The following pictures were taken on 15th February 2005 in the evening at our local pub, the Wheatsheaf.  The accompanying text says it all.  Make of it what you will, but please accept our assurance that none of the pictures have been doctored at all.

This is the picture that started it all. Dave decided to stand behind the new bar, so Finlay decided to take a picture on his phone.  He was startled to see the result, as above, with the white light apparently coming out of and in front of Dave's head. And no, there was not a light behind him. Coincidently, this is almost exactly the same spot where a ghostly woman has been seen by various people. 

So, to see what was happening, Nick the landlord (on the left), and another local stood in the same place, with the same lighting (or lack of it).  No unexplained white smudges in this photograph.
Even more perplexed, Finlay took another photo, with the above result.  For this one, we even turned all the lights off behind the bar.  Where the white light comes from remains a complete mystery. 
Still perplexed, Finlay took the above photo of local Mr M (star of the gossip column), a couple of evenings later.  Same position, and the bar lights were on.  No ghostly ectoplasm in this.
And then, to celebrate the pub's new dart board, Finlay took a picture of Dave at the dart board.  And guess what? That weird white light is there again. And, before you ask, there is no electric light at all where you can see the light shining in the photo.
Any further developments will be reported here.

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