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Dateline: 31st December 2015

New Year's Eve at The Wheatsheaf

From Phil Korolev on the Chilton Foliat Facebook page

Our lovely hosts for the evening.

Dateline: 23rd December 2015

Harry Dodson

From Henry Freeman on the Chilton Foliat Facebook page

The gardens are not in use any more; glass houses all gone; his old house has been renovated to a large country house; don't know if he has any family left. I grew up on the Chilton Estate and Harry was a true gent; I still live next to the walled garden. Hope this helps.

Dateline: 19th December 2015

Questions relating to Harry Dodson

From William Rimmer

Dear Sir/Madam,
My name is William Rimmer and I live in Stonehaven near Aberdeen. I am originally from the Wirral in Cheshire and my family were nurserymen and professional gardeners. I was born almost on the same time of year to Mr Dodson and when I watch the videos of Chilton Foliat manor and Harry at work it gives me so much pleasure.

Harry reminds me of my fathers family who had an acre of glass houses and grew cut flowers commercially up until World War Two. I have some questions regarding Harry Dodson which I wondered if you could answer.

Please can you tell me if Mr Dodson still has family as I would love to contact them to let them know what a profound affect Harry has had on my life.

Is Harry's nursery at Chilton Foliat derelict now? When he died did the glass houses go into disrepair?

Is there any memorial to Harry in the village? I hope that you don't mind me contacting you as it has often been on my mind to find out what happened to Mr Dodson's hard work.

Kind regards,
William Rimmer

If you can help with any of these questions please contact

Dateline: 19th December 2015

Mike Hatchard at The Wheatsheaf.

From the Overheard in Chilton Foliat Facebook page

Lauren, the landlady of the Wheatsheaf, singing with the ultra-talented Mike Hatchard. Yet another great evening. Long may they continue.

Dateline: 19th December 2015

Jazz at The Wheatsheaf.

From the Overheard in Chilton Foliat Facebook page

Another great evening at the Wheatsheaf last night. Lots of people eating a socialising, and Jim (accordian) and Louisa (double bass) providing fantastic music.

Dateline: 16th December 2015

Minibus Pilot Scheme to Support Locals

From a School Governor

Paul Tierney and the Governors of Chilton Foliat Primary School are exploring ways their planned minibus can support local initiatives.

It is envisaged that this minibus not only services the needs of the school and its pupils, but can also help local groups, especially evenings, weekends and school holidays.

It is no way intended to compete with the incredible work done by the Ramsbury Flyer, but to compliment it by offering other opportunities to the community.

The group involved has many ideas, but would very much welcome further insight into local needs and ideas from across the Benefice. Please contact Paul on or call 01488 208627.

Dateline: 7th December 2015

St Mary's Daffodils

From Liz Camfield

We took a photo of these daffodils in St Mary's churchyard this afternoon, December 7th. Surely a record for Chilton Foliat!!

Dateline: 4th December 2015

Jazz at The Wheatsheaf.

From the Overheard in Chilton Foliat Facebook page

A review of The Wheatsheaf's opening night, published in yesterday's Newbury Weekly News.

Dateline: 23rd November 2015

Letter of thanks from The Wheatsheaf.

Posted on the Wheatsheaf Facebook page

Dear Chilton Foliat,

Thank you to everyone for coming to the launch on Friday night, we hope you all managed to get a drink! We will be starting our full menu from Tuesday night onwards, dishes like Spaghetti with Clams, Beef and Bone Marrow Stew and Cumin Aubergine with Moroccan Rice.

We have already had lots of feedback - thank you. Responding to you, we have lowered the price of wine by the glass, added a disabled parking space next the Garage and displayed our opening times on our website.

And lastly, we sincerely apologise to you for the Alarm this morning. The company have now fixed the issue and we will be living above the pub as of tonight!

Thank you again for all your support,
Ollie and Lauren

Dateline: 22nd November 2015

Music in the refurbished pub

From Phil Korolev on the Chilton Foliat Facebook page

This is just a small sample of what the Wheatsheaf now has to offer. Great music, great food and a great service with a smile. So nice to see our lovely pub becoming a hub of the community again. Well done Lauren and Ollie.

Dateline: 21st November 2015

Ollie and Lauren in their 2nd successful night at The Wheatsheaf.

From the Overheard in Chilton Foliat Facebook page

Dateline: 21st November 2015

The Wheatsheaf Soft Launch

From the Overheard in Chilton Foliat Facebook page

The Wheatsheaf reopened last night. What an amazing evening! The pub was packed, and the atmosphere fantastic. A great start for Ollie and Lauren. Long may it continue.

Dateline: 20th November 2015

Ollie and Lauren in their 2nd successful night at The Wheatsheaf.

Posted by Robin Gibson on the Overheard in Chilton Foliat Facebook page

Wheatsheaf rammed on its reopening, didn't know so many lived in the village!!

Dateline: 18th November 2015

Report on the Village Hall AGM

From Liz Outridge

The annual general meeting of the village hall was attended by five members of the committee and two members of the public. Apologies were received from the Parish council representative and the maintenance officer.

The chairman welcomed those present and the minutes of the last AGM were read and approved. Treasurer Brian Vance was pleased to report an improvement in finances by an increase in 100 Club members and by reduced utility costs; the maintenance of the hall is also half of the previous year. Future projects include the repair of the corridor ceiling due to water damage and this will be part funded by the landlords responsible.

Rita Colclough read the chairman’s report and stressed the need for new members to join the committee to take it forward. Rita also reminded those present that her term was only a temporary post and she will stand down in February next year.

At this point there are several posts needed to complete the full committee, ideally a secretary, a schools rep and at least one co-opted member so if you have a few hours spare please do contact the committee and offer your help. Meetings are only three or four times a year so not a huge commitment but a massive help to the hall and the village. For contact please email or through the village hall page on the web site.

The storage in the back room is still an ongoing problem and it was disappointing that, despite being invited, no one from the Chilton Chicks group attended the meeting to discuss this.

The resident committee will remain for another term and village resident Audrey Poole was co-opted onto the committee as the WI representative as well as supporting the bookings officer. It was with great sadness that treasurer Brian Vance announced this would be his final term and he will be standing down from November 2016 leaving another major position vacant.

The village hall management committee works very hard to keep the hall clean, maintained and also provides, stages and manages all fund raising functions in the hall and for so few people it is a struggle that those of us enjoying the events do not always appreciate, it is time we ‘did our bit’. Please do consider offering your help to what is YOUR village hall before it is too late.

Dateline: 18th November 2015

'China' Night at the WI

From Liz Outridge

If you were in the vicinity of the village hall on the night of 12th Nov you may well have thought you had travelled to foreign lands. The WI members staged a magnificent International night when they celebrated China. Flags flew outside and inside the hall was decorated with an amazing array of memorabilia, art work, industrial information and of course delicious food!

Village resident Samantha gave a wonderful and very frank personal account of China as a home country. We were told about the history of the country and how over the decades the governing bodies changed from individual countries to the great power it is today. Samantha was a wonderful speaker and we are so very grateful to her for spending the time with us. However she wasn’t alone as her two delightful children completely stole the show being dressed in traditional costume from head to toe and looking fantastic.

Our supper was a mix of Dim Sum and crackers, sweet meats and traditional China tea served in the most beautiful teapots I’m sure it made it taste that much better!

Go to the Photo Album page, click on Women's Institute for a slideshow of photos.

The December meeting will be our annual Christmas dinner and will be invited guests only, if you would like to come along next time join the WI☺

The Diary of events for 2016 will be available mid December and you can obtain a copy by contacting the secretary by emailing or telephoning 01488 681334.

The new WI page in the Chilton Foliat web site will be up and running by the new year so all information about our group will be there for you to browse.

Dateline: 17th November 2015

The Wheatsheaf Re-opening

From Overheard in Chilton Foliat Facebook page

The sign is out! Any villager (that must be everyone!) who is curious and wants to witness the amazing transformation that has been taking place, must be there.

Dateline: 15th November 2015

Update on The Wheatsheaf

From Overheard in Chilton Foliat Facebook page

Work at the pub is moving ahead at an incredible rate. Massive amounts of rubbish have been got rid of. Apparently the new carpet is down now. And it looks like the lawnmower out the back got a bit carried away, as you can see from these photos.

The oversized lawnmower that has recently appeared at the back of The Wheatsheaf has now got totally out of control, and has been digging up the lawn, car park, and just about everything. This is what it looked like today.

Dateline: 10th November 2015

Alpha course in Ramsbury

Forwarded by Liz Camfield

Dateline: 8th November 2015

The old 'gossip' is back!

From Nick Davies

A new Facebook page has been launched to chat about local unofficial gossip in the village. It's called 'Overheard in Chilton Foliat'. It's a great replacement for the old (and popular) gossip column on this site. If you 'like' it, posts will appear in your Facebook newsfeed.

Dateline: 8th November 2015

The new owners of The Wheatsheaf

From Overheard in Chilton Foliat Facebook page

A bit about the new owners of The Wheatsheaf. Ollie was a runner-up in Masterchef in 2013, so he knows his way round a kitchen. The food promises to be superb, but it definitely won’t be turned into that tired old cliché, a gastropub. Lauren is a talented singer/songwriter, and her Mum is a very good jazz singer too. Live music will be an on-going feature of the pub.

Dateline: 8th November 2015

The great pub clear-out begins

From Overheard in Chilton Foliat Facebook page

All the villagers in Chilton Foliat may have to undergo mass psycho-therapy to be treated for shock , as the carpet in The Wheatsheaf has been removed. It was one of the first things the new owners did to start their refurb.

For anyone who has fond memories of the carpet, here’s a remainder, with an axe appropriately lying next to it.

And also this is the skip after the first day of clearing, proudly showing the rest of the carpet.

Dateline: 7th November 2015

The new owners take possession of the pub

From Overheard in Chilton Foliat Facebook page

Great things are afoot at the village pub, The Wheatsheaf. Ollie and his fiancée Lauren took possession of the keys yesterday (Friday 6th November). They have very ambitious plans which will improve it out of all recognition. It even includes an art gallery upstairs (Ollie is an artist himself).

Dateline: 4th November 2015

Thanks to departing Stewart

From Darren Outridge on The Wheatsheaf Facebook page

On behalf of the village we'd like to say a huge thanks to Stewart for keeping the pub open during his tenure in one of the most challenging periods for it. We wish him all the best!

Dateline: 26th October 2015

The new owners of The Wheatsheaf announce their soft launch

From Lauren Bransby

We are excited to announce the new ownership of the Wheatsheaf pub in Chilton Foliat! Ollie Hunter and Lauren Bransby will be holding a soft launch opening evening on Friday 20th November for the locals, with free canapés and live jazz all night.

The grand vision is to slowly rejuvenate the pub into a place full of delicious fairly-priced food and drink, live music, art and fun.

Our aim is to be the most sustainable pub in the UK, with wood stoves, a wood-fired pizza oven, and our own water source and filtration system. It will be a great chance for everyone to introduce themselves and for the locals to see what new drinks are on offer. Friday 20th November from 7.30pm onwards.

Dateline: 25th October 2015

Quiz Night at Chilton Foliat Village Hall, 24 October 2015

From Nick Davies

Sold out. Not even standing room (fire regs wouldn’t allow it anyway!).

All eyes down on the quiz all evening. A great evening, enjoyed by all. Excellent food mainly by Rita Colclough and Jackie Vance. Quizmaster and quiz questions by Peter Camfield.

Dateline: 9th October 2015

Work on the Church roof begins

From Liz Camfield

Thursday 8th October was a red letter for St Mary's church in Chilton Foliat. After 3 years of fundraising the money has been raised to start the first phase of the repair to the roof, and the scaffolding has been erected.

A big thank you to everyone who has helped to raise the huge amount needed to start the first phase which is to do all work that is not affected by the winter weather.

The second phase programmed for the spring will need extra funds, but we are hopeful that enough will be raised by then. Here are a few photos for the archives. I'm sure everyone has noticed the improved look to the churchyard! With lots of help from local volunteers the undergrowth has been chopped down and graves uncovered.

Our aim for 2016 is to keep it this way, anyone wishing to help please contact the church warden Peter Camfield, 01488 685457

Dateline: 5th October 2015

The pub has been sold

From Sam, Alex, Amy, Nic and Raj

To all residents of the Parish of Chilton Foliat,

On Friday, Admiral Taverns informed us that they had exchanged contracts on the sale of The Wheatsheaf. It is with mixed feelings we share the news that we have not been successful in creating our vision of a community pub / hub.

With your support, our Save the Pub Campaign had made huge steps forward. Chilton Foliat Community Enterprise Community Interest Company (CIC) was incorporated on September 4th 2015, registered with both Companies House and the CIC Regulator. Within the Declarations of Formation "The Company’s activities will be carried out for the benefit of the Parish of Chilton Foliat. The company will offer a range of services that will bring benefit to all ages of the community, including the elderly who have limited access to transport to the local town 2 miles away, through the provision of local facilities such as shop, library, café as well as a public bar."

The Company’s bank account is set-up and we await HMRC pre-approval on the tax incentive schemes. While we don’t anticipate these will be necessary in the short-term, this will give us confidence that we have our company vehicle ready in the event that our ‘Asset of Community Value’ is once again on the market, and will incur only very nominal ongoing costs. Indeed, the Company has been set-up with broad community-oriented objectives that may potentially be beneficial to the Parish in other ways - if we decide to run other clubs or activities in the village!

The spirit that was generated by this campaign was staggering and humbling. There were countless individuals who played a part in creating our vision and helping to move it forward by sharing their opinions, money, expertise and time, and many others who had an ongoing interest in our progress. Chilton Foliat is an incredible village, and collectively we need to find a way to better connect, as there is undoubtedly a strong community spirit.

The great outcomes of this campaign are:

• We have a company vehicle to create something in the future that will benefit our community should the opportunity arise
• We deterred some developers who were interested in the property
• We have a huge amount of data from the questionnaires to undermine any future attempts to change the use of the property, further protecting our ‘Asset of Community Value’
• We identified needs far beyond that of ‘just a pub’. Our ‘save the pub’ campaign shifted to ‘save our community’ having identified many more needs – a shop, café, library to name just a few.

Due to the huge support we had from many organisations such as Community First, Plunkett Foundation, Pub is the Hub, and other enormously generous professionals from the village and beyond, our campaign costs were exceptionally low. With that in mind, once the sale of The Wheatsheaf is complete, we would like to return the remains of the donations for our company set-up back to those who so generously donated. The money was spent on:

• a full survey £1,200 + VAT
• tax advice £250 + VAT
• pub development consultant £342.75
• company formation £35
• community enterprise advice £250

Approximately £1,000 remains after costs, which will be proportionally returned. We are happy to provide a cheque to those donors or give the remains of their donations to other community organisations such as the village hall, church or school. If you donated and have a preference do let us know - otherwise we will assume a cheque back to you is your preference.

Alex, Amy, Nic, Raj and I wish the future owners great success on their new venture, and genuinely hope that, with the fabulous property they are in the process of purchasing, they can transform the pub to meet many of the community’s needs. They come with a strong reputation and we have high hopes! We look forward to having the opportunity to share the views and visions collated from our campaign.

Thank you all for your tremendous support and we look forward to seeing you at the Wheatsheaf soon!

Sam, Alex, Amy, Nic and Raj

Dateline: 30th September 2015

Superfast broadband in the village

From Darren Outridge

Ok so it appears that Openreach (BT's subsidiary responsible for upgrading the telecommunications infrastructure in the UK - ( have enabled the green box on the road to Littlecote House for fibre. This is good news - it means that a faster broadband speed (if you need one) is just a phone call or a click away! The infrastructure for the village is now classed as "Fibre To the Cabinet" or FTTC.

To take advantage of this faster speed you will still need to contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to arrange an upgrade.

The speed that you currently achieve is dependent upon many factors (for more information check out the list from BT here - but primarily the distance that you are from the exchange, the number of devices sharing your connection (both wired and wireless) and whether you rely on the existing copper line to your house (FTTC) or pay for the expense of fibre to the home (FTTH) all will have the greatest effect.

For most people, FTTC is more than enough to cater for their needs as it should be possible to receive speeds of up to 40Mbps or 80Mbps depending upon which package you opt for and which service you can receive - see .

It's probably worth noting also that, in case you haven't got a 4G-enabled device, the village actually already has a very robust 4G signal from Vodafone and has had for quite a while!

A great tool for checking the speed of your wireless, wired (both internal) or mobile (external) signal is by using Ookla's broadband speed test:

Of course, there's a lot of assumptions here - you already have a broadband connection, you know what a router is and you know your wifi from your wired connection. In case you're a newcomer to broadband and the Internet in general, try the information contained here:

If you know the basics and just need some further information or further reading, try these links:

If you have questions or need any further information please contact us at @ChiltonFoliatPC, email or PM the Facebook page and we'll help or direct you to someone who can!

Dateline: 25th September 2015

From The Hungerford Adviser

Dateline: 25th September 2015

From The Hungerford Adviser

Dateline: 18th September 2015

From The Hungerford Adviser

Dateline: 18th September 2015

From The Hungerford Adviser

Go to the Photo Album page, click on Fêtes for a slideshow of photos from the Fayre.

Dateline: 11th September 2015

Save Our Pub Update 8th September 2015

From Parish Council Minutes

Update on Wheatsheaf sale:

Cllr Coome explained that a new Community Interest Company has been set up which dispenses with the normal Company requirements and operates in the best interests of the Community. Chilton Foliat Community Enterprise Company has received confirmation from Company’s House with Cllr Coome as one of four Directors. A Company Secretary has been appointed who is a qualified lawyer. A Law firm will be needed to deal with the conveyance and an Accountant will also be required.

A Prospectus will be issued in due course.

Cllr Hynes expressed thanks on behalf of the Council for all the work done so far by Nic Coome and others. Claire Perry MP has sent a letter of support for the project.

Dateline: 7th September 2015

Halloween Quiz Night

From Rita Colclough

Dateline: 4th September 2015

From The Hungerford Adviser

Dateline: 20th August 2015

Wine Offer

From Mark Robertson

Dateline: 19th August 2015

Save Our Pub Update August 2015

From a villager

The six month moratorium has officially come to an end and an update is long overdue!

The moratorium has been vital in enabling the Chilton Foliat SOP Club to do the essential groundwork needed to move the campaign forward. At this stage our discussions with Admiral continue, but a seller can only sell to a legal organisation, and indeed one that has the funds necessary to secure a deal. That said, with the generous support of donations, the legal process setting-up is nearly complete - our Community Interest Company has been agreed in principle with the regulator and we now await Companies House for a company number. That will enable us to approach HMRC to gain pre-approval for our eligibility in utilising the tax incentive schemes which we hope will enable us to attract investment we need to progress.

In the meantime, talks have been held with accountants and a survey carried out. The final survey report should be available shortly: however thankfully we’ve been informed that it contains no additional significant issues beyond those previously known to us, but having that peace of mind is essential to ensure our plans are sound as we build the prospectus.

Although the lead times to the legal requirements are out of our control, and holidays have inevitably slowed things down more recently, our aim is to be in a position to share the prospectus and proactively secure funding from September. Thank you all for your support with this exciting community project!

Dateline: 26th July 2015

Dateline: 17th July 2015

Best Kept Village Results

From Graham Francis, Chilton Foliat Parish Council

Sorry to tell you that Chilton Foliat came second (again) but only one point behind the winners Wilcot. Bad luck.
Full details attached.

Dateline: 10th July 2015

Here are a selection of photos from the Yr5/6 stay at Braeside, Devizes. Everyone is having a fantastic time

Published by on the Chilton Foliat Primary School Facebook page

Dateline: 28th June 2015

Pub Update - proposal to set up a Community Interest Company

From a villager

The pace of the Chilton Foliat Save Our Pub campaign has picked up. The committee has been busy researching a number of key areas to maximise the chance of success in purchasing the pub and delivering something that will serve all members of our community and beyond.

The community survey circulated in the Spring produced some clear feedback that consistently good food be offered within a completely refurbished site. More than a pub was needed; villagers were also looking for a café, shop and library to restore a new focal point for the village since other key services like the shop and post office closed years ago. On that basis the scope of the project became more than just ‘saving the pub’. It became more about how to put the heart back into the community and create a hub that could serve the needs of Chilton Foliat residents, young and old, while attracting business from passing trade, other local communities and of course Littlecote Hotel. Respondents wanted to have memorable visits to the pub for the right reasons!

A significant investment will be needed to regenerate the picturesque thatched building in the centre of our village and research has been undertaken to understand the type of organisation that can attract investment through selling shares while being eligible for grants. To meet these needs the committee hopes to set-up a Community Interest Company (CIC) with a broader remit. This company structure is more sympathetic to social enterprise as its foremost interest is to serve the community with some additional protections in place regulated by the CIC regulator in addition to Companies House.

It is intended that investment schemes will be utilised to attract investors; Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and Social Investment Tax Relief (SITR) will also influence how the organisation can be managed. Subject to the company and its investors meeting the necessary HMRC criteria, these schemes provide investors with tax relief of up to 30% of the amount of their investment. Naturally all investors should seek financial advice to understand whether they would be eligible.

To ensure that we are on the right track, we have also been getting support from many organisations and individuals with significant industry and social enterprise experience, like Plunkett Foundation, Community First, Community Empowerment Limited, in addition to many discussions with other community enterprises. Naturally some research has included meeting others who have successfully taken over their local pub (hic!).

The overriding message we have heard is the significant loss communities feel when their last pub closes. Although many communities are unsuccessful at their campaigns to save their pubs, those that are successful do not fail, and truly do transform their communities. They are a real inspiration.

Meetings were held at the village hall on Wednesday 24th and Sunday 28th June to bring the community up to speed on progress and to look for volunteers to widen the project team as the more practical aspects of the project approach. We are looking for pledges to buy shares in a company that will take over the pub as well as short-term donations to set up the company. The formal process of selling shares will take place once the company is set-up, the prospectus is complete and the bank account is open. Still much to do!

Please get in touch if you think you can help in anyway.

Dateline: 28th June 2015

School Country Fayre and Barn Dance

From the Chilton Foliat Primary School Facebook page

FRIENDS Well done to the governors, staff, friends and pupils for a fantastic Country Fayre and Barn Dance yesterday. Particular thanks go to Freya Priddey-Chan and Michelle Young for co-ordinating the event and to Amy Lanigan for taking photos (which are now on Facebook)!

Dateline: 27th June 2015

Zero Tolerance at the Country Fayre and Barn Dance

From Ian Widdly Williams on Chilton Foliat Facebook page

The fabulous Zero Tolerance band, this year Chilton year Glastonbury - with Rory McNeill, Hilary McNeill, Jamie Williams, Callum McNeill, Duncan McNeill and Helen Williams.

Dateline: 27th June 2015

School Country Fayre and Barn Dance

From a villager

The Country Fayre and Barn Dance was an enormous success helped by the perfect afternoon of sunshine. The school has a long list of wonderful people to thank for making it such a special event, including sponsors, helpers, amazing performers and more! There were many stalls run by the Friends, staff and children, alongside some fabulous external stalls too. The plant stall was a huge success, continuing to attract people keen to find some beautiful plants for their traditional country gardens, and the falconry display was incredible! Thank you to everyone for making it such a huge success, and thank you to the many people who came to enjoy the afternoon with us!

The Fayre was followed by a barn dance, featuring a live band, brilliant at getting everyone, young and old, to have a go in the 'arena'! There were smiles everywhere as the dancing took place, and the atmosphere could not have been better. A team worked tirelessly to create a delicious meal, so everyone left having been well fed and having had a good dance too!

Dateline: 27th June 2015

School Update and Vacancies

From a villager

As we approach the end of term the school we are very proud of our Year 6 cohort who completed their SATs and are now very busy working towards their transition to their next schools. It is an exceptionally busy time getting ready for summer performances and residential trips too!

The school is expanding to four classes in September, and is delighted to welcome Mrs. Proctor to the team. The pupils and staff know her well as she’s been a terrific support to the school over the last few years and we are thrilled she is joining us! We are also purchasing a new minibus, to help make the school more accessible, enable our pupils to participate in more sporting events and we are happy to help the community with this wherever we can.

We also have several vacancies for support roles at school hoping to attract like-minded people to join our team, who enjoy working in a cheerful and busy environment where we do our best for our pupils every day!

Chilton Foliat Primary School is looking for:
Teaching Assistant for a Named Pupil and Midday Supervisor Assistant (MDSA)
To start in September for approximately 15 hours per week, in term-time only.

Caretaker/handy person
To start as soon as possible. The vacancy is for 3 hours per week, starting from £9.00 per hour.

Minibus driver
To start in September, working weekday mornings term-time only from 7:45 to 8:45am, with a clean D1 driving licence starting at £9.00 per hour

To start in September, working weekdays in term-time, with some ad hoc work over the holidays. Hours and wages under review, but please contact us if you are interested.

After School Club Leader
We have a job share opportunity, one/two afternoons per week, 3-6pm term-time only. £10.00 per hour with a Level 2 qualification or equivalent and paediatric first aid required.

Temporary and Bank Staff for After School Club Assistant
Interim cover is needed for our assistant team member who will be away for a term (2nd September until 21st October). We are always looking for people who can work on an ad hoc basis too, for either the Assistant (£7.50 per hour) or Leader roles (£10.00 per hour)

Please visit the school website or contact the school directly for more information on these vacancies. Chilton Foliat Church of England VA Primary School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment. All applicants will be subject to a full Disclosure and Barring Service check before appointment is confirmed.

Please contact the school for further details:
Mrs Ruth Kolish
Administrative and Finance Officer
Chilton Foliat Primary School
Stag Hill, Chilton Foliat RG17 0TF
Tel: 01488 682630

Dateline: 25th June 2015

The last training session before the big day on Saturday!

Published by Darren Outridge on the Chilton Foliat Facebook page

Dateline: 26th June 2015

From The Hungerford Adviser

Dateline: 19th June 2015

WI visit to Sharcott Manor garden and forthcoming Garden Party

From Liz Outridge

The June meeting of the WI was a lovely visit to Sharcott Manor where we were welcomed by Mrs Armytage in person and received a conducted tour of her splendid gardens. It was a perfect evening and the sunshine dappling through the leaves of the trees made it a very memorable occasion. The Armytages have worked the land for over 35 years and made many changes but our host knew them all by name and was eager to answer any questions. Now in her late 80’s Mrs Armytage admitted to still spending five hours a day in her garden and was in no way inclined to retire, what a spirited lady she is and an inspiration to anyone interested in horticulture. On the return to the village our ladies stopped off in Froxfield for refreshments chatting about their evening and making it clear it was an excellent trip and one to be remembered for a very long time.

In July we hold our annual garden party and this year our hostess will be Jackie Vance and we are all looking forward to seeing her lovely garden. We do not have a meeting in August so following the garden party our next meeting in the village hall will be on Thursday 10th September when Pam Baldry will be our guest speaker talking about pressed glass in the early 19th century. To contact the WI secretary please email or call 01488 681334

Dateline: 19th June 2015

Village Hall Committee member changes

From Liz Outridge

At the last meeting it was agreed to co-opt two new members to the village hall committee and we are pleased to welcome Lilia Stobbs, who has taken over as bookings officer, and Nick Davies who will be working alongside Rita Colclough. Rita has taken over as chairman for the rest of this year with a view to selecting a new permanent chairman in January 2016.

The next meeting will be in the hall on Tuesday 1st September starting at 7.30pm and this meeting, as always, is open to the public.

For information, bookings or to contact the committee please email or find details on The Village Hall page of this web site.

Dateline: 5th June 2015

From The Hungerford Adviser

Dateline: 26th May 2015

Pub Update

From a villager

The current research into the corporate structure and funding has taken longer than we expected.

Having had a closer look at the property and gained the input of third parties, it is evident that the scale of funding we need to get the building into a structurally sound state and meet the community’s needs as outlined in the questionnaire feedback, is significantly over and above the purchase price of the pub.

We are aiming to balance the needs of the community, making the investment attractive for community focused grants, and most importantly ensure that you, the community’s investors, can wherever possible, benefit from tax incentives as well.

Final bits of due diligence are being conducted with the support of Community First, The Plunkett Foundation and Empower, and then we will push hard at finalising the business cases, plans and fundraising. We will hold another meeting shortly at the Village Hall to give more details, so watch this space for a date and thanks for your patience while we have been deep in research.

Dateline: 22nd May 2015

Dateline: 21st May 2015

Recreation Ground Development gets Planning Approval

From Nic Coome Chairman, Chilton Foliat Parish Council

The two schemes for the Recreation Ground and the area adjacent to the school received conditional approval from Wiltshire Council on Friday 15 May.

The lists of conditions which are required to be met either before work can commence or during the work are lengthy. They can be read here.

The schemes will undoubtedly cause some disruption to our lives during the construction and therefore some of the conditions refer specifically to the requirement to keep this to a minimum. The Parish Council aim to make sure that the finish projects enhance the village as agreed at the village meetings in 2013.

(For a reminder of the scheme see Village News for 20th November 2013)

Dateline: 20th May 2015

Parish Council AGM

From Liz Outridge

On May 19th the Parish Council held their annual general meeting and the preceding Parish meeting for members of the public.

Nic Coome was once again unanimously voted in as Chairman and the rest of the PC remained the same with the exception of Gary Crumpler who stood down this time. This leaves two vacant places on the committee and members of the public that may be interested are welcome to contact either Nic or Graham Francis to register their interest.

On the planning issues the new developments for the recreation ground and school areas of the village were discussed with comments from the floor. If the latest finer details are dealt with in time, it is expected that work could start this Autumn. At this time it is not 100% clear if the recreation ground will remain available for public use during the work, but the final decision will be announced as soon as possible.

There wasn’t any more information about the Wheatsheaf.

Reports were given from the various village groups; the PCC; the VH and the WI, copies of which are available to anyone who wishes to read them on request. Graham was pleased to be able to announce the finances are in a better position than this time last year which gives the PC a small contingency and there has been an offer of salt and sand bags in case of an emergency but the problem will be where to store them in the dry. Nic will ask the Wheatsheaf to see if one of their storage sheds could be used. On the recreation ground the base mats under the swings is another issue as they have become very slippery and not safe for young people to stand on. The swings also desperately need cleaning and these as well as other issues were noted from the latest formal inspection and is already on the ‘to do’ list of the PC but I am sure if anyone has some spare time and could help with bucket and stiff brush they would be very welcome.

There was a vote of thanks to the councillors from the floor on behalf of the village as they do a terrific, and not always an easy job voluntarily which is not always appreciated.

Copies of the minutes will be available to the public very soon.

Dateline: 30th April 2015

Kathleen Parrack

It is with great sadness that we have to say goodbye to Kathleen Parrack who passed away peacefully at home on Tuesday evening.

Kathleen was a staunch member of the WI and was vice president for some time as well as having been a long serving member of the village hall committee in the past. She continued to support all village functions including the recent Pudding club where she enjoyed the company of her WI members, the many visitors and friends.

A true lady, a lovely person and a dear friend, we will miss you Kath.

The memorial service for Kath will be on Friday May 29th at 2.30pm in St Mary’s church Chilton Foliat.

Dateline: 21st April 2015

Pudding Club a Huge Sucess

From Liz Outridge

On Saturday 18th April we staged another Pudding club and it again was a huge success. Although previously it has been just sweet puddings, the ladies were requested to add a few savoury delights to the menu this time and of course being the WI they would never disappoint.

The event was advertised as, ‘Sweet, Sticky and Delicious’ as well as ‘Warm, Savoury and Succulent’ and they weren’t wrong, the ladies, sporting their new WI tabards, excelled themselves with the selection on display and the public were quick to take advantage. The tombola as overseen by vice president Penny Burfield brought in £63 and there was also an addition from the teas sold. Chilton has now risen to 17 fully paid up members and is proud to offer two £100 bursaries for a member / members to attend a Denman course.

Grateful thanks to all involved in the event and to those who supported it, especially other members in the Membury Fort Group as well as some members from Berkshire WIs.

The event raised in the region of £350 for funds which means the guaranteed continuation of Chilton Foliat WI that was at one time in danger of closing.

But this isn’t the end of the event, president Ellie Skehan MBE, is pleased to report the next ‘Pudding club’ will be in October later this year so unbuckle your belts and be ready for some winter warmers!

Dateline: 18th April 2015

Pudding Club Today

Posted by Darren Outridge on the Chilton Foliat Facebook page

CFWI Pudding Club today at 4. 30pm in the Village Hall. All puddings £2.50 per portion. Raffle tickets 4 for a £1.

Dateline: 10th April 2015

Save The Pub update

Posted on The Wheatsheaf Facebook page

A quick update from The Chilton Foliat Save Our Pub team: At the moment, we are heads down doing a huge amount of research about how we organise ourselves, looking at how much we need to raise and where we can raise money from.
Our local representative from CAMRA joined us to help give ideas about grants and other pubs that have gone through the process.
We are speaking to accountants about company structure and various schemes that encourage investment.
Lastly, we are just starting to get costs together to fix and run the pub...

Still masses to do but updates to follow!

Dateline: 5th April 2015


Posted on the Chilton Foliat Facebook page

You may have noticed that there are two telephone cabinets on the corner of the B4192 and the road to Littlecote House. Seeing an engineer there today, I couldn't resist stopping and asking him about increasing our broadband capacity... He pointed to the south cabinet and said that was the new fibre cabinet!... its coming!

Dateline: 28th March 2015

Victorian Kitchen Garden

Posted by Anon on the Chilton Foliat Facebook page

An email from a visitor on a topic which always generates a lot of discussion:

Good evening, I am contacting you, as I am sure many others have before me, as I am a huge fan of the Victorian Kitchen Garden series.
I have read some of the articles on your website with interest. I understand the walled gardens at Chilton are no longer kept up. I wondered if you knew if there had ever been any statement made by the family as to their long term intentions towards them?

It seems such a shame after all the wonderful work done in those gardens over the years. I understand you received a query from another fan recently, as to the final resting place of Harry Dodson.

If this information is available I would be grateful for it, in order to pay my respects at some point in the future. Mr Dodson truly was a national treasure.

Apologies if you are often inundated with requests of this kind. Any help you can provide would be appreciated.

Dateline: 28th March 2015

Victorian Kitchen Garden

Posted by Sean James Cameron on the Chilton Foliat Facebook page

I'm in the process of contacting the house to discuss the future.
Video: Visiting The Victorian Kitchen Garden with Rickvanman

Dateline: 27th March 2015

Radio Berkshire

From Liz Outridge

Well done once again Alex for getting our ‘plight’ onto Radio Berkshire, the more publicity we get the better, thankyou x

Dateline: 24th March 2015

Save The Pub Campaign Hits BBC Radio Berkshire This Afternoon

Alex Wolcough managed to get some coverage on this afternoon's Phil Kennedy programme.

You can stream the interview direct from the BBC at Alex's interview starts about 39 minutes into the programme.

Dateline: 23rd March 2015

Chilton community called to save the Wheatsheaf!

Article submitted for Whitton Ways magazine

A campaign has been launched in Chilton Foliat to explore the community's interest in purchasing the pub and identifying what would enable it to better meet local needs. The Wheatsheaf has been on the market for some time, and the Parish Council has had confirmation from Wiltshire Council that the moratorium on the sale of the pub, listed as a Community Asset, will remain in place until 17th August, 2015. The moratorium prevents a sale from taking place over that period, allowing the community time to take the many steps needed to coordinate a bid for its Community Asset.

Many residents of the village have completed questionnaires, although anyone who feels they would like to share their views on the pub's future, would be interested in getting involved or potential investors who would like to support the initiative, are very welcome to complete the document and submit it to the committee at anytime (details are on the document itself which is available on the village website).

Three community discussions have taken place to share the initial outcomes from the first 77 questionnaires received. These sessions have been well attended, and the survey results indicate a huge level of support for a community pub. Discussions were very thoughtful, highlighting to all present that the community ultimately wants the same thing - a thriving pub at the heart of the village.

The campaign will move forward with support from the community. The next phase of the project will involve a detailed look at the business plan, structures for ownership and identifying whether sufficient funding can be secured. Those interested in knowing more can keep an eye on the village website where the questionnaire results will be published, along with further updates on the campaign itself.

Dateline: 14th March 2015

Save Our Pub - update

The Parish Council tonight voted to indicate officially, before the 31st March deadline, the village's intention to submit a Community bid for the pub.

The response to the questionnaire regarding the future of the pub has been tremendous, with over half of the village households completing what was a fairly lengthy questionnaire.

The overwhelming feeling at the meeting was that the pub is the indispensible social hub of this village, and everything will be done to try and save it.

The next step is for interested parties to establish the viability of running the pub as a successful venture, and to determine the best way of financing it.

These matters are to be discussed at the public consultation meetings in the Village Hall planned for later this month, as follows:

          7-9pm on Tuesday 17th March
          10am-12noon on Friday 20th March
          4-6pm on Sunday 22nd March

These sessions will be an ideal time to further share your thoughts and discuss how we can coordinate our vision for the pub and its role in the community.

You can download the questionnaire here in PDF format or MS Word format.

Dateline: 13th March 2015

Dateline: 6th March 2015

Save Our Pub - the FIGHT has BEGUN, now YOUR help is needed urgently

The law provides our community, until 31st March 2015, with the opportunity to indicate our interest in making a bid to purchase the pub. If we decide to go ahead, we will have a further 4½ months, until 17th August, to submit a firm offer. With the time sensitive nature of this matter, a small steering committee has been swiftly set-up and is working alongside the Parish Council to take the first steps in this journey that we hope will bring our village the pub we all hope for.

In order for us to collectively understand what we currently use the pub for, and what would make us use it MUCH MORE a letter and questionnaire is being circulated to every household around the village and surrounding community.

Your honest input in the questionnaire is essential; your response will be treated in confidence and will be entirely anonymous.

Questionnaires must be returned by Monday. Either fill it in by hand or, alternatively, download a version in MS Word format which can be completed digitally.
If you would like more copies of the questionnaire so that others with an interest in the Wheatsheaf can have their say, please download a copy here.
If you would like someone to come and fetch your filled-in questionnaire, please email the website.

The next Parish Council meeting on Tuesday, 10th March (8pm, Village Hall) will be presenting an update on the sale of The Wheatsheaf. Be there.

Further information on this opportunity is available at

Dateline: 2nd March 2015

Wow what a night !

From Liz Outridge

Thank you to all those that attended the recent village hall Quiz night, one of the very best there have been.
Some 53 plus people came along under the guidance of Quiz master Peter Camfield who did a brilliant job and our thanks to him for his time and effort.
But the main thanks go to the members of the village hall committee who arranged, advertised, cooked for and delivered such a good event, thank you all very much.
Because of the support we received treasurer Brian Vance is pleased to announce takings in the region of £500 which is an amazing benefit for the hall funds so all of you deserve a great big pat on the back and we look forward to the next one.

Dateline: 1st March 2015

The future of The Wheatsheaf - NOW is the time to act

A Council Notice is on display close to the pub advising of the proposed Disposal of The Wheatsheaf as An Asset of Community Value. It is giving Community Interest Groups until 31st March to inform the Council that they wish to be treated as a potential bidder for the pub.
If the Council receive such a request, then a 'moratorium' of six months is allowed for the Community Interest Group to put together a bid to buy the pub. The pub cannot be sold during this six month period.
Further information on this opportunity is available at
The next Parish Council meeting on Tuesday 10th March (8pm, Village Hall) will be presenting an update on the sale of The Wheatsheaf. Be there.

Dateline: 1st March 2015


From Nick Davies

Many congratulations to Stuart, the manager of our village pub, The Wheatsheaf, and his partner, Danielle, on the birth of their baby boy.

Dateline: 26th February 2015

Lady Cathcart

From Nick Davies

Very sad news. Lady Cathcart, mother of Tara Elliot, passed away unexpectedly on Wednesday 25th February. The village's sincere sympathies go to Tara, who has done so much for our village, and to all her family.

Dateline: 21st February 2015

Edwina Hickford

From Nick Davies

Edwina Hickford passed away on 10th February. We will all miss her.

Her funeral is on 5th March, at 11.30am at Stockcross Church. No wreaths or bouquets please, but do bring along a bunch of spring flowers. Edwina loved daffodils.

After the service, everyone will be going to the Lord Lyon pub in Stockcross.

Dateline: 10th February 2015

Edwina Hickford

From The Outridge Family xx

Just to say how shocked and sad we all are at the passing of Edwina, our thoughts and prayers are with David and the family, may they find the strength to cope with their terrible loss.

Dateline: 10th February 2015

Edwina Hickford

Posted by Nick Davies on the Chilton Foliat Facebook page

Very sad news. Edwina Hickford passed away a few hours ago. R.I.P. Edwina.

As soon as we hear of any arrangements we will advise.

Dateline: 5th February 2015

In memoriam donations

Posted by Karen Drew on the Chilton Foliat Facebook page

Well done everyone. We don't have a final figure yet but we think overall we have about £530 in donations to the Wiltshire Air Ambulance. Thank you to everyone who donated on Dad's behalf. We will let everyone know the final amount when we send it off. Many thanks from all the family.

Dateline: 4th February 2015

Dateline: 4th February 2015

Quiz Nights, WI news, the Wheatsheaf update and more

From Liz Outridge

At a recent Village hall meeting it was agreed to hold two Quiz nights and either an Art exhibition or another Wine and Cheese event this year, please watch this web site and the village hall display box for all information and dates.

It was also agreed to support jointly with the Parish Council the new proposed Youth Group for the village and surrounding areas. More news will be posted on this web site as and when it is available.

New committee members are needed especially a Chairman and a bookings officer plus non officer members to help out with events.

WI is on Thursday 12th and will be the AGM followed by a talk from local Beautician Stella Puddy entitled ‘Skin Care and Beyond’. Visitors welcome for a small donation to funds, refreshments and prize raffle.

Pub is open daily again and will be doing only cold food i.e. sandwiches this weekend with a hope to start cooked food from next Monday, according to new landlord Stuart.

Dateline: 21st January 2015

The pub re-opens

From The Wheatsheaf Facebook page

The pub is due to re-open at 4pm today, 21st January.

Dateline: 20th January 2015

Peter Fisher

Posted by Karen Drew on the Chilton Foliat Facebook page

On behalf of the family of Peter Fisher, we would like to thank everyone who came to the service at the church today and to the village hall afterwards. We were so pleased that the church was so full and sorry that we could not speak to everyone who came. We would also like to thank the ladies in the village hall who put on such a lovely spread. Dad would have been so chuffed. Thank you so much.

Dateline: 18th January 2015

The Wheatsheaf Update

It appears that the sale of the pub has fallen through and the pub may re-open with a different manager in place.

Dateline: 13th January 2015

The Wheatsheaf Update

Extracted from the Parish Council minutes (January 2015)

" offer for the property has been made and accepted. It is likely therefore that the pub would close on 20 January."

Dateline: 8th January 2015

Peter Fisher

From Karen Drew

A service will be held for Peter Fisher at St Mary's church Chilton Foliat on 20th January at 1.30pm followed by a family cremation and gathering in the village hall afterwards.

Many people have expressed a wish to come and all are welcome please can it passed on to anyone who might not see this message. Family flowers only, Thankyou.
If anyone wants to donate we are going to give it to Wiltshire Air Ambulance. Thankyou very much.

Dateline: 7th January 2015

The Wheatsheaf Update

From The Wheatsheaf Facebook page

So guys Luke's back! That means for one night only! Tomorrow night all meals are only £3.00. Limited availability on the menu but still a great choice so get booked in now! 01488 680936

Dateline: 5th January 2015

The Wheatsheaf Update

Posted on The Wheatsheaf Facebook page

Well, rumours are abound, which is Chilton Foliat's way, so I thought I would pen an update.

The changes and improvements the we planned, have been impossible to deliver as immediately after we took on the tenancy Admiral Taverns started to really market the sale heavily, even describing it as a potential development opportunity. This meant that Admiral could at any time give us 28 days notice. Obviously under those circumstances any significant investment was Impossible.

We have made minor changes that we wanted with decent menus and boards, but most importantly we have maintained stock levels. Let us not forget the days of no Guinness or floating white stuff in the beer (Simon and Scones days).

The future of the pub, we do not know, but if you believe the rumours in the village there are people who claim to know an awful lot more than Zoe and I do. As far as we are aware Admiral are expecting an offer for the freehold in January and someone had a survey completed before Xmas. This is all we know.

Zoe and I will be leaving the pub on the 19th, with the last evening under Zoe's stewardship being the 18th, we hope you can make it. I fear ( but sincerely hope not) that this might be the last night that Chilton foliat has a pub.

The kitchen had a severe flood due to three burst pipes just before New Year and will not re open, apologise for being shut one night and tremendous thanks to Jim and Angie for all your efforts.

Had we not stepped up in the pub would have closed on October 7th, so we have no regrets at picking up the gauntlet and keeping it open through Christmas and New Year.

So it just leaves me to thank Zoe for all her hard work, I am sure we will all agree, she has kept it clean, warm (whenever possible) and has kept beers perfectly.

Dateline: 4th January 2015

Pete Fisher

From Karen Drew

Thankyou so much, it means a lot to us all. We will update on the arrangements in due course. Thankyou. Have a pint in his memory today in The Wheatsheaf.

Dateline: 4th January 2015

Pete Fisher

From Rita Colclough

I think Zoe sums up beautifully what we all feel at the news of Pete's sudden death. A real village character, a diamond geezer, who will be sorely missed; it has been a pleasure to know him. Our thoughts and prayers to his family.

Dateline: 3rd January 2015

Death of a local legend

Posted on The Wheatsheaf page on Facebook

Today we received the very sad news of the passing of the loveliest guy I've met. Pete Fisher was the most kind hearted honest guy I've known, my thoughts, prayers and love go out to all your family, it was only yesterday you were here enjoying your lunch time laughing and joking away with everyone like you always did, it doesn't seem real that your gone. We will all miss you dearly and I'm sure everyone has so many fond memories they will all love to share. I'll always remember you for your honesty, warmth in character and just you as a person! I'll miss you dearly and all your opinions and advice you'd give to me. All my love!

RIP Pete Fisher

Zoe, and everyone from the Wheatsheaf xxx