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Dateline: 25th December 2012

The webmaster is pleased to tell you that a new correspondent for the gossip column has been found. Unless otherwise credited, future gossip column posts will originate from this source.

Dateline: 10th December 2012

Received from Liz Outridge.

The Women’s Institute

A very Happy New Year to all our members and friends.

Members and their guests came together in December for the annual Christmas dinner held this year at The Plough at Eastbury. One brave husband took the job as chauffeur and drove the ladies to and from the Plough, by the Ramsbury community bus, which proved invaluable as the heavens opened on our return to the village! The ladies were given their new dairy of events and we look forward to our first meeting which will be in the village hall on Thursday 10th January. Local artists Pattie Medlyn will be our guest demonstrator giving us a pencil drawing master class, and yes everyone can draw with the right guidance, so if you fancy trying your hand under expert supervision please come along on the 10th and you will receive a very warm welcome and have a lot of fun.

Chilton WI acted as hosts for the December Group Carols held at St Mary's Church and were delighted to welcome 48 ladies from Aldbourne and Ramsbury. The theme was the Weather and members made two readings from each WI interspersed by traditional carols. Aldbourne choir gave us two of their own carols which was absolutely delightful and a big thank you to their ladies. The evening finished with light refreshments and mince pies, the collection this year will go to the Wiltshire Air ambulance charity.

If you require any information about Chilton Foliat WI please contact the secretary on 01488 681334 or e mail

Village Hall

New Year and new beginnings, the committee is delighted to announce that we start the year with a secretary. It is with very great pleasure we welcome Jackie Mallison to our team and filling this post will mean so much to the running of the hall and its activities.

It will be at the next general meeting that the calendar for the year will be set out but it has already been decided to hold an Art exhibition this year as well as two Quiz & Hot Supper nights we are also looking for ideas from the public as to what they would like to see in their hall.

Julia Goodman has been working hard to update our web page on the Chilton Foliat web site so do take a look, it contains all information on booking and hiring fees as well as some historical information and pictures of various functions. If you would like a regular hiring we can offer very reasonable rates.

Along with the hall activities, Caroline McCord will be starting a weekly Pilates class beginning on Thursday 10th January between 1.30pm and 2.30pm, more information from Caroline or 01672 511360 as well as the advertisement on the hall notice board.

Chilton Chicks will continue on a Monday and the WI will meet every second Thursday of the month except August, again details of these are posted on the hall notice board.

More information from Liz on 01488 681334 or

Dateline: 18th November 2012

Received from Liz Outridge.

The Women’s Institute

Our November International night celebrated good old England and well done to Juliet for all her memorabilia she kindly displayed. The ladies brought along some very traditional scones with jam and cream and English biscuits to help the tea go down.

December is always our Christmas dinner so the next general meeting will be on Thursday January 10th in the village hall when local artist Pattie Medlyn will help members with a Pencil drawing. As with most of our meetings visitors are welcome to come along and if you require any further information please contact the secretary at or call 01488 681334. Thank you.

Village Hall

The Annual General meeting was held on 12th November and it was very pleasing to see members of the public attending and although we were able to attract some new members, it is sad to say we are still without a secretary and bookings officer, which makes organising events very difficult.

The new committee members will be posted on the Chilton web site but you can gain information by contacting or watching the notice board in the village hall porch. The next event will be our annual Carols evening which will be a joint venture with the Church on December 16 and afterwards at the village hall for warm refreshments so we hope to see many residents coming along for this lovely family event.

For bookings please use the village hall e mail or contact Liz on 01488 681334.

Chilton Foliat Defibrillator

Some concern has arisen about how to use the defibrillator in a cabinet on the wall of the village hall as some newer residents may not have the information they need.

Can we please stress that in an emergency your first contact is dialling 999 after you are connected with the emergency services you will be given full instructions of where the machine is, a code number to access the cabinet and full instructions on how to use it. Please do not waste valuable time by going directly to the cabinet until after you have spoken to the emergency services.

If you wish to know more details or if you feel a public meeting would be useful please contact the village hall committee and this can easily be arranged.

Dateline: 18th October 2012

Received from Liz Outridge.

The Women’s Institute

October's WI guest was Mrs Whittle who brought along her spinning wheel and gave a fascinating talk on weaving, spinning and dying. Some of the braver members took a turn at spinning discovering as with all these things that it wasn't quite as easy as our guest had made it appear!
Mrs Whittle wasn't our only guest as we were delighted to welcome the Federation Chairman of Shropshire & MidWales TG, Mrs Pam Holland, who was visiting locally.
Our ladies also attended the Membury Group meeting in October and were entertained by some Bollywood dancing. Many of the group took part and were very soon dancing as a team, we were most impressed.
The November meeting is our International night and this year in keeping with the 2012 celebrations we are featuring England. We hope to have some lovely traditional food and maybe English wine to taste and ask anyone to bring along their memorabilia to decorate the hall. The date is Thursday 8th November starting at 7.30pm, this is an open meeting and visitors are welcome for a small donation to funds.
If you would like a WI monthly newsletter please contact the secretary both email and paper copies available.

Village Hall

The recent Quiz night was a well supported event and as always Peter Camfield was a just and expert quizmaster. We want to say a huge thank you to Jackie Vance for organising the hot food served during the interval and three more lucky people were winners in the 100 Club draw. We do need to use the hall more for it to survive financially and if there is a function you would like to host or would like to see in the hall, please contact the committee and we will do our very best for you.

The AGM will be in the hall in November and we urge members of the village to attend please, there is a very great need for people to join the committee and we also need a working party to have an Autumn tidy up. For those of you using the hall you will appreciate the need for a complete overhaul. The hall notice board will have the details but please call or mail if you have any immediate storage ideas that could be implemented or if you have an area / out building the hall could use for storage, thank you.
To contact the secretary please email or call 01488 681334

Sad to say Goodbye

By now I'm sure most of you will have heard of the sad loss of our friend Bob Bourne. Bob was a very valued member of the community and worked constantly keeping the Church grounds cut and tidy making it a peaceful place where many like to spend a few private moments. Bob could often be seen cutting back weeds on footpaths and generally caring for the village in his own quiet way along with his dog by his side.
Bob will be a great loss to the village and especially to those who knew him, our thoughts and prayers are with Ronna at this sad time and I for one will miss this very special person.
Heaven is a lucky place to receive him, God Bless Bob.

Dateline: 20th August 2012

Received from Liz Outridge.

The Women’s Institute

Chilton Foliat WI ladies will be meeting again for the Autumn calendar on Thursday 13th September to enjoy another Ceramics workshop with Claire from Littlecote. Please meet at the village hall at 7.15pm for transport to the venue. Visitors are welcome for a small donation to funds.

Village Hall

The next village hall function will be a Quiz and Hot Supper night on Saturday 29th September starting at 7.30pm. The menu includes a vegetarian option as well as gluten or dairy free on request, please specify when you book your tickets.

During the break there will be a 100 Club draw and a raffle anyone wishing to become a 100 Club member should contact Brian Vance on 01488 684368 or via the VH e mail, anyone joining between now and the Quiz night will still be entered into the draw. Tickets are on sale now at £7.00 per person from Liz on 01488 681334 or the VH e mail (preferred) All proceeds from this event go towards the running costs of your village hall.

The hall is available to hire for very reasonable costs either by the hour; day or session and very competitive charges for a regular booking.

New Secretary Sought

Chilton Foliat Village hall committee are seeking a secretary with some urgency, please contact Liz on 01488 681334 or e mail:-, thank you.

Autumn Fayre

St. Mary's Autumn Fayre will be on Saturday 22nd September starting at 11am in the Church Grounds. Anyone wishing to donate a Tombola prize please call 01488 681334 for details, thank you.

News from earlier in the summer

Chilton Foliat WI garden party was like many other events a victim of the bad weather this year, but our lovely host Rita opened her doors and we still enjoyed a fun evening with all the lovely treats we have come to expect from our members. Delicious food, good friends, a cosy atmosphere and some fun quizzes made for a very enjoyable meeting and our heartfelt thanks go to Rita Colclough for her super efforts.

Chilton Foliat do not hold a meeting in August so the next meeting will be Thursday September 13th when the WI will be having a ceramics painting workshop at Claire's of Littlecote. Further details can be obtained from the secretary at:-

Dateline: July 2012

Received from Liz Outridge.

The Women’s Institute

Have you ever had a Sweet WI meeting? I can highly recommend it as, in June, Chilton Foliat played host to Artist and teacher Robert Strange and his wonderful collection of sweet wrappers, some as early as 1920. An absolutely fascinating evening with much hilarity as Rob has a delightful delivery as well as being an accomplished artist in many different mediums, as some of you may know if you have attended any of the Art exhibitions in the village hall.
A select few of our ladies were transported back to their childhood with many brands no longer available and one especially causes some raised eyebrows among our young people, Spangles, do you remember them? and the advert ' ....the sweet that makes you gay’! Thank you Rob it was super.

The July meeting is our annual Garden party and this year’s host will be Rita Colclough and full details will be on the Newsletter.

Village Hall

The committee situation for the village hall is now if I may say, dire, from a committee of 9/10 we are down to 4/5 and three major officers roles still empty and so few people trying to cope with this extra pressure has a direct effect on the everyday running of the hall.

We are all fully aware that the hall is desperate for updating and can assure our patrons we are doing the very best we can to rectify that but not getting the responses we need or would like.

As chairman I would like to add my greatest thanks and respect to our Treasurer, Brian Vance, who has been a rock in his support and the work he does for the hall. My thanks also to Rita; Donnie and Helen who despite all working full time still take the time to devote to hall matters and always with such enthusiasm it is wonderful.

Posts that need filling are Secretary; Bookings Officer and Caretaker and further details can be sought from 01488 681334 or

Dateline: June 2012

Received from Ronna Bourne, Chair of Governors, Chilton Foliat Primary School

Olympian shares Torch at Chilton Foliat School

It hardly seems possible that we are nearing the end of the school year. It has been a very busy year with both staff and children working really hard resulting in some very impressive progress in all classes. However it is not all demanding class work. At the end of May the whole school ran a combined marathon which took place on one of the few hot days of the summer. This resulted in the children running the equivalent of 3.6 marathons - well done all.

A visit by KS2 children to the Bible Exhibition in Newbury was greatly enjoyed, culminating in a mass of photos displayed in the hall.

Another special day this term was the visit by Zara Phillips complete with Olympic torch. She spent a lovely hour on the field with the children posing for photos and talking to the school before she went on to Cheltenham to take the torch on horseback for her lap of torch bearing.

As we came to half term the new Chilton Foliat School Jubilee Mosaic was unveiled.
The modules were all worked on by the children together with the artist Jane Stevens.

This combined with a Jubilee Art Exhibition in the School hall. It is amazing how many different views of our Queen were represented by all classes!

A number of school supporters as well as parents, staff and Governors listened to the children singing their specially written Jubilee song before our local MP Claire Perry performed the unveiling.

Another aspect of school life of which we are proud is the move to bring lunchtime catering in house. We have been disappointed by the previous uptake of meals, but since we have taken control, managed excellently by Mrs Setter our school business manager, the number of meals served has more than doubled - could that be because of the quality fresh ingredients and simple menu which is updated on a rotation basis?!

Now we are looking forward to the arrival from Russia of the wonderful Upsala children's circus on 7/8th July. They will be showing their Circus Skills on Saturday from 4.30-7.30 and all who come along will enjoy a delicious Hog roast supper included in the ticket.

On Sunday there is the annual school fete starting at 12pm-always an event to put in the diary- with the children performing again. I can’t wait to see them and thanks to Amy Malikov and the Friends who are working tirelessly to make this a very special event for Chilton Foliat School.

As you can read it has been a very active June and July looks to be another busy time for all involved with school.
My last word - Good luck to all those awaiting SATs results - I am sure you will be fine.

Dateline: 7th April 2012

Received from Kenneth Sørensen, Denmark.

The Victorian Garden

I have collected all The Victorian Garden related episodes on a single website created for the occasion:

Only ones that are missing are 2/3 of "The Victorian Kitchen Garden" for October, November and December respectively, and part 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 of "The Wartime Garden and Kitchen".

As far as I can see, there are two or three others that have attempted to do the same, among them the [right-honoured] up-loaders themselves.

But none of them have attempted to create a website dedicated entirely to the 4 series, and none of them have as wide-pixeled embedding as I have, none of them has interviews with the presenter Peter Thoday logically arranged as a sub-page under the corresponding series, and none of them have a screenshot of how the grounds looked on January 1st 2007.

Perhaps we can have a friendly competition of who can assemble the most complete collection of episodes? It's practical to have them all assembled in one place, and we all have an interest in seeing a freely accessible collection of this brilliant series (which took place in your back garden) complete. A great many people would be able to upload those 6*10 minutes to YouTube that's missing before its virtually complete (if one ignores the aforementioned part 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 of "The Wartime Garden and Kitchen".

Today new television sets comes with access to YouTube and/or with an inbuilt browser, though which you can access YouTube videos. If you have an old television like me (mine is from 2005) there is also plenty of settop-boxes that provide access, like the brilliant Boxee-box, for example.

Yours sincerely
Kenneth Sørensen,

Dateline: April 2012

Received from Liz Outridge.

The Women’s Institute

At the April meeting of our WI guest speaker Ron Hendry came along with an electric lathe and gave a fascinating talk and demonstration about wood turning. Ron's knowledge about lathes through time was very informative and interesting and special praise must go to Sheila, his wife, who was used to act out the actions of a 'whip lathe'.

Ron was an excellent speaker and after explaining about the lathe he showed a selection of woods used in the craft as well as a some items he had made previously. The vote of thanks was taken by Juliet and the meeting closed at 9.30pm. The Membury Fort Group meeting will be on Monday 14th May.

The next meeting will be our Resolutions meeting in the village hall at 7. 30pm on Thursday 10th May. For information please call the secretary on 01488 681334 or e mail

Village Hall

The village hall committee were very concerned that a complaint had been reported to the police following a private party in the hall and we would like to assure that person/persons that we have now improved our conditions of hire paying particular attention to finishing times and consideration for householders in the area.

If you or anyone you know have any complaints, inquiries, comments about the hall please do not hesitate to contact us on 01488 681334 or e mail all communication will be dealt with by the chairman personally and your confidentiality will be respected.

Jubilation in Chilton!

The Jubilee committee are putting the finishing touches to the Chilton Foliat jubilee celebrations to be held on the recreation ground on Monday 4th June. This is village event and it is hoped as many residents, friends and family will come along with picnic's and blankets to enjoy the celebrations.

The day begins with a Duck Race on the river Kennet then a full days entertainment in the park with all the usual children's races, including a village 'Tug O' War', BBQ, light refreshment tent, beer & Pimms tent, bouncy castle, live entertainment on stage as well as a DJ.

Hilary McNiell is organising a balloon race and Liz Outridge is organizing a Royal scarecrow competition.

All Chilton children under 16 will be presented with a commemorative mug decorated with a picture of Chilton Foliat Church kindly donated by artists Andre West, mugs may also be purchased at the event. There will be a prize for the lucky program number and at six o'clock glasses will be charged as John Cameron-Hayes will announce the toast to HM the Queen. A full program will be delivered throughout the village so everyone will know what is happening and all information is also available from

Dateline: 23rd March 2012

Received from Liz Outridge.

The Women’s Institute

The March meeting of our WI was a very creative event when guest speaker Mrs. Waldron brought along her hand made jewellery. Our ladies were encouraged to take part and many went home with bracelets and bangles made with the hand made beads.
Juliet Keel was presented with a floral display as a thank you from the president and members for hosting our AGM and film show whilst it snowed outside.

April's meeting will be a talk from artist Robert Strange and his most unusual hobby of collecting sweet wrappers and the fascinating art he produces using some of them as a medium. This will be on Thursday 12th April starting at 7.30pm in the village hall.
Other information and details are available from the secretary at:

Village Hall

The recent meeting of the village hall /jubilee committee have been making great strides towards the Jubilation event in June. Permission has now been received to hold a duck race on the river Kennet which will start off the day's event with much laughter and residents will soon receive details of how to take part along with the other details of the 'Right Royal Scarecrow competition.
Time to start your planning and 'Royal' can mean anything you wish in fact anything from the Royal family; pop music Kings & Queens or even a King Cobra so let your imagination run and very good luck. For further information please contact:

Dateline: 24th February 2012

Received from Liz Outridge.

The Women’s Institute

The Chilton Foliat WI AGM took on a very different style this year when our ladies gathered at a members home instead of the village hall.
In a very warm and cosy atmosphere following the business, members settled down to watch 'The Kings Speech' accompanied by popcorn, biscuits and beverages.
The president gave her report praising her committee and thanking all members for supporting the WI. However, there was one small typing error which caused much laughter among our ladies but it is not deemed to be suitable for this publication, you could of course always ask a member!

It is reported that there was no change in the committee for this year.

At the end of the evening, as we left for home, we were faced with a inch or so of fresh snow which proved a challenging journey home for some and great credit to the 'male' members of the WI who gallantly came to the rescue, husbands do have their uses!
Many thanks to Juliet for offering her home and refreshments and thanks to Samantha for the popcorn, this was certainly an AGM to remember.
Our next meeting will be on Thursday March the 8th when our guest speaker will be Mrs. Waldron demonstrating her art in making jewellery, we welcome visitors and this meeting will be in the village hall at 7.30pm, we hope to see you there.
For more information please contact or telephone 01488 681334, thank you.

Village Hall

The chairman and committee are very sad to report the resignation of secretary Mary Roper from the village hall. Mary has been an excellent member of the team and her attention to detail was second to none and we will all miss her greatly, so very, very many thanks Mary for all your hard work and we wish you every success for the future.

Sadly this means there are now three posts to fill on the committee which leaves a huge burden on the remaining members and this will be reflected in the number of events that will be held in the hall. So if you or anyone you know would be able to give any support to the village hall please contact the hall committee on either 01488 681334 or mail Asking for volunteers is always difficult as people's lives get more and more busy but if we want our hall facilities to continue we do need to increase our numbers.

Jubilee Celebrations

The combined efforts of the various village groups are finalizing the details for the Jubilee celebrations in June and the programme is looking wonderful with many ideas to make our fun day exactly that. As well as the event on Monday the 4th June, there will now be a beacon and refreshments in Dog Leg Field off the A338 on that day in the evening hosted by Adrian and Sarah Scrope.

Dateline: 30th January 2012

Received from Eric Huntley.

Some wonderful photographs from Eric Huntley
Do you recognise any of these people?

If so, please contact the webmaster.

Click on the photos for a larger version.

These photographs have been printed from some old glass plates. The people are not known to me, but I think the one of a man with boy outside what was Dobson's shop is a Mr Bray who was the carpenter. The gamekeeper I think worked for Littlecote.

Eric Hintley

Dateline: 19th January 2012

Received from Liz Outridge.

The Women’s Institute

Chilton Foliat WI ladies were celebrating as this was the first January meeting we were able to have in three years, both 2010 and 2011 were cancelled because of bad weather. After a warm welcome from the president some of our members set too designing and making face masks whilst the more energetic took to table tennis with much hilarity at the rather 'individually' shaped ball. We also had a uninvited guest in the shape of a field mouse, dealt with expertly by Juliet Keel.
The face masks will be used at the annual garden party which is held in July and will this year have a special theme.
The February meeting will be the annual general meeting on Thursday 9th Feb. when the new committee will be voted in, anyone fully paid up member can be nominated to sit on the committee. Following the business we will running a film show and visitors are welcome for a small donation to funds.
Any further information please contact the secretary at or call 01488 681334, thank you.

Village Hall

At the recent meeting of the village hall committee it was decided to organise a village day to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee on Monday 4th June on the recreation ground along with the PCC and Chilton Foliat School.
The day will be open to every person in the village along with relatives and friends who will be invited to come along with a picnic and enjoy fun and friendship. Many ideas are in the process of being finalized to make sure entertainment for the children and adults alike are catered for and we hope that you will join in with this very special event. So put this date in your diaries and that is Monday 4th June 2012.
The hall committee would like your help in what you would like to see in the hall so if you have any ideas please contact the secretary and we will do our very best to provide it, it is your village hall.

Chilton Chicks is meeting every Monday from 10am in the village hall and the children will be making valentines cards on February 6th. so if you have a baby or toddler just call in but please note half term is Monday 13th Feb. for more details please contact Helen Purslow.

The PCC annual General Meeting will be held in the village hall on Wednesday 7th March at 7pm. Village events are welcome to advertise in the VH cabinet situated in the hall porch.

More details, inquiries or bookings for the hall please contact or call 01488 681334, thank you.

Dateline: 2nd January 2012

Received from Liz Outridge.

Chilton Foliat WI

The January WI meeting will be in the village hall on Thursday 12th starting at 7.30pm when we will be holding a games evening with table tennis for those wishing to be a little more energetic as well as making face masks which will be needed at a later date in the year.

For details please call the secretary on 01488 681334 or e mail

Village Hall

The Village Hall Carols evening could have been spoiled by the rain but residents and friends of Chilton Foliat were not to be deterred and accompanied by Ramsbury Silver Band took refuge in the Church to sing their carols and start off the Christmas celebrations. Afterwards we walked to the hall for warm refreshments and some social time.

Many thanks to the band they played beautifully and thank you to the village hall committee for the refreshments. We would also like to add our thanks to Chilton Estates for the tree as well as Harry and Alan for erecting the tree and lights.

The committee is now in need of a bookings officer and a janitor / caretaker, if you would be able to spare a few hours please contact us at Thank you.

Chilton Chicks

Chilton Chicks will be starting again this month so if you have young children come along to the hall any Monday at 10am for fun, friendship and support.