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Dateline: 24th December 2009

Chilton would like to wish all it's visitors a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Hopefully all of you have managed to get where you need to be without too much hassle - whether it be cars, planes, trains & buses, I think everything has been affected by the crazy weather we have had recently.

Coming soon I will have a round up of this year's best bits from the gossip column of 2009. Until then, enjoy your turkey or nut roast or whatever you are having and feel free to email any questions or pictures in to me to add to the website.

Dateline: 6th December 2009

Stats are in for November now - a good month! We had over 700 new visitors to the site again last month which is excellent. The Diary is filling up for next year so I will publish all the usual events as I get notice. We had a good turn out for the Pub Quiz at The Wheatsheaf last night. 7 teams battled hard (one containing yours truly) but unfortunately, due to some well placed questions regarding X Factor or whatever the program is called, I only managed 4th! Congratultions to the winners who I believe were rewarded with a bottle of bubbly for their efforts. Well done and looking forward to the next do!

Dateline: 27th November 2009

It's that time of year again - the site has received several updates for events that are due to take place over the next month or so. Please find details of them below and also on the What's On page. Feel free to email me if you need any further information or if you have an event which you need to advertise to the village

The Chilton Foliat Village Hall Committee would like to invite you to meet at the Church at 6.30pm on the 18th December 2009 with your torch or lantern for carols with Ramsbury Silver Band. After the carols, there will be a torchlight procession to the village hall for mulled wine; mince pies soft drinks etc.
This is a truly family event to kick start Christmas and although we do not make a charge for this any voluntary donations are gratefully received.
Anyone wanting to donate mince pies please call Liz on 681334, many thanks.

The next general meeting will be on Tuesday 26th January 2010 at 8pm in the Wheatsheaf. Any comments, suggestions, requests or agenda items to the secretary by January 21st please, cheers.

Dateline: 19th November 2009

Received from a villager (well near enough!)
An increasing amount of dog's and/or dogs' mess is appearing on the villages walkways, particularly at the top of Stag Hill and between Stag Garage and the Church. The latter involves a rather intricate game of hop-scotch to avoid, something of a feat for even the most able villager. It would appear to be the work of only one medium-sized canine rear-end due to the regularity in diameter of the stools.

Further disruption to pedestrian traffic is the overgrown nature of several border hedges on the West side of Stag Hill, making it impossible to walk off the road with an umbrella or large hat.

As a village we were placed 2nd in Wiltshire's 'Best-Kept-Village' awards. Let's not get complacent!

Your webmaster would like to thank Mr. G for his comments and for bringing it to our attention. I'm sure that he's not the only person in village who has been affected by this. Aside from the obvious health risks, mess is unsightly and so easily disposed of in the bin provided on the edge of the Rec in the centre of the village. Do we need more bins throughout the village? Thoughts please to the usual address

Dateline: 18th November 2009

Well it's the Annual Quiz Night and Hot Supper this Saturday (if you didn't have it already in your diaries - shame on you! For those of you who have never been, a truly educational experience I can say! For those of you who turn up every year - see you there!

Dateline: 14th November 2009

Received from a web visitor
Hello, I recently obtained DVDs of The Victorian Kitchen Garden, The Victorian Kitchen & The Victorian Flower Garden. In my opinion, this was TV at it's best. I realise that Mr. Harry Dodson passed on several years ago. Are the gardens still looked after and worked and is it possible to visit them?

There was another series, The Wartime Kitchen and Garden, has it been released on DVD? and there was Harry's Big Adventure, that was when he went Canada, is it out on DVD? Any information will be welcome, cheers from Laurence.

Thank you Laurence for your email and questions. If you can help Laurence with his questions please let me know by email

::Reply [27th November 2009]::

I was recently in touch with the Leverton Framers who have there business in the stables area of the Chilton Estate. My enquiry was about the future or current state of the walled gardens featured in the BBC series. I was replied to with very bad news - of the gardens green houses being taken down, Harry Dodson's house roof stripped of lead etc. All bad news - and to further taint Harry Dodson's legacy a school might be planned for the walled garden.

Is this news indeed true and can anything be done to restore what was done in the TV series for future generations?
Thank you for your time
Graham Howe

::Reply [24th November 2009]::

Hi from Mark Keen - ex Chilton Foliat resident

As most people will know in Chilton, the BBC filmed a series in the mid eighties about the Victorian Kitchen Garden at Leverton. The series concentrated on the life of the late Harry Dodson - whom I remember from my childhood. As I was perusing youtube for clips from this series I came across this clip: which also featured a prominent character from Chilton Foliat - one who could always be seen propping up the bar at the Wheatsheaf, I talk about the late Johnny Lawson. Ask my father Ivan Keen or Peter Fisher and they will tell you he was a bit of a character (He appears at 2mins 50). I was wondering if the Chilton Foliat website might do a piece on this wonderful TV series which is now widely available on DVD and has also been re run on the Good Food Channel lately. And more specifically the characters in the series. I have attached a couple of screen shots of Johnny Lawson. I look forward to hearing from you.

Mark Keen

::Reply [20th November 2009]::

Hi, thought I'd reply on this one in case no-one else has. If you would like to forward this to the visitor who inquired about the Victorian Walled Garden.

The BBC series was fantastic and very interesting. The gardens remain, but they are derelict. Since the BBC series, Harry was allowed to tend the gardens and live in the gardner's house for the rest of his life. After that, a number of attempts to use it as a 'market garden' and an organic vegetable site have failed, it is said due to high rent. You can still see into the gardens through a small gate near the road but it's a little heartbreaking to see all the greenhouse windows missing and the beds turfed over. The best justification for this is Peter Thoday's closing words on the original series where he explains that just the year's project had cost about half a million pounds. That was in the 80s, it would be ten times that these days!

I don't know anything of the further series' I'm afraid.

Hope this helps, B.

Dateline: 5th November 2009

Bonfire Night, Guy Fawke's Night and an excuse for most to let off a few fireworks. Mixed emotions for most as people with pets will know they aren't too fond of them. I have found recently that more organised public events seems to be taking centre stage instead of private fireworks parties - probably wise considering the year we have had when everyone is "looking after the pennies". I trust anyone having a private party checked their bonfire for little hedgehogs before lighting it? Good stuff... although apparently they make a tasty treat if cooked properly (see the following link on Hedgehogs)

Dateline: 1st November 2009

Received from a villager

Nick and Lucy (new residents in The Square with horses at Boomerang) have been asking if anyone has lodgings for their friend Leanne locally. Could you put something to this effect on the website? Anyone looking to rent a room can contact me at the pub.

On a completely different note - the web stats are in for October and I'm pleased to announce that we've had a good uplift in new visitors to the site! Here's the science bit - new visitors are a better measure of traffic for the site as "hits" are registered every time somebody visits a page - so the same person can visit the website twice in one evening for example and raise the hit count on the site. With new visitors, only a unique address registers as a hit. Ok, boring bit over - we measured 451 visitors in September, in October we reached 745! Long may it continue!

Dateline: 31st October 2009

Halloween was enjoyed by people from all ends of the village. Your webmaster has never seen so many witches and draculas in one place! Importantly, an excellent party for the children of Whitelocks Piece was thrown together at a very reasonable price by residents. Music and light show were provided by Mr. M, scary ghost stories by Mrs. R and food and beer a plenty (adults only of course) were provided by others. The kids had a great time and some of the adults enjoyed themselves too!

Just in case there are some of you out there who don't know what Halloween is, our friends from Wikipedia have a page on this too! Click here for details

Dateline: 25th October 2009

What time is it?

It's about this time of year when everyone wakes up and thinks....what time is it?. For those of you who forgot, the clocks went back last night so you should be enjoying an extra hour in bed this Sunday morning! Where does it all come from? Why do we have to change forward in the spring and back in the autumn ("fall" for those american visitors)? Well, just in case you were curious as to where it all started, please see the link here about it from our friends over at Wikipedia.

Dateline: 21st October 2009

I thought you might be interested in the CAN internet cafe which is open to the general public and free of charge! Have attached the latest opening times. It's located virtually next door to the Crown Pub in the centre of Aldbourne next to the village pond.
Best wishes

Click here to download the PDF file CAN Aldbourne Schedule

Dateline: 19th October 2009

Received from a visitor from Aldbourne

Dear Sir/Madam
I wondered if you might consider advertising this youth worker job vacancy on your website for a couple of weeks. The Aldbourne Youth Council is a registered charity and we are hoping that there might be someone local who would be interested in this exciting opportunity.
Many thanks

Thanks Ms. K for sending this through - it's nice to know that news of our website has spread all the way to Aldbourne! I have attached here a copy of the advert as it was sent to me. Hopefully soon we will have a dedicated area for adverts and situations vacant but until then you can download the file right here! Aldbourne Youth Council Worker Job Advert

Dateline: 18th October 2009

Thanks to the WI and Village Hall committee we now have a pretty full diary for the rest of the year - see the What's On page for more information. Villagers will recognise some of the events - the Quiz & Hot Supper, hosted by Mr. C, is a regular annual event. Teams pile into the Village Hall to answer questions, there's a half-time break for some food served by The Wheatsheaf (with veggie option) and then the finale with a Raffle and also a 100 Club draw.

Dateline: 15th October 2009

Another email from a visitor today - a villager! Thanks Mrs. G for the updated information for the Chilton Chicks Toddler's Group

Dateline: 12th October 2009

A visitor to the site sent in an email requesting to see some photos of the Chilton Aircraft which were featured in the Review of 2007 page but the link was broken. After searching through endless reams of [virtual] paper, I have not been able to find the page. I do, however, have the photos. You can find them here. If you find any more broken links, feel free to email me at and I'll do my best to resolve them.

Dateline: 9th October 2009

Hi There
My wife Sara runs Walks and Wags a dog walking and pet sitting service in Ramsbury but also covering the Chilton Foliat area. We would like to have a link on your web site and would be happy to reciprocate on ours. Our web address is
Many Thanks

Dateline: 7th October 2009

So it's October already! Some of you may be interested to know that we have a month's worth of stats to look at for the site. We had 451 unique visitors to the site last month which was great! We had visitors from all over the world including Jamaica, Angola & Hong Kong. Emails have started coming into the site with requests for links to external websites and businesses, adverts for events that are up and coming and updates for the various clubs, societies and groups that are based in and around Chilton Foliat. Keep them coming!

The major plan for the site is to keep updating the content - look out for revamps of the WI, Parish Council and Village Hall Committee pages which will be coming soon. Mr. D unfortunately has no gossip to add to the column due to now residing outside of the village but I'm sure he is reading this and will provide feedback before too long! Watch this space.

Dateline: 18th September 2009

Received from a web visitor

Hello to you in the U.K.
I am an American sports writer hoping to contact the descendants of one George New, who was reported to be postmaster in your village in the 1920s.
I look forward to hearing from you and wish you well from across the Pond.
With all warm wishes,
Zachary Michael Jack

Dateline: 17th September 2009

The date of the Harvest Festival Family Service has been changed to 18th October and the Year 6’s will therefore assist with the dispersal of gifts on Monday 19th October.

The Chilton Foliat Primary School have a new website - click here to see it!

On the subject of harvest - I'm afraid to report from Mr. H no Harvest Supper this year. I'm sure it will be back with a vengeance next year but I think you'll agree Mr. H is taking a well deserved rest!

Thanks to Mrs. B for providing information on the Harvest arrangements at the school - the headteacher, Donni, will be organising a Harvest Lunch in lieu of the Harvest Supper this year on the 13th October. More details soon.

Dateline: 11th September 2009

Received from a web visitor:

Does anyone know of a home for a worn out piano? The one in the village hall is surplus to requirements and needs a great deal of work to restore it but we are willing to let it go free to someone who could collect it - the only other option is to skip it! We would rather it was used if at all possible. Please contact a member of the village hall committee.

Many thanks, Liz 'O' Chair.

The webmaster would like to thank Liz O' Chair for her email.

Dateline: 3rd September 2009

Received from a web visitor:

The film Age of Stupid is being shown in Hungerford in the Croft  Hall on Friday 18th September

Any chance you could publicise this? I realise that this is out of  the village (foreign parts) but it is a VERY IMPORTANT film. It’s  about climate change, being shown all over the world

Don't miss this tremendous film (part documentary, part drama) with  Pete Postlethwaite as an archivist living alone in the devastated  world of 2055 looking at footage (that is, real actual news footage)  of 2008 and asking "Why didn't we stop climate change when we had  the chance?" Read more at Tickets £4 from The Hungerford Bookshop or contact Sue on 01488 680642. Why should you go ? Wouldn’t you like to know if you had a chance  to make a difference ?

Suz McKillop
HEAT Food Group
Sue McKillop

Thanks to Sue for email - the webmaster appreciates that this an external event but feels duty-bound to advertise it as Hungerford is the nearest Post Office and Sue did ask nicely!

Dateline: 31st August 2009

Today saw the annual village Flower and Vegetable and Beer Festival at The Wheatsheaf pub. It was a perfect summer's day - hardly a cloud in sight, with the sun shining down on the assembled villagers. The mood was brightened, if it needed to be, by trad jazz from Jazz Magic, who played in the pub garden. The flowers and vegetables looked so good that your correspondent had to move elsewhere, as he got so hungry looking at the delicious vegetables in the tents!

The village turned out in force to enjoy this last day (and in fact really the only day) of our English summer. Well done to Ben and Tracy for organizing such an enjoyable event.

Here here Mr. D! Can I just add that the bar was absolutely non-stop for lunch! We have had a fantastic weekend - 2 Weddings on Saturday and the Beer and Flower show today - we can't say much fairer than that! A big thanks to everyone that turned out to make this weekend an excellent one - photos should be coming soon!

Dateline: 30th August 2009

A big thanks to Mr. D - your previous webmaster - for all his hard work on this website over the years! I'm sure you'll agree that the gossip column has been the most interesting (and sometimes controversial!) part of this village site. Keep an eye on the column and you may find the odd entry from Mr. D from time to time. It is worth noting (I know that you will be reading this Mr. D) that finding someone younger than the previous webmaster wouldn't have been too difficult :)

Please, as always, feel free to email me with comments, suggestions photos, jokes and indeed anything which you think should be up here on YOUR website. Also, if you come across any broken links or something isn't working right, let me know and I'll fix it (or find somebody that can!)

Dateline: 11th June 2009

It's a long time since your webmaster updated this page, and many apologies to the loyal web site followers who have missed it.

It's not a bad time for a change of blood, as it has been a dramatic 2009 for the world. The coldest winter for decades, the worst global monetary crisis ever, the first ever black American President, not to mention British MPs having a ball at our expense. Global society has changed massively.

The village has stayed much the same. Well, outwardly, anyway. Inwardly, though, two families have split up in horribly dramatic circumstances, both families well known and very active in the village. The webmaster wishes them well in whatever they do and wherever they go in their own ways, and farewell as we all knew them. Village life will not be the same without them, but will certainly evolve as new blood takes over. Darwin had some good points to make, and evolution of the fittest must be the key one.

The webmaster has now decided that it is time to lay his web pen to rest. He started this web site for the village nearly four years ago, and it has been very popular. In fact, apart from during this year, it has been a focal point for the villagers. The outgoing webmaster would like to wish a very warm welcome to the new webmaster, a popular character known locally as Daz, who will bring youth (well, more than the old webmaster anyway) and enthusiasm to the web site again. Adieu!