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Cllr. Nic Coome
07920 867542
Cllr. Steve Campbell
(Vice Chairman)
07500 895938
Cllr. Jim Hynes 07836 737785
Cllr. Paul Outridge
Cllr. Sian Stokoe 07766 721633
Cllr. Rachel Sutton 07799 627272
Cllr. Charles Mills
Planning Committee: Cllr. Coome, Cllr. Hynes, Cllr. Mills
Finance Committee: Cllr. Coome, Cllr. Campbell, Cllr. Outridge
Recreation Ground & Open Spaces Committee: Cllr. Hynes, Cllr. Outridge, Cllr. Campbell
Village Hall Management Committee Representatives: Cllr. Coome, Cllr. Outridge
Local Highways & Footpaths Improvement Group Representative: Cllr. Campbell
Area Board Representative: Any Councillor
Chilton Foliat Wildlife Group: Cllr. Outridge, Cllr. Stokoe

Clerk: Ann McMath
07785 982455
Wiltshire Councillor: Cllr. James Sheppard
01672 516888
07771 541057
    June 2023