1970s Disco Evening 2004

The evening was organised by a committee of villagers (thanks to 'the troopers'), steered by Jackie H and Jackie M. Patrick did an excellent job of DJ-ing, as always, and ensured that everyone had a great time. And £75 was raised for the Youth Club. Click on any picture to see a much bigger and clearer image. Please be patient as the files are big and might take a minute or two to download onto your PC.


Alan & Yvonne
Aaaahhh..  Chilton is such a cuddly place!
Ann & Brian
Which hairdresser did that? And that???
The Ramsbury Girls
A lively bunch invading the village
Don't know what to say about this!!
The Carpenters
Didn't they used to sing together?
Chris and Caroline
& another soon. Who said Chilton wasn't lively?
Darren & Graham & Kerry
Mmmmm... Lovely waistcoat, Daz
Dave & Lynn
Lurve is in the air.... Chilton must encourage it!
David & daughter-in-law Steph
David & Edwina
Judging by D's expression, E's got three hands!
Now you listen to me jock......
Finlay, Jim & Boris (the lurcher)
Jim does love his dogs...
Her smile says they're thinking of the after-party!
Friends of Jackie
It's a cuddly place, our hall. 
Jackie & Friend
Watch that leg, honey!
Jackie & Jim
No dog, this time!
Jackie & Kirsty
Go on, neck it, Jackie!
Jackie & Patrick
Punk & Elvis come to Chilton!
Jackie & Sis
Hey! That's what families are for! 
Jim & Sue
What's your right hand doing Sue?  
Kerry & Graeme
Hey, Graeme, Kerry is so cuddly!
Liz & Paul
Peace to you too man!
Friends Patrick M - the DJ
Hey, Pat, that's some smile!
Richard & Steph
Careful, Steph.  That could be dangerous!
Rita & Steve
Watch that left hand, Steve! Rita likes it, though!
Sou Finlay
Finlay stars again!
Joan & Trevor
No wonder you married her, Trevor. Stunning!
Steve & Jenny
Steve, that must really tickle!
The Civilised Side
Yes, it can be!
The Henleys
Fellas, watch out!
The Troopers
Looking very happy.
The Troopers Flagging
Looking even happier!
The Twins
2 sisters having fun!

That's all folks.

Everyone had a great time but... if you weren't there, we bet you're relieved you weren't in a photo like one of these!!!

Yvonne & Alan (again)
You got a spanner in that right hand, Alan?