to William and Ann (nee AMBROSE) KEMP.
William was son of John and Elizabeth (nee GARRARD) KEMP. William bap 1757.
John was son of Richard and Christian (nee ?? STOAT) KEMP. John bap 1715.
I do not have any information regarding the origins of either Richard or Christian KEMP.
Would you have any information on them at all??!
Iíve only just learned that Chilton Foliat is partly in Wiltshire and partly in Berkshire. Does this still apply?
Kind regards
Julie KEMP

If anyone can help Julie with her enquiry, please email the webmaster by clicking here

Received 21st May 2010 from BG

If there have been no other replies on the Mr. HUNTLEY thread, I can contribute that he has retired from his garage at Eastridge and now lives in Hungerford, although several of his apprentices still work or live in the area. He occasionally walks over to the pub and is known by a few regulars who would be able to offer further information.

Received February 2010

Can you please tell me if a Mr HUNTLEY still runs a garage just outside the village? My grandmother lived at No 90 after the war until she died and is buried at the church

If anyone can help MC with his enquiry, please email the webmaster by clicking here

Received around Easter 2008

I'm hoping that someone in the village will be able to help with my queries about Chilton.

From the mid 1930s to the mid 1950s my parents were associated with Littlecote and Sir Ernest WILLS.  My father, Ben BISHOP, was a gardener there and my mother worked in Littlecote House.  They married in 1940 and at that time they moved into Stag Cottage in Chilton.  They lived there until 1945 when my father became Head Gardener and they moved into the Head Gardener's cottage on the Estate.

I dimly recall Mrs COOK (Alwyn?) being a friend of my mother's and coming out to Littlecote to see us with her 2 small sons - Alan, I think was one. I believe Alan is still in Chilton - I wonder if he remembers my sister and I - Peggy and Judy BISHOP?

My real enquiry relates to the war years in Chilton.  Margaret and Jack GREGORY were great friends of my parents - Mrs GREGORY was actually my godmother and I used to visit her both when she was still in Chilton and latterly when she went to Froxfield.  Family history didn't mean much to me at that time but age has brought curiosity!  My mother died in 1955 when I was 6 and is buried in Chilton churchyard.  I can remember Mrs GREGORY telling me that both she and my mother worked in the munitions factory during the war and that they saw Queen Mary when she visited during that time.

So my questions are these:-

  1. Does anyone remember my mother or father - Ben and Marjory BISHOP (my mother was PEARSONS before she married)

  2. Can anyone tell me where the munitions factory was?

  3. Can anyone confirm Queen Mary's visit, when it was and was King George with her?

  4. If Alan COOK is still living in the village, does he remember his visits to Littlecote and having tea with us?

  5. Am I right in thinking that Stag Cottage is no longer there and that the garage is now where it used to be?

I come to the village once a year or so to visit my mother's grave - we were there in January and saw Ethel ROLFE whose husband George, as well as her brother Alec, worked with my father. This brief visit has reignited my interest and I would be so grateful for any information anyone can give me.

Email received from a web visitor. Anyone who can help, please contact using the email address below or write into the site at

Hello from crass and steamy Brisbane, Australia!!

My great great grandfather was HENRY KEMP.  Baptised in St Mary's on 26th May, 1799, the youngest son and child of William and Ann KEMP (nee AMBROSE).

William's oldest child was John and he was baptised in1782. William and Ann were both born in 1757 - with William baptised on 26th May, and Ann on 1st August.

Are you able to tell me anything of this KEMP family line at all?  Did they live in Chilton Foliat.  Were they related to the Seend of Lyneham/Melksham KEMPS?

I came across the 1772 Index of the Poll of the Freeholders of Wiltshire and two KEMPS were named:  William from Brinkworth/Lyneham and Henry from Seend.

I look forward to hearing from you, with great expectations!!!
Kind regards
Julie KEMP

Received from a web visitor (and see note at bottom of entry):

Hello from very sunny southern California. I found your site, and have been clicking here and there on it to learn about your lovely village.I have just found out through some family research that my great uncle is buried in your churchyard, and I have been searching for photos and information on your town. I have also found sites on UK graves. I wonder if anyone in your village might be able to do a favor for someone too far away to visit the graveyard? If anyone is willing to do a kind turn, i would like to ask for a photo (jpg) of the grave of my great uncle.

My great uncle, LYMAN HOLDEN CUNNINGHAM, joined the Royal Flying Corps (before it was the RAF). He volunteered before America was in the war, so became a part of a UK squadron. His "Casualty Details" report from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission lists his nationality as "United Kingdom" for that reason. He is in fact American, joined up via Canada, and flew for England. His plane crashed (over England) and he was killed 14 Jan 1918 at the age of 21. My uncle told me that Lyman's plane crashed because the plane had been sabotaged. The wires/struts had been filed through (by spies...?). I am now trying to verify this story, but it will take time.

I hope you can somehow post this story and my request. Perhaps there is someone there who knows and visits the churchyard who would agree to doing me and my family this huge favor. We would be ever grateful! His grave reference number is B. 49.
Many many thanks, Lois OGILBY, Los Angeles, CA USA

If you can help Lois, please click here to email your picture(s) direct.

Am trying to find out any info on Zachariah GILES who died in Croydon in 1869 aged 63

On Census returns his place of birth was given as "Chelton Wilts".  He married Honor STEVENS at Ramsbury on 6 Nov 1824, 

All the 11 children I have found say they were born in Croydon.  I am descended from their 8th known child,  Harriett Maria (b, about 1844 d. 1884),

My Father's family originated from Chilton Foliat, the earliest member being a Hugh COWLEY back in the 1500's.

My G/G/Grandparents William and Anne COWLEY ( nee COOK ) lived in Chilton all their married life, and brought up 10 Children but there is a mystery surrounding them. Anne died in 1864,and is buried in the Chuchyard, as are several members of the family. Her Son Richard has a Headstone but I can find no record of Williams death. Nor is he buried in Chilton. The reason for my message would be to ask if anyone could help me in my search. Possibly someone would know where he might have died if he'd been too ill to be cared for at home. The date would be between 1841-1851.

I'd be grateful for any help, as I've tried Death records and ordered 2 Certificates which proved to be the wrong person.

Does anyone have a contact for Mark KEEN?

We went to school together and I am keen to trace him.

I am looking for any remaining members of the BECKETT family.

They resided here in the early 1900's.Mother in law was a BECKETT