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Dateline: December 2017

Women’s Institute

From Jenny Booth

Members International Night - Monaco
The amazing "A Team" of Rita Colclough, Jackie Vance, Julia Goodman and Lynn Long gave us yet another fantastic International evening, transporting us to the bright lights of Monaco. We were all greeted with a choice of delicious wines selected from the region whilst on holiday, by our very smart "French" Barman Steve Colclough.

Interesting information on Monaco and the Rainier family could be found around the room, helping us to find answers to the very in depth quiz. Did you know that Princess Stephanie ran away to the circus? She had fallen in love with the elephant tamer, taking her three children with her!!

You could take a break from the intelligent bits, trying your hand at a game of scalectrix motor racing, darts and "Roll the 10p". Plus a very intricate test of nerves and skill where the player passed a hoop through a maze of wire with twists and turns, without setting off the buzzer!! Our thanks for creating this very impressive game to Brian Vance, Dave Quinton and Bob Townsley.

Time for a visit to the Casino with Debbi Arden-Hunt and Debs Browning our Casino Queens running roulette and black jack and who expertly parted us with our chips, luckily we were not playing with real currency as I lost the majority of mine in the first five minutes! Debbi & Debs were very professional and we all thank them for making the evening such a success.

The restaurant offered mouth watering French cuisine including Canapés, Chicken and Tarragon Gratin, Dauphinoise Potatoes, French Onion Tarte and Quiche Lorraine. Followed by Tarte Tatin, Profiteroles, Tarte aux Framboise and Crepes Suzette. An amazing variety of delicious food expertly prepared by Jackie Vance. Thanks to Ollie from the Wheatsheaf who baked the Garlic Bread purchased from France!

Lastly, many thanks to all who made coffees/teas, washed and wiped up, set up, took down and apologies to anyone I may have missed.

Prize Winners: Lynne Quinton for the Quiz; Amy Hines won the player with the most casino chips by the end of the evening; Sean Nelligan won the Darts, Scalectrix, and Hoop & Wire Challenge (he has enough chocolate pennies to last him until next Christmas)!!!

Dateline: December 2017

Women’s Institute

From Julia Goodman

Carol Concert
At the beginning of December we held our annual Carol Concert in St Mary's. This was a celebration attended by over 70 participants, not only from Chilton Foliat WI but also our friends from Aldbourne and Ramsbury WIs; and we were delighted to welcome old friends from Baydon as well. After a warm welcome to all from our President Ellie Skehan, we sang seven traditional carols interspersed with readings from the three WIs including some moving and amusing poetry. The Bourne Singers added to our enjoyment by entertaining us with two delightful songs. After the last carol, Silent Night, we all got together to enjoy a hot drink and mince pies.

The concert was held in aid of the Great Western Hospital’s 'Brighter Futures' fund for a Radiotherapy Unit and we raised a very respectable £300.

Dateline: November 2017

Women’s Institute

From Jenny Booth

October Meeting - "The Rhyme of Your Life"
We welcomed Caroline Franklin, a well known local journalist and book critic who enthralled us all with poems, following the progress of a lady from childhood through to adulthood. The poems were superbly read and filled with a great deal of humour which I am sure we all could relate to!

A brilliant evening thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Dateline: October 2017

Women’s Institute

From Jenny Booth

September Meeting - Born Free Foundation
We welcomed Dawn Lawrence from the Born Free Foundation who gave a short talk on her connection to the Foundation. Her love of animals led her to write a variety of animal books including poetry from which she inspired us all with her large selection of poems.

Federation Calendar
The 2019 Calendar is entitled "Wiltshire Monuments - Old and New". Please see CFWI information sheet for more details.

Dateline: September 2017

Women’s Institute

From Fran Cunningham

August Meeting - Fire and Safety Awareness in the Home
We welcomed two speakers: Denise Holmes from the Wiltshire Fire Service and Doug Batchelor from The Wiltshire Bobby Van Trust Charity.

Denise discussed many aspects of fire safety, for example: - Home visits were available for advice on smoke alarms which in some cases could be fitted free of charge. - Always be very careful not to overload sockets. - When using tumble dryers/washing machines it is always advisable to stay in until they have completed their cycle and ensure toasters are used in a safe area of the kitchen.

Her advice was very thought provoking and raised plenty of questions from the audience.

Doug then gave us some insight into the valuable work of The Wiltshire Bobby Van Trust

- They visit homes in Wiltshire to check on the security of doors and windows, fitting locks where necessary which can sometimes incur a small charge. - With regard to strangers knocking on doors he advised that identities should always be checked. His talk was extremely interesting with many questions being asked.

The evening was very enjoyable and made us all rethink our own safety checks at homes for both fire hazards and security.

Dateline: August 2017

Women’s Institute

From Jenny Booth

2017 Garden Party
Many thanks to Jackie and Brian Vance who welcomed us all to their lovely garden on 20th July for our Annual Garden Party. Plates of seafood, tempting savouries and a huge variety of puddings including profiteroles, meringues and cakes went down extremely well with a glass of Pims. Thanks to all the WI members who supplied food and wine.

The competition for the evening was a floral corsage or button hole, not only with fresh flowers but in any medium you wished to use. Jackie played the role of Judge and the competition was won by Rosemary Turner for her beautiful real flower corsage.

There was also an opportunity for two members to obtain a bursary to attend a Denman College course and congratulations go to Amy Hynes and Shirley Campbell.

We are now looking forward to next year’s garden party, if anyone would like to share their garden with the group please let the committee know as soon as possible.

Dateline: July 2017

Women’s Institute

From Jenny Booth

A visit to Sheepdrove Organic Farm
Located in a stunning rural location in West Berkshire, Sheepdrove Organic Farm is owned by farmers and environmental campaigners Peter and Juliet Kindersley.

The Sheepdrove story began over 40 years ago, when they bought a dilapidated farmhouse on the top of the windswept Berkshire Downs to practice a dream of self-sufficiency. Over the years they purchased more land and today Sheepdrove is a thriving organic farm at the heart of the local community.

The original aim was to protect the farm from the polluting chemicals used by other farms and to recreate the original downland landscape by going back to the farming methods of 50 years ago. They also raise sheep and cattle all of which are grass fed all year round providing top quality organic free-range meat.

Hard work together with the amazing generosity of nature has brought the countryside back to life with the return of birds, wild flowers, small mammals, reptiles and insect life, land which was turning into an arid prairie has been transformed into a rich tapestry of wildlife.

We were taken on a trip around the farm by Richard whose enthusiasm for the results being achieved was infectious and I am sure we all left with a promise to be more vigilant as to how we buy our produce in the future.

We finished the evening with a tour of the Conference Centre and a warming hot beverage. Many thanks to all the Sheepdrove staff who looked after us and a very special thanks to Lynn Long for arranging the trip.

Dateline: June 2017

Women’s Institute

From Jenny Booth

May Meeting 2017 WI Resolution evening.
The two resolutions selected: Resolution 1. Alleviating loneliness
This meeting calls on every WI and the NFWI to work alongside health and social care providers and their local community to raise awareness of the causes and impacts of loneliness, thus ensuring better identification of lonely people in order to be able to offer them the appropriate assistance and support.

Resolution 2. Plastic Soup: Keep micro plastic fibres out of our ocean
Micro plastic fibres are shed from synthetic clothing with every wash and are the main contributors to micro plastic contamination of the oceans. The NFWI calls on Government and industry to research and develop innovative solutions to this problem in order to stop the accumulation of micro plastic fibres in our oceans.

An excellent debate followed with many points being discussed with an all in favour vote for both resolutions to go forward to the final vote at the WI Annual Meeting in Brighton on 11th June 2016.

The evening progressed on a much lighter note...a table game which was along the lines of pass the parcel for adults. Let me explain..... gifts were piled up in the middle of the table and a great deal of dice throwing commenced, throw a double and claim a gift. When all the gifts had been claimed players could now steal gifts from another player if they threw another double, so if they didn’t have any gifts to start with they could in fact clean up by the end of the game. Confused.... yes we all were...... but it was great fun!!! The evening ended with a quiz. Many thanks to Brenda and Carol for organising.

2017 Garden Party - Thursday 20th July
The Annual Garden Party this year commencing 7.15pm is being held by secretary Liz. Please bring a "plate of goodies". Fingers crossed for brilliant weather.

There will be two competitions for the President’s Cup and two £100 bursaries for anyone wishing to take a course at Denman College. (More details will be in the July Newsletter).

Thursday 10th August
Due to the cancelled January meeting there is an additional WI evening on 10th August. It is hoped this will be a "Safe and Aware" evening. (see the June 2017 Newsletter).

Dateline: May 2017

Women’s Institute

From Jenny Booth

April Meeting 2017
A very warm welcome was given to President Ellie having fully recovered from a prolonged sickness bug. In turn the President thanked Vice President Penny for running the WI whilst she was away.

Our speaker for the evening was Paul Jupp who runs "Meadow In My Garden" based in Woodbridge. They produce a multitude of wild seeds to encourage all gardeners to consider birds and insects by growing wild flowers that would help them to thrive. You can buy not only the correct seeds for different species, but also choose from a range of multi-colours to predominately reds, yellow, blues, oranges etc.

Paul also works with councils, encouraging them to plant wild seeds in uncared for areas that we often see in towns. He also works with schools enthusing pupils to design wild flower gardens in the school grounds as well as taking an interest in their gardens at home. The company can also be seen at many garden shows, festivals and charity fairs all over the country from February to December.

There were plenty of buyers for his packets of seed, so I am sure we will see some very colourful village gardens this year.

Dateline: April 2017

Women’s Institute

From Jenny Booth

March Meeting 2017
We were delighted to welcome back the Lambourn Chimers with their Musical Director Jenny Carter. It all started when four members of a local WI attended a talk on the history of hand bell ringing, they were so interested that they attended a workshop and the rest, as they say, is history. From the early days of playing with borrowed bells, lottery funds helped them to purchase their own bells; with donations and fund raising helping to buy other equipment the group has now grown to eleven ringers with over 30 bells.

We were entertained with a very varied repertoire, which included The Policeman’s song from the Pirates of Penzance bringing back nostalgic memories of school performances, Elvis Presley’s Love Me Tender, Sunrise Sunset from the Fiddler on the Roof and the first tune they played 10 years ago - My Grandfather’s Clock.

We all had the opportunity of "having a go" and despite an occasional "missed note" I think we all did extremely well!! Maybe some hidden talent that needs nurturing...

The Foolish Pudding Club - 1st April 2017
Our first pudding club of 2017 was a resounding success. A big thank you to all who provided mouth watering savoury dishes, delicious puddings and cakes, plus another huge thank you to the residents from Chilton Foliat and the surrounding villages for their ongoing support, to Penny and Fran for organising and running the Tombola and Steve for running the Raffle. Last but certainly not least to all those who helped to set up and take down, for providing washing and drying up assistance in the kitchen and a continuous supply of tea and coffee, thank you all.

Dateline: March 2017

Women’s Institute

From Jenny Booth

February Meeting
The Annual General Meeting was opened by our Vice President Penny Burfield; after her welcome she asked all those present to think of President Ellie Skehan who was too ill to attend. The members unanimously sent their good wishes for her recovery and Penny asked the members to sing Jerusalem with particular gusto in the hope that Ellie may hear them!

Although there wasn’t a full President’s Report, Penny read out a brief report on the previous 12 months and concluded that it had been a year of very interesting speakers, two extremely successful pudding clubs and not forgetting the excellent trip to Adam Henson’s farm to celebrate our 21st birthday.

Penny confirmed that Chilton Foliat will be offering a £100 bursary for any member wishing to attend a course at Denman College and a letter of thanks had been received from Denman for our donation to their restoration fund of £140 in December.

It was agreed by the members to reduce the numbers of Wiltshire news ordered and instead of one copy per person we will use a read and pass on system. At present the cost of the magazine is approximately £70 per year and the treasurer was keen to reduce this together with the amount of paper involved.

Voting for our Committee Members
Members were given details on how the voting is conducted and a list of the existing committee was on display. Members completed their voting slips and the count was taken. The existing committee of six were once again voted in with the inclusion of Audrey Poole, who will be a co-opted member being the liaison officer to the village hall.

With the formal business completed Lynn Long gave a fascinating talk on her trip to Vietnam. Lynn was particularly delighted with the floating market for its array of fresh fish, fruit, vegetables and herbs. Her trip also encountered walking in caves and discovering the rich diversity of the rock formations as well as trying kayaking for the first time with some very wet results! To accompany the talk Lynn had an array of fabulous photographs for the members to look through. A vote of thanks was given by Rita Colclough.

The President’s cup competition was to bring along a ‘Heart’ and to accompany the same theme Audrey had made special heart shaped biscuits for the ladies to enjoy with the refreshments.

Special thanks go to Penny for conducting the meeting and to members for all their support.

My grateful thanks to Liz Outridge for taking all the notes on the evening in my absence.
Saturday 1st April - The ‘Foolish’ Pudding Club
Puddings and Pastries - sweet or savoury. Tombola, tea and coffee in the Chilton Foliat village hall. If you wish, you may donate something for the tombola. Items can be delivered to Penny, or brought along to the Village Hall in the morning. Helpers setting up at 12 noon. Husbands very welcome to help with the heavy work!

Dateline: Febuary 2017

Women’s Institute

From Jenny Booth

January Meeting
Unfortunately nothing to report as our January meeting was cancelled due to adverse weather and those nasty cold and flu bugs.

Love In Nature Competition
A great opportunity to put on your walking shoes, camera over your shoulder and enjoy a day in the country. You never know what you will find!

The Climate Coalition, of which the NFWI is a founding member, has launched an exciting new photo competition which aims to raise awareness of all the things in nature that could be lost as a result of climate change by capturing the best examples of love in nature.

Dateline: January 2017

Women’s Institute

From Jenny Booth

Christmas Celebrations Catchup
We all attended St Mary’s Church for our Annual Christmas Carol Evening on 5th December, welcoming friends from WI groups in the area. With the excellent support of the Bourne Singers we all enjoyed Christmas carols and readings from our members. The collection was taken for the Brighter Futures charity at Swindon GW Hospital and raised £165, many thanks to all for your contributions.

We rounded off the evening with mince pies and beverages which were much appreciated on a cold December evening. Thanks to all those who helped to organise the evening.

Our Christmas Dinner on 8th December was held in the Wheatsheaf. An excellent meal was prepared by owners Ollie and Lauren and with plenty of good wine we all felt that Christmas festivities had now begun. A “selection” of WI husbands proceeded to entertain us after the meal with a variety of songs!!! (need I say more!) and with a quiz to follow we all enjoyed a brilliant evening.

Whitton Ways has a new earlier deadline and, from now on, we will report on our previous month’s activities, so the report for January’s meeting will appear in the issue at the end of February and so on. However, the good news is that Whitton Ways will now be professionally printed and for the first time they can put photographs in the magazine and the cover can also include a colour photograph. We wish them every success with their new venture.

I would like to take this opportunity of wishing everyone a Very Happy and Healthy 2017.

Dateline: 18th November 2016

Women’s Institute

From Jenny Booth

Four of our very talented members provided a truly brilliant "Greek" night enjoyed by members, husbands, family and friends. A huge thank you goes to Rita Colclough, Lynn Long, Julia Goodman and Jackie Vance who undertook this mammoth task. Plus, of course, to all those who helped on the day and during the evening.

Information on all things Greek around the hall helped us to find answers to the in depth Quiz. Those who saw themselves as athletes entered the (indoor) Olympic Games, competing in discus, archery, shotput and javelin. Not to mention naked wrestling - luckily there were no takers, deciding that dressing in a toga would be the better choice!! Others enjoyed a session of Greek dancing, managing to refrain from the old Greek custom of plate breaking...

"The Taverna" offered an array of mouth watering dishes with exotic names as Spanakopita, Herb Falafel and Baklava along with Greek bread, delicious dips and cakes all accompanied by a excellent choice of Greek wines and ouzo.

Jim Hynes was crowned Olympic champion with a magnificent score of 111. The winners of the quiz were Lynne Quinton, Brian Vance, Amy Hynes and Vicky Nelligan.

An excellent evening which will be remembered by one and all.

There is still time to enter the Photo Competition for the 2018 Calendar – subject “Bridges of Wiltshire” – Closing date 31st December 2016.

Dateline: 20th October 2016

Women’s Institute

From Jenny Booth

October Meeting: Clive de Carle "How I cured myself without conventional medicine".
A very interesting talk by Clive who believes our bodies have the ability to cure many problems without the use of conventional medicines providing we have the correct natural minerals and vitamins in our diet.

The Pudding Club - 15th October 2016
Our second Pudding Club of the year was a fantastic success with an amazing selection of savoury and sweet puddings for sale. Many thanks go to the hard work of the WI members and husbands, Chilton Foliat residents who called in for a hot beverage and a "slice" together with friends and visitors from other W.Is. We would like special thanks to go to Penny for organising the Tombola and providing the excellent basket of fruit for the raffle.

"Thank you" - Macmillan Coffee Morning
Vicky Nelligan & Jenny Booth would like to thank all WI members and friends who not only made a fantastic array of cakes but stayed with their husbands to help us on the day to raise money. Thanks also go to Chilton Foliat residents and friends who called in to support us. Our final figure was an amazing £585.00 which went to Macmillan Cancer Support.

Dateline: 20th September 2016

Women’s Institute

From Jenny Booth

After an enjoyable holiday break it was good to meet up again for the September meeting. Our speaker June Hiscock trained with the Embroiders Guild where she gained numerous fabric techniques. She brought along a selection of her amazing craftwork including a full size grandfather clock and a large bookcase which not only contained handmade material '3D' books but also a sleeping cat and a pair of glasses!!

June also makes a variety of boxes and we were all tasked, under her expert guidance, to make a 'Twisted Box' from card and after a couple attempts all produced a box perfect for small Christmas tree presents.

Ramsbury Meeting 6th October 2016
Don’t forget to put your name forward if you would like to attend the Ramsbury Meeting on 6th October 2016. Val Threfall one of the best speakers in the Wiltshire Year Book talks on 'Secrets of the Honeymoon Suitcase'. Tea, coffee, cake and raffle - Entry fee £3.00.

Chilton Foliat WI Meeting 13th October 2016
This is an open meeting and everyone is welcome. Speaker Clive De Carle’s talk is on arthritis and titled "How I cured myself without conventional medicine".

The Pudding Club - Saturday 15th October 2016 - 3.00pm to 5.30pm
Puddings and Pastries - sweet or savoury. Tombola, tea and coffee in the Chilton Foliat village hall. Helpers setting up at 12 noon.

Autumn Council Meeting - Wednesday 26th October 2016
The meeting is to be held in City Hall, Salisbury. The main speaker is David Hempleman-Adams world renowned explorer and business man.

One other date for your diary is the Macmillan Coffee Morning for Macmillan Cancer Support on 1st October in the Chilton Foliat Village Hall at 10.00am.

Dateline: 15th August2016

Women’s Institute

From Jenny Booth

I am sure our members are enjoying their holidays and taking advantage of the excellent spell of August weather to sort out the garden and catch up on those small and not so small jobs around the house. With no meeting in August this is a reminder that June Hiscock will attend our September meeting on Thursday the 8th showing us how to make a 'Twisted Box' by folding paper, ideal for Birthday and Christmas gift boxes. No need to worry about the 'ingredients' as paper, glue and scissors will be supplied.

The President's Cup
September’s competition is 'Bring your Favourite Treasure Box' which will be judged by June Hiscock.

Dateline: 19th July 2016

Women’s Institute

From Jenny Booth

2016 Annual Garden Party
After a very dubious week of cloud, rain and lower than average temperatures, the sun shone on our Annual Garden Party on Thursday 14th July. Massive thanks go to Libby, husband Tim and daughters Kathryn and Emily who welcomed us all to their stunning garden which would, without question, win the Chelsea Flower Show.

Twenty two members together with guests Rachel, Beverly and Ray Tetlow our WI Adviser from Devizes all enjoyed a welcoming Pimm's to complement the array of delicious savouries and mouth watering sweets supplied by members.

The competition for the evening was a floral corsage or button hole, not only with fresh flowers but in any medium you wished to use. Ray Tetlow judged the competition and congratulations go to Jill Morgan who was awarded 1st and Amy Hynes 2nd, both gaining points towards the President’s Cup in December.

We are now looking forward to next year’s garden party, if anyone who would like to share their garden with the group please let the committee know as soon as possible.

There is no WI meeting in August, therefore the committee wish you all a very good holiday and look forward to reconvening in September.

If you have taken a photograph for the 2018 calendar 'Bridges in Wiltshire' please ensure your picture is landscape format and emailed to: info@wiltshirewi.eclipse.co.uk Closing date to be notified.

Dateline: 16th June 2016

Women’s Institute

From Jenny Booth

'What our grandmothers did in World War 1'
It is somewhat ironic that it took a war to change women’s role in society. Dan Allen’s excellent talk together with a superb collection of slides gave us an amazing insight into the wide variety of work that was undertaken by women.

By 1916 women were being recruited into the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps to fill jobs which were being done by solders in France, releasing the soldiers for combat. The first party of 14 women arrived on the Western Front on 31 March 1917. Eventually, 9,000 women served with the unit in France.

This led to women working in many areas that were formerly reserved for men both home and abroad. From kitchen staff, mechanics and grave diggers in the army camps working in dreadful conditions under canvas, to railway guards and ticket collectors, bus and tram conductors, postal workers, land girls and fire fighters back home. Some also worked with heavy or precision machinery in engineering, on farms and in factories. However, they received lower wages for doing the same work and thus began some of the earliest demands for equal pay. (Still being resolved 100 years later)! We have a great deal of admiration for the work these very brave ladies carried out, paving for way for equal opportunities for women in the workplace.

'Denman Delights' by Juliet Keel
Attending a course at the WI’s own college at Denman near Abingdon is a wonderful experience, and I was lucky enough to be there for almost three days recently. You get all the comfort and attention of a good hotel, with excellent food, superb surroundings, quiet bedrooms, plus first-class teaching and top facilities, plus the unrivalled 'family' atmosphere of the WI.

It’s great at coffee and tea breaks to chat with people on other courses, share their enthusiasms, sometimes see their work. While I was there, besides my Origins of English course, there were people doing Provencal cookery, Tai Chi, silver clay jewellery, white embroidery and studying and walking in Henley on Thames.

Our thoroughly knowledgeable tutor, Brian Jaques, led us through the intricacies of how words became English, showing us how to trace a family of words from ancient Proto-Indo-European origins to modern-day usages. Many seemingly unconnected words - like lettuce and galaxy, dish, verdict and toe, port and ferry, jaunty, king and genuine - turned out to be from the same source, via many routes. We worked with dictionaries and on our own tablets, with Brian’s often amusing and always inspiring guidance.

"I came home exhausted and exhilarated, and would recommend any course at Denman to anyone, especially if, like me, you are lucky enough to get a bursary from your WI."

We are all looking forward to our next meeting, the Annual Garden Party on 14th July. A huge thank you to Libby from us all for hosting the party this year.

A reminder to all the photographers amongst us. The topic for the 2018 calendar is 'Bridges in Wiltshire'. Pictures must be landscape format and emailed to: info@wiltshirewi.eclipse.co.uk

Dateline: 15th May 2016

Women's Institute

From Jenny Booth

The 22nd April was a very special day for our WI with a visit to Adam's Farm, Kineton, Nr Cheltenham. We were celebrating our 21st birthday and it was also a big "thank you" treat to the members for supporting and staging the pudding club. A total of 32 WI members, partners and friends left Chilton Foliat in grand style on the Swindon Town Football Club luxurious coach en route to the beautiful Cotswolds.

BBC Country File farmer Adam Henson known for his passion for rare breeds runs the farm park set up by his father John in 1971. This was a wonderful opportunity to get close to the animals, especially in the large barn where we bottle fed orphan lambs and goats, watched baby ducklings hatching in incubators and cuddled a stunning variety of rabbits and chicks. Unfortunately the piglets were too big to be cuddled but definitely appreciated a tummy scratch!

After lunch in the restaurant we had a bracing trailer trip around the various enclosures of sheep, cows, and goats and came across the very special Country File celebrity 'Archie' a magnificent Highland bull who was happy to pose for photographs with two of his wives.

A talk on the formation of the Farm Park and their dedication to rare breeds has ensured not one breed has been lost in Britain since the programme began. A testament to the work that is being carried out. A visit to the farm shop for that 'must have' memento finished off the day and I gather Adam's beers are very tasty!

A very big thank you to Liz and the committee for all their work in organising a very memorable trip.

On 12th May we held our Resolution evening. The two resolutions for debate which have been selected to go forward to the final vote at the WI Annual Meeting in Brighton on 11th June 2016 are:

1. Appropriate Care In Hospitals for People with Dementia - Proposed by Juliet Keel
2. Avoid Food Waste, Address Food Poverty - Proposed by Rita Colclough

Resolution 1. The WI calls upon HM Government and the NHS to provide facilities to enable carers to stay with people with Alzheimer’s and Dementia that have been admitted into hospital.
Resolution 2. The WI calls on all supermarkets to sign up to a voluntary agreement to avoid food waste, thereby passing surplus food onto charities thus helping to address the issue of increasing food poverty in the UK.

During a lively debate on both resolutions many points were put forward and discussed by the members. The results as follows:
Resolution 1. 14 for - 0 against - 4 abstentions
Resolution 2. 18 for - 0 against - 0 abstentions

The evening finished in a relaxing mood with a recital from The Lambourn Hand Bell Ringers who entertained us with their musical dexterity. Tunes that were new to us and others we sang along to. Jenny Carter and her group gave us an evening to remember and there was time for some of the braver members to have a go!

Members and visitors will meet in the village hall on Thursday 9th June at 7.15pm to hear Dan Allen, with his fascinating talk with slides, telling us about the lives of some of our grandmothers and their transition from housewife to working women.

Dateline: 19th April 2016

Women’s Institute

From Liz Outridge

For the WI it has been another fabulous month with even more ladies joining our group and also another successful Pudding Club held in the village hall.

President Ellie Skehan wished to apologise to the local community as the advertising was very late and possibly had an impact on some people who would like to have come and sample the delicious spread of pastries and puds on sale.

That said however, it was another resounding success and Ellie wished to pass on her grateful thanks to members of the village, friends from other WI’s and visitors who did come along and gave their support to the event. Thanks to you all the WI continues to have sufficient funds to continue for another year and is proud to offer a £100 bursary to any member taking up a course at Denman college, without your support this would not be possible. But the most praise goes to the WI members themselves, as usual the many different desserts and savouries on sale were amazing and very tasty !! and we must not forget the WI family members who also gave their time to set up and clear the hall after the event, what can we say except Thank You !!

In April Ann Howes from the Clothes Shop in Newbury came along with rails of delightfully coloured clothes for the members to browse through. Being the daughter of a fashion designer and having over 30 years experience in the business, Ann explained the need for colour in all our lives and gave some simple ideas of putting colours together with some very surprising matches. We pass on our thanks to Ann for her very informative talk and for bringing such an array of costumes with her. In May we hold the annual Resolutions meeting when the members get the chance to discuss and debate the resolution of the day, all votes will be taken to the National Federation AGM in June for a final vote. Members and visitors will meet in the village hall on Thursday 12th May a 7.15pm and following the business we will be joined by The Lambourn Hand Bell ringers, who will no doubt be encouraging our ladies to have a go ! Visitors are always welcome for a small donation to funds and refreshments will be included, there will also be a raffle.

Dateline: 16th March 2016

Women's Institute

From Liz Outridge

As we March onto Spring Chilton Foliat goes from strength to strength with even more ladies joining our group. At the last meeting were delighted that the roll now totals 23 members with another candidate joining in April.

President Ellie Skehan was sure that the new interest was in part due to the success of our Pudding Clubs and raising the profile of the WI with keen recruitment and personal introductions from members.

It was in October 1997 that we last saw members numbering 24 so we aim to top that by the end of the year.

We have a busy month ahead as on Thursday April 10th our guest speaker will be Ann Howes from ‘The Clothes Shop’ in Newbury and her talk will centre on ‘Putting colours together for the Season’. Ann will be showing us what’s in and how to wear it as well as bringing along some of her delightful outfits. Members entrance is free but visitors are always welcome for a small donation to funds, there will be raffle and refreshments will be served.

Also in April we will be hosting another Pudding Club in the village hall on Saturday 16th starting at 3pm and closing at 6.30pm so plenty of time for you to pick up your savouries or desserts for supper. There will be a splendid Tombola and light refreshments will be available. All food items can be eaten on the premises if you prefer but take away dishes will be provided. Pease be aware this is a ‘first come - first served’ event so don’t delay.

Further on in April, our ladies will be off for a trip to the Cotswold Rare Breeds Farm run by Adam Henson who is a regular on BBC’s Country File program. This outing is totally free to all members paid for from the proceeds of the Pudding Clubs but we will not be alone as many of the husbands and family members wished to come as well, as paying guests of course. It is important that our members reap the benefits of their hard work staging the Pudding Clubs and providing all the delicious food on sale so this we hope will be the start of many outings to interesting places for the future.

Dateline: 20th February 2016

Women’s Institute

From Brenda Tierney

It was a chilly Thursday evening and it was wonderful to see so many members gathered together for the Annual General Meeting and to hear our guest speaker.

The President, Ellie Skehan, introduced Susan Jonas representing the Associated Country Women of the World (ACWW) who proceeded to give an overview of their work. Susan gave a fascinating talk explaining one of their latest support projects which is a bee-keeping project in Ghana. The rural development project is focused on helping local women in areas of high unemployment. They are taught how to keep bees and sell their honey to generate an income and build sustainable local businesses. The ACWW give initial funding and training support, giving the women the confidence for them to pass on their skills to future generations. The President thanked Susan for an excellent, insightful presentation.

Following the presentation, the President formally opened the Annual General Meeting and invited nominations for the new 2016 Committee. The members elected the existing committee members for the new term. Ellie then read out the annual report which summarised the events we had engaged in throughout 2015 and it was generally agreed that it had been both an exciting and fulfilling year for the group.

Looking forward to the Thursday March 10th meeting, our guest speaker will be Lilian Hopton from the Labrador Rescue Trust and, fingers crossed, she may bring one of her furry friends with her. I am sure that there will be lots of "oohs and aahs"! All visitors are welcome to attend any of our meetings.

Full details of the 2016 WI Diary events can be found on this website, click on Women’s Institute.

Dateline: 20th January 2016

Women’s Institute

From Liz Outridge

Our members and guests braved the cold, raw night in January to start the WI year off with another highly successful art session with local artists Pattie Medlin. Pattie brought along her lovely daughter Anya who bravely sat as a model for the ladies to draw. Speaking personally it was not my finest hour but some of the ladies work was superb and we pass on our thanks to Pattie and Anya for a thoroughly good evening.

During the evening three new members joined our group and the president was delighted to hear we now have 21 full members.

February is our Annual General Meeting and a chance for a change in committee, any member can be nominated to the committee and voting will take place at the AGM on Thursday 11th starting at 7.15pm in the village hall.

Following the business of the day our guest speaker will be Susan Jonas talking about the projects and work of the ‘Associated Country Women of the World’, (ACWW). Their work involves helping women start up small businesses in their own communities using their own resources, the most recently publicised ‘Bee Project’ has been a resounding success allowing country women the independence they desperately need.

Visitors are always welcome with a small donation to WI funds and refreshments will be included. We are very pleased to say that our WI page on the village web site has been re-vamped and updated thanks to the technical knowledge of Julia Goodman.

All information about Chilton Foliat WI past and present, including the 2016 diary of events is there for your convenience so do take a look at www.chiltonfoliat.com and click on Women’s Institute. Or to contact the secretary direct just call 01488 681334 or email womens.institute@chiltonfoliat.com we look forward to hearing from you.

Dateline: 18th November 2015

'China' Night at the WI

From Liz Outridge

If you were in the vicinity of the village hall on the night of 12th Nov you may well have thought you had travelled to foreign lands. The WI members staged a magnificent International night when they celebrated China. Flags flew outside and inside the hall was decorated with an amazing array of memorabilia, art work, industrial information and of course delicious food!

Village resident Samantha gave a wonderful and very frank personal account of China as a home country. We were told about the history of the country and how over the decades the governing bodies changed from individual countries to the great power it is today. Samantha was a wonderful speaker and we are so very grateful to her for spending the time with us. However she wasn’t alone as her two delightful children completely stole the show being dressed in traditional costume from head to toe and looking fantastic.

Our supper was a mix of Dim Sum and crackers, sweet meats and traditional China tea served in the most beautiful teapots I’m sure it made it taste that much better!

Go to the Photo Album page, click on Women's Institute for a slideshow of photos.

The December meeting will be our annual Christmas dinner and will be invited guests only, if you would like to come along next time join the WI☺

The Diary of events for 2016 will be available mid December and you can obtain a copy by contacting the secretary by emailing womens.institute@chiltonfoliat.com or telephoning 01488 681334.

The new WI page in the Chilton Foliat web site will be up and running by the new year so all information about our group will be there for you to browse.

Dateline: 18th October 2015

Talk by Jim Hynes at WI meeting

From Liz Outridge

The October meeting of Chilton Foliat WI was a most informative evening as we welcomed the return of local business man and Parish councillor Jim Hynes discussing food production and the effects of climate change both at home and worldwide. The members and many visitors present were shown a power point production of the changing states of world food production and some of the predictions for the next 15 years with some startling news. If as a whole we do not change radically the way we farm and produce our food we could in as little as 20 years be unable to produce enough food to feed the growing populations. There were a variety of questions and we applaud Jim for his patient and expert way of answering all of them. A truly fascinating and enlightening evening that produces even more questions but can we ask Jim to come a third time ? you bet we can! Well done Jim and thankyou for a really amazing talk.

Now the November meeting is a bit of a mystery, let me explain. We are having a ‘Members’ night which means as a member of the committee I am not party to the details, however, I have this from Rita Colclough:

Thursday 12th November is our annual International Night when members take over for the evening. This year the theme is China and there will be lots to learn and discover about this fascinating country and, needless to say, there will also be some fun challenges for members and our lovely committee to enjoy. In addition, the team organising the event will be putting on a tasting experience of authentic Chinese food, so please save some room for sampling.

You are very welcome to invite friends or neighbours, but please let Rita know for catering etc (Tel: 01488 684062/Text: 07721 366816). (Non members will be charged a small admission fee).

The team organising the China evening, look forward to seeing you on November 12.

It all sounds very exciting and we do hope lots of you will come along and enjoy the evening, I know I will.

Dateline: 18th September 2015

Talk on Pressed Glass at the WI

From Liz Outridge

At the last meeting of the WI Pam Baldry brought along some of her collection of pressed glass and gave a fascinating talk about it and also passed her expert eye over items brought in by the members giving them detailed information about their pieces. This was a rather special evening and finished not with the usual tea and coffee but a lovely glass of wine for the members and guests to toast the president to celebrate her 60th wedding anniversary. A very surprised and emotional president was delighted and we all wish her and husband Bob many more happy years together.

The October meeting will be on Thursday 8th in the village hall starting at 7.15pm. Our guest speaker will be Jim Hynes talking about food production and the effects of climate change on our crops. This is a follow up meeting to one Jim was good enough to give a year ago and at that time it was very apparent there was a great deal more that we were unaware of and needed further investigation, an item that potentially affects us all. If things do not change we could see a massive food shortage worldwide in less than 10 years.

This is an open meeting so please do come along you will receive a warm welcome as well as refreshments and a raffle.

October is a time to stock up with those winter warmers and your WI is doing their bit by staging another ‘Pudding Club’ it will be in the village hall on Saturday 31st October starting at 4pm until 6.30pm. All items will be sold on a first come first served basis so when it’s gone it’s gone and it is with regret we cannot take orders in advance. We will again have savoury and sweet delights on sale to please all palates and will also include gluten free dishes. There will be a tombola and soft refreshments available and dishes can be eaten in the hall or taken home, we look forward to seeing you there.

Dateline: 18th August 2015

WI News

From Liz Outridge

Chilton Foliat WI starts off the Autumn session with guest speaker Pam Baldry who will be talking about Pressed Glass from 1859 – 1950. Each members will be able to bring along one piece of glass if they wish to find out more about its origins and dating. Visitors are welcome to come along on Thursday 10th September starting at 7.30pm in the village hall.

Other dates for your diary are Thursday October 8th and then we satisfy your sweet and savoury tastes with another Pudding Club on Saturday 31st October in the village hall starting at 4pm.

November is our International night and this year it will also be our ‘Members’ night so the committee get that night off ! We welcome anyone to come along for a small entrance fee, refreshments will be included.

Dateline: 18th June 2015

WI visit to Sharcott Manor

From Liz Outridge

The June meeting of the WI was a lovely visit to Sharcott Manor where we were welcomed by Mrs Armytage in person and received a conducted tour of her splendid gardens. It was a perfect evening and the sunshine dappling through the leaves of the trees made it a very memorable occasion. The Armytages have worked the land for over 35 years and made many changes but our host knew them all by name and was eager to answer any questions. Now in her late 80’s Mrs Armytage admitted to still spending five hours a day in her garden and was in no way inclined to retire, what a spirited lady she is and an inspiration to anyone interested in horticulture. On the return to the village our ladies stopped off in Froxfield for refreshments chatting about their evening and making it clear it was an excellent trip and one to be remembered for a very long time.

In July we hold our annual garden party and this year our hostess will be Jackie Vance and we are all looking forward to seeing her lovelygarden. We do not have a meeting in August so following the garden party our next meeting in the village hall will be on Thursday 10th September when Pam Baldry will be our guest speaker talking about pressed glass in the early 19th century.

Dateline: 18th May 2015

WI Resolutions Evening

From Liz Outridge

The May meeting of Chilton Foliat was our Resolutions evening when we discussed the ‘removal of the distinction between nursing care and personal care’ our members voted unanimously in favour of the resolution and this vote will be taken to the NFWI AGM at the Albert Hall in June, which is the WI’s Centenary year. There will also be a centenary Garden party in June at Buckingham Palace and one of our ladies, Audrey, will attend as the Chilton WI representative. Following the voting we held an ‘Unloved Auction’, this was just a bit of fun with all sorts of odd items to choose from and we were delighted to raise £33 for ACWW, the WI supporting women of the world, more information from their web site. www.acww.org.uk

Our June meeting will be an outing to Sharcott Manor Gardens and for this meeting we will meet at the village hall at 6pm, following the outing we will stop for a light supper on the return to the village. Members’ entrance fee will be paid but although visitors are very welcome to come they will be charged £4.00 per person for the entrance fee.

Chilton Foliat WI now offer two £100 bursaries for any member attending a course at Denman the WI college in Marcham, Oxfordshire. (please note this is only available to full members).

Chilton also reaches its 21st year in June so there will be another special event for members and friends to celebrate later this year.

Dateline: 18th April 2015

WI News

From Liz Outridge

For the April meeting members of Chilton WI displayed their artistic talent by making a beautiful pendant under the watchful eye of guest Tracy Davies. Although some of us, (including your reporter), profess never to use a needle never mind thread tiny beads but to all our astonishment not only did we take it on but produced these lovely pieces of jewellery. Tracy was amazingly patient and admitted that ours was perhaps a slightly larger group than she usually works with but we were enthralled by her talent and the fantastic creations she brought with her.

The next Membury Fort group meeting will be on Tuesday 5th May in Ramsbury when Mavis Cheek will be the guest speaker.

Chilton Foliat’s May meeting on Thursday 14th will be the Resolutions night and we will be holding just for fun an ‘Unloved Auction’, no, not an annoying family member or any husbands for that matter, but some of those less than attractive bits and bobs that usually get forgotten. All proceeds will go to the ACWW .

On Saturday 18th April we staged another Pudding club and it again was a huge success. Although previously it has been just sweet puddings, the ladies were requested to add a few savoury delights to the menu this time and of course being the WI they would never disappoint.

The event was advertised as, ‘Sweet, Sticky and Delicious’ as well as ‘Warm, Savoury and Succulent’ and they weren’t wrong, the ladies, sporting their new WI tabards, excelled themselves with the selection on display and the public were quick to take advantage. The tombola as overseen by vice president Penny Burfield brought in £63 and there was also an addition from the teas sold. Chilton has now risen to 17 fully paid up members and is proud to offer two £100 bursaries for a member / members to attend a Denman course.

Grateful thanks to all involved in the event and to those who supported it, especially other members in the Membury Fort Group as well as some members from Berkshire WIs.

The event raised in the region of £350 for funds which means the guaranteed continuation of Chilton Foliat WI that was at one time in danger of closing.

But this isn’t the end of the event, president Ellie Skehan MBE, is please to report the next ‘Pudding club’ will be in October later this year so unbuckle your belts and be ready for some winter warmers!

Dateline: 18th March 2015

Ellie Dickens reveals all about shoes to the WI

From Liz Outridge

If I said ‘Cuneiforms; Navicular or Calcaneus Cuboid’, it may not mean much to you but if you had attended the March meeting of Chilton Foliat WI it would have become clear.

Ellie Dickens from Hungerford came along to impart some of her vast knowledge upon the members and guests and left us all astonished at the amount we didn’t know about our own feet. Along with the anatomy, Ellie gave us a small insight into how shoes were made, what they are made of and the lasting effects of poorly fitting shoes. This was a most informative evening and we are so grateful to Ellie for coming along, one meeting I feel we will remember for some time.

On April 9th Tracy Davis will be our guest and she will be showing off her talent at making stunning pieces of jewellery. There will be some pieces on display and for sale on the night. Guests are very welcome to come along for a small donation to funds, there will be a raffle and refreshments will be served.

The WI PUDDING CLUB was the salvation of our WI as prior to this we had very little funds and few members but since the first event we have come on both in finance and member numbers making it the most successful fund raiser we have had. So like the phoenix it rises once again on Saturday 18th April from 4.30pm until 7pm in the village hall Chilton Foliat though this time we have a twist. After many requests we will for the first time include some savoury dishes as well as the sweet, sticky, scrummy, delicious ones we have had before so, therefore, we invite you all to ‘Pastries and Puds!’ Lots of your favourites as well as a few new ones and once they are gone, they are gone so don’t be late.

Dateline: 18th February 2015

Stella Puddy at the WI meeting

From Liz Outridge

The Annual general meeting of Chilton WI took place in February and it was decided by the members to keep the existing committee in place with the addition of co-opted member Brenda Tierney.

Before the business of the day our president asked the members to remember former member and indeed committee treasurer Edwina Hickford who sadly passed away, she was a lively member of our group and worked hard along with husband David on many WI events, God Bless you Edwina, we will not forget you.

President Ellie Skehan read her end of year report and reminded the members of the many things that we achieved as well as bestowing great praise to her committee for the hard work and support they give so readily. Rita Colclough gave a vote of thanks from the members to the committee for all their efforts.

Chilton now boasts 16 members which is another increase from last year and treasurer Jill Morgan gave a glowing report on the increased finances due in most part to the highly successful Pudding Clubs that have been the financial saving of our WI. It was announced that this will now be a bi-annual event in the village hall and if its success continues a second bursary of £100, (one already exists), will be available to any full member attending Denman college. There will be another ‘Pudding Club’ in April, the date has yet to be confirmed.

Following the business Stella Puddy from Natural Beauty at Leverton talked about makeup and those items we buy that never seem to work, Stella also managed to extinguish some of the myths of the ladies running beauty counters in department stores, Don’t be afraid to just ASK, that’s what they are there for. Stella can be reached on 07771 753848.

Chilton Foliat WI has its 21st birthday in June of this year and there will, I’m sure, be a celebration at a later stage to recognise this so watch this space!

As we ‘March’ into Spring we welcome local business woman Ellie Dickens who will be talking about shoes and all things to do with feet, something we all tend to neglect sometimes for the sake of fashion, so if you have any podiatry questions do come along on Thursday 12th March at 7.15pm in the village hall, we’d love to see you. Refreshments will be served and there will be a prize draw as well as a lending library and trading table.

Dateline: 18th December 2014

Scotland Night at the WI

From Rita Colclough

The November meeting of WI was International Night ... A real highland treat with Scotland as the theme.

After the business of the day, we enjoyed a Scotland themed quiz and took part in our own version of the Highland games. Cabers were tossed (aka large straws) and the hammer was thrown (a blow up version). The adjudication was thorough, but everyone joined in the fun and there were no clan wars.

The games were followed by a themed supper including a wee dram and haggis which was brought in with great solemnity, not forgetting a reading of the great classic "Address to a Haggis" by Robbie Burns. A great night.

Thanks in particular to our hardworking secretary, Liz Outridge, and to Juliet Keel for providing the entertainment and refreshments. I am writing this on behalf of Liz Outridge who is under the weather at the moment. I am sure everyone would want to join me in sending her our love and very best wishes for a speedy return to full health.

Dateline: 18th December 2014

WI Group Carol Service

From Juliet Keel

Chilton Foliat WI were delighted once again to welcome members from Aldbourne and Ramsbury WIs to St Mary’s Church for the Membury Group’s Carol Concert in December. Led by Group Convenor Mary Holdsworth from Ramsbury WI, the nine carols were interspersed with a wide variety of readings on the theme of Trees, and two lovely carols sung by the Aldbourne choir. A collection was taken totalling £128.08 on behalf of the Swindon Women’s Refuge, and afterwards everyone tucked into mince pies and coffee or tea. Mary asked for everyone’s best wishes to be passed on to Liz Outridge for a speedy recovery.

We are looking forward to our first meeting of 2015 on Thursday 8 January at the Village Hall, when artist Patty Medlin will once again coax works or art from our unbelieving fingers. Do come and join us!

Dateline: 18th October 2014

Second WI Pudding Club

From Liz Outridge

Sweetness and not so light was on the cards for the second Pudding Club held by Chilton WI in October and again it was well supported. Members baked, cooked and boiled their chosen delights and the aroma in the hall was enough to melt any hard heart. Well done ladies for a super fund raiser and we look forward to the next one!

The November meeting is our annual International night and this year we celebrate Scotland and we welcome visitors to come along and find out a little more about the country and its people. There will be mementos and memorabilia from holidays or visits to view as well as light refreshments from the Highlands and even a nip of the amber nectar! This will be in the village hall on Thursday 13th November starting at 7.30pm.

We are hosting the Membury Fort Group Carol Concert in St Mary’s again this year. This will be on Monday 1st December, 7.30pm with coffee & mince pies afterwards.

Our diary of events for 2015 will be available in December.

Dateline: 18th September 2014

WI News

From Liz Outridge

October is another busy and ‘delicious’ month for the WI.

On Thursday 9th our guest speaker will be Peter Marren talking about mushrooms and we hope he will be bringing along some of these delicious autumn treats. The meeting will start at 7.30pm in Chilton Foliat village hall.

Saturday 11th October we host another Pudding Club, our ‘2nd Bite’, in the village hall starting at 4pm with all your favourite puds and desserts on sale to eat in or take away. On sale will be gluten free puddings as well as the usual sticky, gooey and delicious ones that we all love to tuck into.

On Monday 13th October the Membury Fort group meeting will be held at Aldbourne and the guest speaker will be Mrs J Hunt talking about the lovely Crowood House, Ramsbury. We welcome visitors to come along for a small donation to funds.

Did you know the best month to join the WI is in October as you will receive 15 months of subscription before your next fees are due so if you wish to come along please do so you will be made very welcome.

Dateline: 18th August 2014

WI Update

From Liz Outridge

It is going to be an exciting Autumn for Chilton WI as we have a superb evening on Thursday 11th September when Peter Noble will be giving a talk with a power point presentation entitled ‘Andes; Amazon and Incas’ his personal view on South America. This will be a fascinating evening and is open to all the family so we do hope to see you there. Refreshments will be served and there will be time for a question and answer session with Peter. There will be a small entry charge for non members and if you prefer not to pay why not join ? The best and most cost effective way is to take up a membership in October, that way you will have a full 15 months before the next subs are due, you will be sure to receive a very warm welcome.

Members of the Chilton WI will be taking part in St. Mary’s Flower Festival again this year and our work will be on display in the Church over the weekend of 13th/14th September, so please do go along and take a look and give your support to this annual event raising much needed funds for the Church roof.

October 9th will be a talk on Mushrooms with Peter Marren.

For the sweet toothed readers fear not, having hosted a very successful Pudding Club earlier this year, we are happy to announce that the ‘Second Bite’ will be in the village hall on Saturday October 11th starting at 4pm. There will be some old favourites and some new and exciting puddings and desserts for you to try and buy so come early to avoid missing out. There will be gluten free puddings on sale as we try to satisfy all diets and we hope you will all enjoy the event.

Dateline: 18th July 2014

WI Garden Party

From Liz Outridge

The annual July garden party was a wonderful event with perfect weather conditions and a huge thank you to Brenda who was the host for our ladies. As with tradition we started the evening with Jerusalem and after a short business report Juliet read out the report from the National Federation AGM. Chilton Foliat offers a bursary for members to attend Denman college and one of our members Amy, had had a fabulous weekend following her passion for art with an illustration course. Her report was fascinating and Amy had brought some of her work with her to prove it, what a talent !

We would urge anyone to take up a course at Denman, the list is endless, but to qualify for the bursary you will have to be a full member of the WI.

We do not meet in August so our next general meeting will be on Thursday 11th September when Peter Noble will be our guest speaker. Peter’s topic is Andes; Amazon and Incas an insight into South America, its countries, its people and its culture, the talk will be supported with a power point presentation and we aim to offer local ‘nibbles’ and refreshments for those attending. If you are not a full member there will be an entrance fee of £3.50 per person which will go to WI funds.

Following on from our success with the Pudding club earlier this year we will on Saturday 11th October be hosting our Pudding Club ‘2nd Bite’ it will be in the village hall and start at 4pm, desserts can be eaten there or taken away, don’t be late!

The general meeting for October will be a tasty event when Peter Marren will be talking about Mushrooms, what they are, what to eat and more importantly what not to eat.

Dateline: 18th June 2014

WI visit to The Merchants House

From Liz Outridge

Thursday 12th June was our outing to the house of Thomas Bayly 1653, known now as The Merchants house in Marlborough. Many members and friends took a guided tour of this fascinating building and learnt how ,following the great fire of 1653, every parish Church in the country was ordered by Cromwell to raise funds to re-built the town. The merchants house was the second largest claim receiving £2,339 towards refurbishment.

Now over 400 years later it has undergone more refurbishment and the work to restore this lovely piece of local history is ongoing. Members were delighted with the trip and gave full credit to the knowledge and enthusiasm of their guide.

July is traditionally our garden party and this will be for members and guests only, all details will be in the newsletter and as we do not have a meeting in August our next general meeting will be in September.

September will be a very exciting meeting as Peter Noble will be giving a talk entitled ‘Andes; Amazon and Incas’ his talk will be accompanied by a power point presentation showing what will be some amazing pictures of his adventures in those areas. Please put the date in your diaries now for Thursday September 11th 7.30pm in the village hall, this will be an open meeting for the whole family, a small entrance fee of £3.00 per adult ( members free) will go towards WI funds and refreshments will be served.

Dateline: 18th May 2014

New members join WI

From Liz Outridge

President Ellie Skehan is delighted to announce more new members have joined our small group increasing numbers by nearly 50%, this is wonderful and helps to secure the future of the Chilton WI.

In early May four members of our WI attended the Membury Fort Group meeting when we heard a talk about Q-ships during the second world war and the very secretive work they did.

On the 8th May we held our annual Resolutions meeting and as with previous sessions it promoted a great deal of interesting debate. The final result was that four members left it to the link delegate to make their wishes known at the AGM as it was not a clear decision to vote either yes or no and there were three abstentions. Following the discussion and voting a quiz was held thanks to Juliet Keel and this was won by Rita Colclough, so very well done to both of them.

The June meeting will be a trip out to the Merchants House in Marlborough and although this is open to non members, only fully paid up members will have their fees paid for, all other attendees and visitors will have to pay the full amount. The date is Thursday 12th June and we will meet at the village hall at 7pm, transport will be via volunteer drivers.

Dateline: 18th April 2014

Pudding Club a huge success

From Liz Outridge

When people say the WI is just ‘Jam and Jerusalem’ I think they can add, and they make cracking puddings too!! Yes our long awaited Pudding Club went ahead and many people came along to support the event. The amount of sugary sweet and deliciously naughty delights surrounded the hall with accompanying creamy sauces to tempt even the strictest palates, well done Chilton Foliat for all your efforts it was well received and as well as the enjoyment we managed to double our original target which is a magnificent result.

Thank you to all our neighbours and friends who supported the event and to all the WI for a really super day, look out for the next one!

With Spring in the air and Easter around the corner the April meeting of Chilton’s WI gave our members and friends a chance to produce an Easter Bonnet. Take one very plain boater, add an array of feathers, fabric, stickers, fluffy chicks in nests and eggs, (of course),and a whole lot of imagination and the results are wonderful. Well done to all the ladies for their efforts and the results will be on display at the Garden party in July.

May is traditionally the Resolutions meeting and this year we discuss Organ Donation, a very emotive subject, which I am sure will spark some interesting comments. We meet on Thursday 8th May in the village hall at 7.30pm, visitors are welcome to join the debate but only full members will be allowed to vote.

Dateline: 18th March 2014

ARK presentation to WI

From Liz Outridge

The March meeting was very topical when Helen Kelly from Action for the river Kennet came along to talk about the organisation and the work they are currently doing in our area.

Helen spoke passionately about her role and the work she is doing in conjunction with local schools getting the children involved with conservation and looking after our precious river as well as the impact it has on their lives. ARK has some 600 members to date and anyone can join as a sponsor or as a volunteer enabling you to get down and muddy helping to keep our river flowing and reporting any problems. This was a fascinating talk and an enlightened one too for those of us not river savvy and we are very grateful to Helen for coming.

Now like the proverbial phoenix from the flames the WI Pudding Club will rise again and will now take place on Saturday 5th April from 4pm to 7pm providing of course the power companies, floods or any other intervention allow!

We do apologies to anyone who did arrive on the first date in February to a closed sign on the village hall but there was very little we could do to notify people of the postponement. But fear not our ladies are well set up with delicious ideas to suit every palate with gorgeous toppings of fresh cream, custard and toffee sauce to name but a few so we do hope you will pop in and take a look. There will be a tombola and a few light refreshments if you can’t be tempted by the puds, I dare you to try !! This will be our WI’s major fund raiser of the year so we hope you can give your support and if it goes well it could become a regular event.

Chilton’s WI April general meeting will be in the village hall on Thursday 10th at 7.30pm and we will be in Easter mode when our ladies and friends will be transforming a plain old boater into a thing of beauty. Visitors are very welcome to come along and have a go at decorating a hat for Easter and have some jolly good fun as well. For this or any other information please contact the secretary via email to womens.institute@chiltonfoliat.com , visit the WI page on the village web site, now revamped and looking great, or call 01488 681334, thank you.

Dateline: 18th February 2014

WI Pudding Club postponed

From Liz Outridge

February’s weekend power cut left our WI at a ‘Sticky’ end when the much advertised Pudding club had to be postponed. Members were devastated after all the organisation, time, effort and planning that had gone into this much needed fund raiser to have to call it off at such short notice, especially as some expenses had already been paid out. Our group need to raise £100 to see us through the year and it was expected and hoped that this event would net £150 at least so a major blow indeed.

However we will not be too down hearted and we will host the event in March, (date to be confirmed), and all we can do is hope it is a success.

The March general meeting will be held on Thursday 13th at 7.30pm in the village hall and our guest speaker will be Helen Kelly from ARK, (Action for the River Kennet), who will be talking about their work which is very much in the news at the moment. Visitors are welcome to come along to meet Helen and to ask questions during social time whilst refreshments are served, a small donation to funds is required for non members.

A big thank you to all those kind neighbours that rallied around during the power cut and called into those of us all electric homes with offers of hot drinks, food and warmth, a true Dunkirk spirit that is typical of Chilton Foliat residents and one that makes us proud to live in this village.

Dateline: 18th January 2014

Pattie Medlin evening at the WI

From Liz Outridge

Chilton ladies started the year with an artistic flare when local artist Pattie Medlin came along as our guest and helped our members produce some wonderful drawings and water colours. The results were stunning with many members even surprising themselves! Pattie was very kind and patient and president Ellie Skehan said it is always one of the best nights we have as it stretches even those who feel they have no artistic abilities to produce something special. Our grateful thanks to Pattie for a really super evening and we look forward to the next.

THE PUDDING CLUB is upon us!!
Yes Chilton Foliat WI invite you all to come along to the village hall on Saturday 15th February from 4pm to sample and purchase the WI Puddings made by the ladies, there will not be an entrance fee, just pay for what you eat. All sorts of delicious desserts will be on sale to either eat in or take away with lots of favourites and a few surprises. You can read about the history of the puddings and where they were first made as well as taste a few. Please remember there will be a limited number so this event will be strictly on a ‘first come - first served’ basis so come early to avoid disappointment.

If popular, this could become a quarterly event but mainly this is a much needed fund raiser for the WI so we do hope lots of you come along and enjoy a very ‘sweet’ evening as well as helping our small group continue for another year.

February is always our AGM and this year we will attend Littlecote for a ceramics evening with Claire and we ask all members and guests to meet at the village hall at 7.15pm on Thursday 13th Feb. For transport. Please remember that members will be subsidised for this evening but non-members will have to pay the full costs. Any further information please email womens.institute@chiltonfoliat.com or visit the Chilton web site to view our page or call the secretary on 01488 681334.

Dateline: 18th December 2013

WI future meetings

From Liz Outridge

A warm welcome to 2014 to all from Chilton Foliat WI and a welcome to the new diary of events which is available from the secretary or take a look at our page on the Chilton web site or by emailing: womens.institute@chiltonfoliat.com We start the year in a creative mood when local artist Pattie Medlin will be conducting a master class in water colours. This meeting will be in the village hall on Thursday January 9th starting at 7.30pm we always welcome visitors to come along and join in the fun and if you wish to join the WI the fee for 2014 is £34.70, our AGM will be on Thursday February 13th.

Chilton WI will also be hosting a ‘Pudding Club’ in the village hall on Saturday February 15th starting at 4pm, this will be a really tasty and comforting event for the whole family. Full details will be in available next month but keep a note of the date as you won’t want to miss out!

Dateline: 18th November 2013

WI International Night

From Liz Outridge

November is now traditionally an International night at Chilton WI and this year we featured Germany. Steve Colclough came along as our guest and gave a power point presentation of his personal view on Germany. It’s people; industry; education system; food; history and culture. Steve spoke passionately about the people in Germany and the massive changes they have had to endure over many years leaving them with a vibrantly rich diversity of cultures and life.

Our ladies were treated to lots of German traditional food and some delicious wine from the region as well as a selection of beautiful photographs and memorabilia brought along by some of the members.

The next meeting will be the Christmas dinner to be on Tuesday 10th December and the next general meeting will be on January 9th 2014 when our guest will be Pattie Medlin, a well known local artist, who will be conducting an art master class for the members and friends.

Dateline: 18th October 2013

History of Scarves at the WI

From Liz Camfield

The October WI was attended by 12 members and guests to hear Ann Fisher talk about the history of scarves and how to wear them. If you think there are only a few ways of tying a scarf then ask a WI member you will be as surprised as we were. Ann was a very entertaining speaker with a wealth of knowledge and a wide collection of beautiful scarves going back to the early 1900s.

The November meeting is our International night which will be on Thursday 14th November starting at 7.30pm and this year we feature Germany. Guest speaker and local neighbour Steve Colclough will be coming along to give us an insight into all things German. There will be many items on display as well as German food and a glass of wine from the region. Ladies are asked to bring along any memorabilia they have from holiday trips or family connections to help make it a very informative evening. As with all WI evenings this is open to visitors for a small donation to funds so come along and have some fun, we look forward to seeing you.

The Christmas dinner this year will be on Tuesday 10th December starting at 7.30pm and if you have not received your menu by the November meeting please contact the secretary without delay.

Dateline: 18th September 2013

Masterclass in flower arranging at the WI

From Liz Outridge

Our September meeting was full of colour, creativity and lot of fun! Local resident Jackie Vance gave the ladies a master class in flower arrangement that allowed the ladies to produce not one but two pieces that were to end up on the sconces in the church. Each one very different each one beautiful and the colours were truly lovely, so ladies you should feel very proud of your efforts.

Jackie is a very talented self taught person and the WI cannot thank her enough for the time and effort she put in to make another super evening for us.

We are also delighted to welcome two new members who have recently moved into the village, I’m sure they will become valuable members of our small group. The October meeting will be in the village hall on Thursday 10th and Ann Fisher will be our guest speaker talking all things about scarves. Visitors are welcome to come along and we start at 7.30pm. November will be our regular International night and this year we will be featuring all things German, more details in the next issue.

Dateline: 18th July 2013

WI President Birthday Party

From Liz Outridge

What a night we had!

A rather bemused president was picked up and taken on a rather scenic route for the July meeting only to arrive back in Chilton Foliat at the village hall which by now had been decorated and laid out for a very special birthday party. WI ladies were all assembled and Ellie was thrilled to greet and meet all there especially one of our members who has not enjoyed good health recently and has not been able to come to meetings. Delicious food was served and we were entertained by the lovely voice of Hilary McNeil accompanied by one of her sons, Callum playing the guitar. Later Ellie was presented with a bouquet of flowers and a wonderful cake to round off the evening, certainly not a regular WI event but an extremely enjoyable one and one we will all remember.

The next ‘regular’ WI meeting in Chilton will be Thursday September 12th in the village hall when Jackie Vance will be helping the ladies with a flower arranging class, we start at 7.30pm and visitors are welcome for a small donation to WI funds

Dateline: 18th June 2013

WI Trip to Watermill Theatre

From Liz Outridge

Chilton Foliat WI ladies took in a culture evening for their June meeting with a trip the Watermill theatre to see the Laurel and Hardy story. For a nice change the weather was lovely and the setting of the Watermill is so tranquil it made a welcome change for the group.

Our July meeting is to be a special birthday celebration for our president and as I am sworn to secrecy of the details that is as much as I am allowed to reveal but members and guests will be notified via the newsletter and anyone (except Ellie Skehan) wishing to have more details can call the secretary on 01488 681334 or send an email to womens.institute@chiltonfoliat.com . Please note the date will be Thursday 4th July and not our normal second Thursday.

We do not have a meeting in August so the next general meeting will be on Thursday September 12th, this will be an open meeting and we look forward to seeing you then.

Dateline: 18th May 2013

WI meets in the dark

From Liz Outridge

When the weather is cold and the lights go out one would think a WI meeting would have to be cancelled, well you would be wrong. On a very blustery night in May Chilton along with other areas suffered a major power failure but true to form one of our members, Rita Colclough, invited the ladies to her candle lit home with a warm gas fire burning to conduct our Resolutions meeting. As you would expect as we started the meeting the lights came on but president Ellie Skehan gave full praise to Rita for hosting the evening which was a lovely relaxed event enjoyed by all.

The resolution was read which promoted some in depth discussion and sadly no one decision was made as there were many issues with the way it was written, our comments along with others in the Membury Fort group will go to the AGM in Cardiff next month for a final vote.

The next meeting will be on Thursday June 13th in the village hall Chilton Foliat, for details please call the secretary on 01488 681334 or email womens.institute@chiltonfoliat.com thank you.

Dateline: 18th April 2013

Anneliese Setchell at the WI

From Liz Camfield

At our last meeting we were delighted to welcome Anneliese Setchell from ‘Tonic Health’ in Hungerford. Anneliese is a fully trained nutritionist and was very thorough in explaining the way to good health through diet. We also discussed the very common problem of sleep disorders as well as osteoporosis and some guidelines of how to deal with them. Many of these and other health concerns are directly linked to diet and by simply changing one or two vital ingredients we can all achieve some benefit. Tonic Health has a trained nutritionist in the shop every day and they are very happy to discuss any queries or problems you may have as well as providing solutions.

At our May meeting, we don’t have a speaker as it is traditionally our ‘Resolutions’ night, but this year, following the business of the day, we will be holding a Picture Quiz and there will be a Photographic competition to enter. The resolution this year is: ‘The Decline of our High Streets and Towns’.

If you would like to come along you will receive a warm welcome on Thursday 9th May starting at 7.30pm. for a small donation to funds, refreshments will be served and there will be a raffle.

Dateline: 18th March 2013

Mystic Meg at the WI

From Liz Outridge

Stand aside Mystic Meg at Chilton we had our own ‘Mystic Massie’ at the March meeting guiding our ladies through the signs of the zodiac and letting us into the secrets of how our star signs dictate part of who we are. Mrs Massie has a wealth of knowledge about Astrology and it made a very pleasant evening for all those attending.

In April we welcome Anneliese Setchell form The Tonic Health Boutique in Hungerford talking about many everyday ailments and how to avoid or improve them. Topics to be covered will included sleep problems; osteoporosis and general well being for a healthy life. The date will be Thursday 11th April starting at 7.30pm in the village hall. As always visitors are welcome and if you require any other information about Chilton WI please contact womens.institute@chiltonfoliat.com

President Ellie Skehan and all the members of the Women’s Institute send their deepest sympathy to Alec Cooper and family following the sad loss of Kathleen. Kath was a great support to this village and in particular the WI and her cakes were well known and much appreciated as were her many gifts towards a raffle or just supporting our group, thank you Kath and may you rest in peace with our love.

Dateline: 18th February 2013


From Liz Outridge

February’s AGM was attended by a very small number but those attending enjoyed a very relaxed evening. Ellie gave her President’s Report on the past year and Penny Burfield led the voting of the committee for 2013 /14. Ellie was sad to report Fran Cunningham has stepped down this time and we thank her for all her support she has given to our committee and the WI in general. Fran will remain a member of Chilton Foliat WI, so we will not lose her completely. The rest of the committee remains the same headed by President Ellie Skehan MBE, and we welcome Juliet Keel as our newest member to the committee.

The next meeting will be in the village hall on Thursday March 14th when our guest speaker will be Mrs Massie, talking about Astrology, visitors are welcome to attend for a small donation to funds. If you require any further information, a diary of events for the forthcoming year or transport to / from meetings please contact the secretary via womens.institute@chiltonfoliat.com thank you.

Dateline: 18th January 2013

Still Life master class at the WI

From Liz Camfield

The Chilton Foliat ladies started off this year with a Still Life master class with local artist Pattie Medlin and despite gasps and negative comments from members our ladies excelled and proved that ‘yes’ everyone can draw. Thank you to a very patient Pattie and we look forward to her return in the future.

February is our Annual General Meeting and it will be on Thursday 7th February at 7.30pm and this will include the selection of a new committee by the members. After the business of the day there will be social time with table tennis for the energetic and board games for the more sedate.

For a dairy of this year’s events please see the village hall notice board or email the secretary at womens.institute@chiltonfoliat.com.

Dateline: 18th December 2012

WI News

From Liz Outridge

A very Happy New Year to all our members and friends.

Members and their guests came together in December for the annual Christmas dinner held this year at The Plough at Eastbury. One brave husband took the job as chauffeur and drove the ladies to and from the Plough, by the Ramsbury community bus, which proved invaluable as the heavens opened on our return to the village! The ladies were given their new dairy of events and we look forward to our first meeting which will be in the village hall on Thursday 10th January. Local artists Pattie Medlyn will be our guest demonstrator giving us a pencil drawing master class, and yes everyone can draw with the right guidance, so if you fancy trying your hand under expert supervision please come along on the 10th and you will receive a very warm welcome and have a lot of fun. Chilton WI acted as hosts for the December Group Carols held at St Mary's Church and were delighted to welcome 48 ladies from Aldbourne and Ramsbury. The theme was the Weather and members made two readings from each WI interspersed by traditional carols. Aldbourne choir gave us two of their own carols which was absolutely delightful and a big thank you to their ladies. The evening finished with light refreshments and mince pies, the collection this year will go to the Wiltshire Air ambulance charity.

Dateline: 18th November 2012

WI Old England Night

From Liz Outridge

Our November International night celebrated good old England and well done to Juliet for all her memorabilia she kindly displayed. The ladies brought along some very traditional scones with jam and cream and English biscuits to help the tea go down.

December is always our Christmas dinner so the next general meeting will be on Thursday January 10th in the village hall when local artist Pattie Medlyn will help members with a Pencil drawing. As with most of our meetings visitors are welcome to come along and if you require any further information please contact the secretary at womens.institute@ chiltonfoliat.com or call 01488 681334. Thank you.

Dateline: 18th October 2012

WI Weaving, Spinning and Dying

From Liz Outridge

October's WI guest was Mrs Whittle who brought along her spinning wheel and gave a fascinating talk on weaving, spinning and dying. Some of the braver members took a turn at spinning discovering, as with all these things, that it wasn't quite as easy as our guest had made it appear! Mrs Whittle wasn't our only guest as we were delighted to welcome the Federation Chairman of Shropshire & MidWales TG, Mrs Pam Holland, who was visiting locally.

Our ladies also attended the Membury Group meeting in October and were entertained by some Bollywood dancing. Many of the group took part and were very soon dancing as a team, we were most impressed.

The November meeting is our International night and this year in keeping with the 2012 celebrations we are featuring England. We hope to have some lovely traditional food and maybe English wine to taste and ask anyone to bring along their memorabilia to decorate the hall. The date is Thursday 8th November starting at 7.30pm, this is an open meeting and visitors are welcome for a small donation to funds.

If you would like a WI monthly newsletter please contact the secretary womens.institute@chiltonfoliat.com both email and paper copies available.

Dateline: 18th August 2012

WI Ceramics Workshop

From Liz Outridge

Chilton Foliat WI ladies will be meeting again for the Autumn calendar on Thursday 13th September to enjoy another Ceramics workshop with Claire from Littlecote. Please meet at the village hall at 7.15pm for transport to the venue. Visitors are welcome for a small donation to funds.

Dateline: 18th August 2012

WI News from earlier in the summer

From Liz Outridge

Chilton Foliat WI garden party was like many other events a victim of the bad weather this year, but our lovely host Rita opened her doors and we still enjoyed a fun evening with all the lovely treats we have come to expect from our members. Delicious food, good friends, a cosy atmosphere and some fun quizzes made for a very enjoyable meeting and our heartfelt thanks go to Rita Colclough for her super efforts.

Chilton Foliat do not hold a meeting in August so the next meeting will be Thursday September 13th when the WI will be having a ceramics painting workshop at Claire's of Littlecote. Further details can be obtained from the secretary at:- womens.institute@chiltonfoliat.com

Dateline: 18th June 2012

WI Sweet Wrappers

From Liz Outridge

Have you ever had a Sweet WI meeting? I can highly recommend it as, in June, Chilton Foliat played host to Artist and teacher Robert Strange and his wonderful collection of sweet wrappers, some as early as 1920. An absolutely fascinating evening with much hilarity as Rob has a delightful delivery as well as being an accomplished artist in many different mediums, as some of you may know if you have attended any of the Art exhibitions in the village hall.

A select few of our ladies were transported back to their childhood with many brands no longer available and one especially causes some raised eyebrows among our young people, Spangles, do you remember them? and the advert ' ....the sweet that makes you gay’! Thank you Rob it was super. The July meeting is our annual Garden party and this year’s host will be Rita Colclough and full details will be on the Newsletter. We do not have a meeting in August so it will be details of September for the start of our Autumn diary that will be in the next issue. Any further news or inquiries from our secretary on 01488 681334 or womens.institute@chiltonfoliat.com

Dateline: 18th April 2012

Wood turning at the WI meeting

From Liz Outridge

At the April meeting of our WI guest speaker Ron Hendry came along with an electric lathe and gave a fascinating talk and demonstration about wood turning. Ron's knowledge about lathes through time was very informative and interesting and special praise must go to Sheila, his wife, who was used to act out the actions of a 'whip lathe'. Ron was an excellent speaker and after explaining about the lathe he showed a selection of woods used in the craft as well as some items he had made previously. The vote of thanks was taken by Juliet and the meeting closed at 9.30pm. The Membury Fort Group meeting will be on Monday 14th May.

The next meeting will be our Resolutions meeting in the village hall at 7. 30pm on Thursday 10th May.

Dateline: 18th March 2012

Handmade jewelry at the WI meeting

From Liz Outridge

The March meeting of our WI was a very creative event when guest speaker Mrs. Waldron brought along her handmade jewelry. Our ladies were encouraged to take part and many went home with bracelets and bangles made with the hand made beads.

Juliet Keel was presented with a floral display as a thank you from the president and members for hosting our AGM and film show whilst it snowed outside. April's meeting will be a talk from artist Robert Strange and his most unusual hobby of collecting sweet wrappers and the fascinating art he produces using some of them as a medium. This will be on Thursday 12th April starting at 7.30pm in the village hall.

Dateline: 18th February 2012

WI members enjoy 'The King's Speech'

From Liz Outridge

The Chilton Foliat WI AGM took on a very different style this year when our ladies gathered at a member’s home instead of the village hall. In a very warm and cosy atmosphere following the business, members settled down to watch 'The Kings Speech' accompanied by popcorn, biscuits and beverages. The president gave her report praising her committee and thanking all members for supporting the WI. However, there was one small typing error which caused much laughter among our ladies but it is not deemed to be suitable for this publication, you could of course always ask a member!

It is reported that there was no change in the committee for this year.

At the end of the evening, as we left for home, we were faced with an inch or so of fresh snow which proved a challenging journey home for some and great credit to the 'male' members of the WI who gallantly came to the rescue, husbands do have their uses!

Many thanks to Juliet for offering her home and refreshments and thanks to Samantha for the popcorn, this was certainly an AGM to remember.

Our next meeting will be on Thursday March the 8th when our guest speaker will be Mrs. Waldron demonstrating her art in making jewellery, we welcome visitors and this meeting will be in the village hall at 7.30pm, we hope to see you there.

Dateline: 18th January 2012

WI News

From Liz Outridge

Chilton Foliat WI ladies were celebrating as this was the first January meeting we were able to have in three years, both 2010 and 2011 were cancelled because of bad weather. After a warm welcome from the president some of our members set to designing and making face masks whilst the more energetic took to table tennis with much hilarity at the rather 'individually' shaped ball. We also had an uninvited guest in the shape of a field mouse, dealt with expertly by Juliet Keel.

The face masks will be used at the annual garden party which is held in July and will this year have a special theme.

The February meeting will be the annual general meeting on Thursday 9th Feb. when the new committee will be voted in, anyone fully paid up member can be nominated to sit on the committee. Following the business we will be running a film show and visitors are welcome for a small donation to funds.

Dateline: 18th December 2011

WI News

From Liz Outridge

The January WI meeting will be in the village hall on Thursday 12th starting at 7.30pm when we will be holding a games evening with table tennis for those wishing to be a little more energetic as well as making face masks which will be needed at a later date in the year.

For details please call the secretary on 01488 681334 or email womens.institute@chiltonfoliat.com.

Dateline: 18th November 2011

WI India presentation

From Liz Outridge

At our November meeting we were visited by WI advisor Tanya Garston and guest speaker Jenny Pryer. Jenny showed a lovely PowerPoint presentation of her trips around India which were well received by our members and visitors. After a very interesting talk Jenny showed her collection of beautiful scarves and pashmeres and our members were quick to purchase an early Christmas present or two.

Well done to Jill Morgan who won the trivia quiz in this months newsletter.

The Group Carols evening will be on Monday 12th December at Ramsbury Methodist Church.

December is Chilton's Christmas dinner and the new diary of events will start on Thursday 12th January and will be a 'Games Night' with Table tennis and decorating face masks ready for the Garden party later in the year, visitors are very welcome for a small donation to funds, refreshments included.

President Ellie Skehan wishes to pass on her very best wishes for Christmas to all members and friends of Chilton Foliat WI and thank you for your support through the year.

Dateline: 18th October 2011

Garden design and Halloween sculptures at the WI meeting

From Liz Outridge

Chilton Foliat hosted the October meeting for the Membury Fort Group in the village hall. After the business of the day guest speaker Anya Medlin from Earthwise Garden design, spoke about re awakening mature gardens and making your garden work for you. Unfortunately, as often happens in these cases, the projector had an agenda of its own but in true professional style Anya took charge and with the help of her husband managed a manual slide show. Despite the interruptions everyone had a lovely evening and following the talk Chilton ladies served delicious refreshments with homemade cakes for those attending.

The next Group meeting will be on May 14th 2012 and the next Group event will be the Carols evening at Ramsbury Methodist Hall on Monday 12th December.

The October Chilton WI meeting was an evening of art and design when the ladies took various squash and pumpkins and hand crafted them into amusing lanterns. The designs were as different as the artists from Jack o Lanterns to owls in trees and from cheeky chappies to stylish old men with beards. Well done ladies it was a super evening and we now have many different recipes of how to cook your autumn vegetables.

The next WI meeting in Chilton Foliat village hall will be our international night on Thursday 10th November and it couldn't be easier as this year we celebrate England. The hall will be decorated with all things English including regional foods, memorabilia, pictures and posters, English wine and much more. Visitors are very welcome to come along on the night, all the proceeds will help towards WI funds so we hope to see you there.

Dateline: 18th September 2011

Shirley Smith at the WI meeting

From Liz Outridge

Our WI ladies were entertained by the lovely Shirley Smith talking about her life as a nanny and what a life she led. Her employment took her to many parts of the world both by ship and plane complete with very small children which as any parent knows is no easy task! We are very grateful to Shirley for a most enjoyable evening’s entertainment and hope she will return one day to carry on with her tales.

The October meeting will have a very autumnal theme as we will be getting hints and tips on cooking all those lovely squashes we grow or find in the shops this time of the year. There will also be a 'squash sculpting' session and I am sure there will be some weird and wonderful pumpkins to see at the end of the evening. If you would like to join us for the evening there will be a small charge of £3.00 towards funds and we look forward to seeing you in the village hall on Thursday 13th October at 7.30pm, we can promise you of a very warm welcome, refreshments will be served during the evening. All other information please contact the secretary at womens.institute@chiltonfoliat.com.

Dateline: 18th August 2011

WI News

From Liz Outridge

The next meeting will be on Thursday 8th September when guest speaker Miss. Smith will be giving her account of a life as a children's Nanny, we start at 7.30pm and visitors are welcome.

In October we will be discovering new ways to cook with Squash, no not the cordial variety but all those lovely autumn vegetables. As well as this we will be sculpting pumpkins and there is no limit to the designs so we look forward to some ‘interesting’ finished articles. Again this is an open meeting so if you feel artistic please come along and have some fun.

We are now arranging our diary for 2012 and hope to have it available very soon. If you would like any further information or wish to become a member please contact the secretary, thank you. The best month to join is October as you receive a full 15 months before your next subs would be due.

Dateline: 18th July 2011

WI Garden Party

From Liz Outridge

The annual garden party this year was hosted by Judy Williams and thankfully the weather was kind to the ladies who gathered to admire Judy's lovely garden. Members had provided a delicious summer supper and they, along with their guests, enjoyed a very sociable evening for which we would like to thank Judy for hosting such a lovely evening.

We don't have a meeting in August so the next WI evening will be on Thursday 8th September when we will be guided through the 'Life as a Nanny', this promises to be a very funny evening as any of you with children will appreciate. Visitors are welcome for a donation of just £3.00 to funds which includes refreshments, for further information please contact the secretary on 01488 681334 or email womens.institute@chiltonfoliat.com. Thank you.

Dateline: 18th June 2011

WI treated to a flower arranging workshop

From Liz Outridge

The June meeting of our WI was in full bloom as members and their guests were guided through a flower arranging workshop by Jackie Vance. Jackie explained the basis of an arrangement is the preparation and showed various methods of helping to keep your arrangement bright and healthy for longer. Although the ladies all started with the same base the final arrangements were all as different and stunning as each other and great praise goes to all even those who professed to novices produced a delightful piece to take home. Our very greatest thanks go to Jackie for her patience and guidance for a truly Springtime meeting.

You can see some more of Jackie's handy work in the village as she along with Bookings officer Judy Williams have planted and hung the baskets outside the village hall.

WI members with their families were delighted to accept an invitation from Adrian and Sarah Scrope to a tour of the Chilton estate. Although the weather was changeable it did not spoil a most interesting and enjoyable evening. The estate comprises a mixed area of arable land, grass land, woodland and water meadows along the Kennet. The tour was accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Scrope and their daughter, Rose. Chilton is a model of a traditional country estate with the principal house remaining as the family home. Harry, the farm manager, explained how the owners’ aims of creating a truly sustainable environment and encouraging conservation are put into practice in farming, forestry, livestock, riverine and wildlife management. In addition more than 50 people are now employed within the estate. All in all a most enjoyable and informative evening for which we are very grateful to Sarah and Adrian. Report from R & E. Skehan.

The next WI meeting will be on July 14th and will be our annual Garden Party with a special hat making competition with a right Royal theme, so come on ladies we've had the Royal wedding and Ladies day at Ascot so Chilton Foliat WI will be the next 'must' for that hat, good luck and we hope to see you there.

Dateline: 18th May 2011

WI meeting cancelled

From Liz Outridge

Due to circumstances the May meeting had to be cancelled and therefore the next meeting at Chilton Foliat WI will be on Thursday 9th June and will be a Flower Arranging evening in the capable hands of Jackie Vance. As always we welcome visitors to this meeting for a small donation to funds, there will be a raffle and refreshments too, we hope to see you there.

Dateline: 18th April 2011

WI News

From Liz Outridge

April's meeting was a mixture of celebration and brain power with a rather momentous birthday of one of our members who provided chocolate delights for our ladies whilst abstaining herself to support her fasting in aid of Lent, well done Rita, we were impressed. Following the business of the day, the little grey cells were tested with a full on countdown session and Judy Williams was the clear winner over all.

Very well done to all our ladies.

The Group meeting will be at Aldbourne on Monday May 9th and the next Chilton Foliat meeting will be our Resolutions night on Thursday May 12th starting at 7.30pm.

Dateline: 18th March 2011

Wellie Painting at the WI

From Liz Outridge

Spring has definitely sprung at Chilton Foliat WI when at our March meeting we went 'Mad' with colour. Old gardening wellies were treated to flower and fairy designs and tired shoes got the yellow spot treatment. Flower pots too were given a fresh new look with each design as individual as its owner with beautiful colours and special cut outs. The creations were all imaginative and very personal, photographs will soon be on the Chilton web site to view.

The April meeting will be on Thursday 14th when we will be venturing out of the hall with compass in hand for an Easter Egg hunt, if you wish to come along as a visitor please be at the hall for 7.25pm, a small donation to funds will be charged.

Monday May 9th will be the next Membury Fort Group meeting at Aldbourne anyone wishing to have transport please contact the secretary, thank you.

Dateline: 18th February 2011

WI News

From Liz Outridge

February is our AGM and as the president was unable to attend Penny Burfield the vice president took the meeting. After the business of the day, the members cast their vote for the new committee for 2011/2012.

The March meeting was discussed and the ladies were reminded to bring along a pair of garden shoes, or wellingtons, or even plant pots, for decorating. All other equipment will be provided and members will be encouraged to 'Go Wild' with their designs - with a prize for the most interesting one! This will be an open meeting and a very hilarious one, I am sure, so if you have a pair of old tired garden wear, then bring them along and brighten them up ready for those sunny days in your garden.

Our next meeting will be on Thursday 10th March at 7.30pm in the village hall.

Dateline: 18th January 2011

Tai Chi at the WI meeting

From Liz Outridge

Christmas cake; Figgy pudding; mince pies and all those chocolates may make you think of putting on weight well Chilton Foliat WI had the perfect start to the year with a Tai Chi session to cleanse the body and stretch out the muscles. It was a wonderful evening with exercises for all abilities starting with sitting down breathing and gentle movements gradually building up to ‘walking with Tai Chi’. Our gratitude goes to Mrs. Tottingham for travelling for a couple of hours just to guide us through our moves and provide us with a very enjoyable evening.

So popular was this session many of the ladies agreed to start a regular class so if you are an instructor or you know of a teacher who would welcome starting a new class please contact our secretary.

February is our Annual general Meeting, this year on Thursday 10th Feb, when we choose the new committee for the year and we welcome new comers to attend this or any of our meetings for a small charge to funds. The annual subscription this year is £30 and we have a full diary of events organized, please contact the secretary for a copy or look on the Chilton web site and follow the link.

Dateline: 18th November 2010

WI Japan Night

From Liz Outridge

November is traditionally our International night and this year we featured Japan. The hall was decorated with maps; flags; memorabilia; food and traditional dress as well as a display from the Japanese tourist board and a huge amount of facts relating to the country. There was a surprise visitor too, Lesley Whittaker who was actually married in Japan and brought along her beautiful hand embroidered wedding dress which some of the ladies tried on only to find out how very heavy it was. The workmanship was magnificent and Lesley led through the procedure of a typical wedding ceremony.

An interesting note to anyone who has a daughter getter married in the future, it is traditional for Japanese brides to have up to six changes during the ceremony, I can't see that catching on here!

Following the talk we treated to a selection of tasty treats as well as a plate of Sushi all helped down with a warm glass of Sake. Ellie Skehan wished to say a very big thank you to all who set up the hall and made the evening so successful.

December will be our Christmas dinner so our next general meeting will be Thursday January 13th 2011 when we will be helping to shed those extra Christmas pounds with a Tai - Chi session from guest demonstrator Mrs. Tottingham, this will be an open meeting and for further details please contact the secretary on 01488 681334. Our 2011 diary of events is now available and copies can be obtained from the secretary.

Finally on behalf of the president and members of the Chilton WI may we say a very Happy and Peaceful Christmas to you all.

Dateline: 18th October 2010

Mr. Slingsby from the Woodland Trust at the WI

From Liz Outridge

Some of our members attended the Group meeting in Ramsbury and heard the story of Peter Page’s journey by van to Istanbul. A wonderful evening’s entertainment and full credit to Ramsbury WI for the delicious refreshments, thank you. The October WI meeting in Chilton had a real Autumn feel with a talk with slides by Mr. Slingsby from the Woodland Trust. After explaining the science of trees and woodlands and the connection between them and our own lives, Mr Slingsby spoke about the work of the trust showing the ladies slides of various places now owned by the trust including regenerated areas of the country. Their valuable work and importance of our woodlands can be accessed via the web site which is well worth a look.

The November meeting will be our annual International night and this year we have chosen Japan. This is an open meeting with a welcome to all and we will be serving traditional treats and beverages from the country. The date is Thursday 11th November at 7.15pm in the village hall, more details from the secretary on 681334.

Dateline: 18th September 2010

WI Sugar Crafting

From Liz Outridge

Our September meeting was a very sweet evening when our own Judy Williams demonstrated her skills with Sugar Crafting. After some initial instruction members were encouraged to make the head for a little choir boy possibly for the top of a Christmas cake. The various creations of ears, eyes and hair showed the individuality of the ladies, some with interesting results. It was one of the best evenings we have had and were delighted to have some guests attend. A very big thank you to Judy who had done a tremendous amount in advance of the evening and kept going with patients and a smile to around 11pm ! Despite the time a proud bunch left the meeting carefully clutching their much prized choir boy.

The Membury Fort Group meeting will be on Monday 11th October in Ramsbury's Memorial hall and local jeweler Mr. Peter Page will be the guest speaker.

The Chilton Foliat October meeting will be in the village hall on Thursday 14th and Mr. Slingsby will be giving a talk and slide show on The Woodland Trust, this will be an open meeting to all with a raffle and refreshments. October is the very best month to join the WI as you get a full 15 months before your next subscription is due.

Dateline: 18th June 2010

Clare’s Paint Your Own Pottery

From Liz Outridge

Yet another fun filled evening at Clare’s Paint Your Own Pottery at Littlecote House. The ladies from Chilton Foliat WI, including two new members, chose Clare’s craft shop for their June meeting. Despite being 'away from home' so to speak, president Ellie Skehan started the evening off by asking the members to sing Jerusalem; the business of the evening was quickly dispensed with, leaving the ladies time to choose their piece of pottery to paint. Items ranged from olive dishes and honey pots to smiling pigs and chicken egg cups. Clare and her husband Mick were on hand to guide the beginners through the process of not only choosing what to put on the pottery, but also through the choice of colours and 'tricks of the trade' to make the job easier. All the finished pieces were ready for collection within a few days and members were justly pleased with the finished articles. If you haven’t yet paid Clare a visit, we can thoroughly recommend it. If you fancy your hand at pottery painting, and you don’t have to be a Lowry to take part, do give Clare a call on 01488 683884 or 682979.

The next WI meeting will be the annual Garden Party, details and venue will be in the next Newsletter to members and on the Chilton web site.

Dateline: 18th May 2010

WI News

From Liz Outridge

Chilton were very proud to host the Membury Fort Group meeting this month and the evening was a huge success due mainly to our guest speaker Mr Stewart Hofgartner.

Approximately 53 ladies from the group brought along a wonderful array of items for Stewart to look at and give his expert eye over and that all important valuation. There were some interesting revelations too.

Very many thanks to our ladies for supplying the lovely refreshments and for their hard work arranging another very successful evening.

The Resolutions evening promoted much discussion but the final result was a majority in favour and our delegate will take this information to the AGM in Cardiff next month.

The next meeting will be Painting Ceramics at Claire's at Littlecote, we will meet at the village hall at 7.15pm to arrive at the venue for a 7.30pm start. A good meeting for new members to join or come along as a visitor for just £2.50.

Dateline: 18th April 2010

WI wine tasting

From Liz Outridge

All I can say is ...WOW!

You may well ask if a little WI can stage a big event, well if you were one of the 50 or so who crammed the hall last Saturday you would be well aware that yes we can!!

President Ellie Skehan was delighted with the look of the hall, the food and wine on offer and the amazing support received from the Membury Fort Group of WIs along with local residents and friends alike.

The evening was a huge success with food and wine from eight different countries around the world to taste and enjoy. Glenn Anderson from Waitrose Newbury guided our guests through a selection of wines giving information on each one and managed to conduct a light hearted quiz as well. The support we received was wonderful and we must not forget the WI Husbands who took on roles of bar staff, waiters and washers up and clearing the hall following the event, thank you all.

Last year, Chilton Foliat was in danger of closing their WI because of dwindling numbers and therefore lack of financial support but thanks to a lot of hard work and the fantastic local support we will now have sufficient funds to continue for another year, so very many thanks to you all and who knows what will do next year!!

Chilton Foliat will be hosting the Membury Fort Group meeting on Monday 10th May when Stuart Hofgartner will be giving a talk on his work and television show 'The Real Deal' and conducting a valuation of any two items per person brought on the night. Can we ask all members not to bring items of jewllery or pictures please, thank you.

The annual Resolutions meeting will be held on Thursday May 13th at the secretary’s home starting at 7.30pm. For more information please call 01488 681334 or follow the link on the Chilton web site.

Dateline: 18th March 2010

Stella Puddy gives beauty advice

From Liz Outridge

Chilton Foliat WI At the March meeting of the WI, beautician Stella Puddy came along to talk about rejuvenating the skin following the winter weather and building up the skins defenses ready for summer. Stella has many years experience in her field and brought along some of her lovely products that members were encouraged to try. Although only a small audience attended this was an exceptional meeting and full credit goes to Stella for her time and effort.

The next meeting will be on Saturday 10th April and this will be an open fund raiser in place of our normal meeting.

Chilton Foliat WI will be hosting a Wines & Food of the World event starting at 7.30pm in the village hall and tickets are on sale now, we are delighted that Glenn Anderson from Waitrose of Newbury will be on hand to give guidance on the wines on offer. Soft beverages will also be available and delicious food from eight different countries around the world, we hope to see you there.

Denman College at Abingdon, the WI's own college, will be holding two free open days in June of this year and some members of Chilton WI will be attending and we welcome non members to join us for a free tour of the college with demonstrations on both food and crafts. Denman offers hundreds of course on every possible subject and they are open to members of the public.

The May Resolutions meeting will be held at the secretary’s home and not the village hall as previously advertised.

Dateline: 18th February 2010

WI News

From Liz Outridge

Once again, the weather played a big part in the cancellation of our January meeting; to the disappointment of the members, but it has been decided to hold another Ceramics evening later in the year.

Thursday 11th of February was our AGM and this is a brief report on the proceedings.

The president sent her apologies for this meeting and vice president Penny Burfield took the meeting.

There were two erratum notices read by the secretary. The October meeting will now be a talk and slide show from Mr. Slingsby of the Woodland Trust who was unable to attend in January last year because of ill health and bad weather.

The second was the table top sale will now be on Saturday 24th April from 10am - 1pm with the doors opening for sellers at 9am. Those wishing to have a table will pay £7.00 to funds.

As all the existing members had said they were happy to continue the same names were put forward and so the committee as is still stands. President - Ellie Skehan MBE Vice President & Bookings Officer - Penny Burfield Treasurer - Gill Morgan Vice Treasurer - Fran Cunningham Secretary - Liz Outridge Co-opted member - Judy Williams

The treasurer reminded members that the new year’s subs were due at £29.50 per person and gave a brief report on our financial situation up to and for the end of the year. Full praise was given to Gill and Fran for doing a very demanding job so well.

Major Fund Raisers for 2010
Details of our major fund raiser for the year, Wines & Food of the World, was discussed in detail.

Further notices of future events were put forward including the Mums Know Best picnic; the Primary School Fete and Operation Christmas Child.

Penny will take Ellie’s place at the Group Officers meeting later this month with the secretary.

The WI trip to see Carousel was discussed and names of members going noted, Rita had managed to arrange a discount on our behalf.

After the business the raffle was drawn and refreshments were served with general social time.

Details of the next meeting were given in March when Stella Puddy will be our guest speaker and forthcoming events in Chilton Foliat were also announced.

It was with regret that the WI clock donated to the village hall to commemorate the re-forming of the Chilton Foliat WI has had to be replaced after more than 10 years.

The meeting closed at 9.15pm.

As previously stated the March meeting on Thursday 11th will be 'Getting Ready for Summer' and Beautician Stella Puddy will be giving hints and tips on preparing the skin for those long hot lazy summer days to come, (forever the optimist!). Stella will also be talking about the rights and wrongs of fake tanning creams.

Our major fund raising event of this year will be Wines and Food of the World advertised as a very 'Tasty' event so book your tickets early for Saturday April 10th in the village hall.

Dateline: 18th December 2009

Christmas WI dinner

From Liz Outridge

The Christmas WI dinner was a huge success as always with Tracy and Ben from the Wheatsheaf delivering fabulous food to the lucky ladies. It is reported games and mayhem followed the meal conducted and arranged by Rita C, (who would believe that?) and a good time was had by all. A big thank you to the staff at the Wheatsheaf for a lovely evening.

The first meeting of the new year for Chilton WI will be on January 14th when we will be painting ceramics at Littlecote, please meet at the village hall at 7.15pm. All other details or for enquiries please call the secretary on 681334, thank you.

Dateline: 18th November 2009

WI International Night

From Liz Outridge

Chilton Foliat WI's November meeting was our annual International night and our guest speaker was Bridget Partridge, who gave a love talk about her part in the Bentley car rally through South Africa.

Bridget spoke about her animal safari and meeting local tribes, with all their traditions and crafts, some of which she brought to show us. She was even wearing one of the cotton tunics made from all natural sources and cotton planting helped and supported by the Wiltshire WI. Thank you Bridget for a fascinating talk.

The Christmas dinner this year will be on Thursday 10th December in the Wheatsheaf - members if you haven't already filled out your menu please do so ASAP and if you wish to bring a guest, please contact the secretary on 681334, thank you.

The first meeting in 2010 will be 'Painting Ceramics' at Littlecote with Claire on Thursday 14th January and we will meet at the village hall at 7.15pm starting at Littlecote at 7.30pm. Always a popular evening so come along early, as always more details from your secretary.

Dateline: 18th November 2009

Chilton Chicks & WI Coffee Morning

From Liz Outridge

On Friday 4th December Chilton Chicks toddler group and Chilton Foliat WI will be holding a Christmas Coffee Morning in the village hall from 10 - 12 midday. There will be delicious cakes, cards and gifts, candles and books. There will also be a decorating biscuits table for the children and a Prize Tombola - so pop in and browse around whilst enjoying your cake and coffee. Please come along and help us by supporting these two village groups.

Dateline: 18th October 2009

WI News

From Liz Outridge

I start with an apology as the October Group meeting was advertised as the 5th and in actual fact it was 12th so I do apologise and hope that ladies did not miss the evening because of my mistake.

At the October meeting we welcomed Dann Allen, who gave a fascinating talk on the women-behind-the-men serving in the Victorian army. Accompanied by slides, Dann ran through the none-too glamorous life of an army wife, in those bleak times - explaining what little support was given to the serving ranks.

Very few women were allowed to travel with their husbands and those that did were given specific jobs either cooking, washing or acting as nurses and living in the most basic of conditions, that only allowed the strong to survive. Our ladies were heartily relived to know the progress that has been made to the conditions not only of our serving men but their women as well.

The vote of thanks was given by Ellie Skehan. The next meeting will be on Thursday November 12th, when our International night will be South Africa and Bridget Partridge will be our guest speaker.

Chilton Foliat WI will be joining Chilton Chicks Toddler group to hold a Coffee Morning Fund Raiser on Friday 4th December in the village hall starting at 10 am.

There will be a selection of goods for sale as well as a Tombola and homemade cakes.

Dateline: 18th September 2009

The Future Climate of Farming

From Liz Outridge

After a summer break Chilton Foliat WI met for their September meeting with a most topical theme 'Farming and Where are we Going?' Local businessman and Parish Councilor James Hynes spoke with great clarity about the global state of farming and food production in today's climate. We learned about the predicted effects of global warming on food production and the serious nature of the real possibility of the world population rising to some 9 billion in twenty years time and the stark realisation that at the moment we do not produce enough food world wide to cope with the increase in numbers.

Jim also covered briefly related subjects i.e. energy efficiency, oil production and replacements to fossil fuels.

This was a fascinating meeting which promoted many questions from the floor, all answered with great care and attention. The vote of thanks was given by Rita Colclough for a thoroughly good evening and everyone agreed that a follow up evening should be done on this very important subject.

The next WI meeting will be on Thursday October 8th When we welcome Dan Allen speaking on the Victorian Women's Army.

The Membury Fort Group meeting will proceed this on Monday 5th at Aldbourne.

Dateline: 18th June 2009

Pelargoniums at the WI meeting

From Liz Outridge

At Chilton Foliat's June meeting we had great pleasure in welcoming back Dr. Haycroft and his fabulous Pelargoniums. We were shown how to root cuttings to reproduce a favourite flower, the use of different composts and fertilizers as well as watching a delightful slide show of all the varieties of the plant in its many colours and shapes. Dr. Haycroft is an excellent speaker and his obvious love of the plant is clear to see, as he spoke passionately about his working life.

Our Ladies were spoiled for choice when it came to purchasing ready potted plants but, as there were one or two wanting the same plant, it will be interesting to see if any of Dr. Haycroft's instruction bears fruit and we see lots of new plants in the future.

For July we will be holding our annual Garden Party and this will be a members only meeting.

We have a break in August so our next general meeting will be in September; there will be a joint Coffee Morning which we will be hosting with the Chilton Chicks Toddler Group.

Dateline: 18th May 2009

WI Resolutions evening

From Liz Outridge

The May meeting of our WI was the annual ‘Resolutions’ evening and, in the absence of Ellie Skehan, Penny Burfield took the meeting. Resolution rejected
After the business of the day, the resolution calling for the Government to invest more money in research on honey bees, was read out to members and comments and points were discussed at length with many varying views on the subject. At the end of the discussion the results were none in favour; six against the resolution and two abstentions on the grounds that this is already being dealt with nationally, with significant investment promised.

New memberships were discussed as unfortunately our numbers are somewhat reduced from previous years. One reason given was the increase in subs and the amount we have to pass on to the National federation, many members thought this was a disproportionate amount and the secretary was asked to write to NFWI to ask their assistance in addressing the problem.

Cheap Eats Challenge
The evening progressed onto the competition which was to prepare a dish or meal with 'reduced price food'. Can I stress that this was 'Reduced Price and NOT out of date produce, the WI do not suggest or encourage the use of food already out of date.

Our Mothers and Grandmothers were used to make do and mend but could our ladies rise to the challenge? well yes they can and did. We were treated to Chicken with Jersey Royal potatoes; Vegetable tortilla wraps; Spicy Meatballs and vegetables and a full roast Lamb with organic baked potato with herb butter and seasonal vegetables followed by a desert and this one was for under £2 per person!!!

One of our visitors compiled a complete menu with a half price chicken producing two different meals each for four people and again costing under £3 per person. There was even a humble sandwich but there was some doubt if this constituted a meal. So bargains are out there and our ladies proved that you can produce a good, tasty meal for the family without spending a fortune. Very well done to all and just to say they tasted good too!

The next meeting will be on Thursday June the 11th when Dr Haycroft will be talking about growing Pelagonians. He will also have plants for sale, so this will be an open meeting and visitors are welcome to join us for just a £3 entrance fee to help with costs. We look forward to seeing you there.

Dateline: 18th April 2009

WI News

From Liz Outridge

Having re-arranged the last two meetings we were convinced we were able to continue with our diary, but fate took another hand and, once again, we had to re-organize the April meeting. Our President, Ellie Skehan, was to have given a talk on her travels in South Africa - but, unfortunately, had a very bad fall just before Easter... resulting in a nasty break to her arm and causing great pain. She is resting at home and we would like to take this opportunity to wish her a very speedy recovery and ask that you remember her in your prayers.

Beetle Drive
Vice President Penny Burfield took the meeting and, after a short business report, the ladies made teams of four and held a 'Beetle Drive'. This proved to be a hilarious session as none of the members could remember exactly how to play and, although she was not there in person, Ellie did very well and her team won!! The evening was aided by some light refreshments and a glass of wine and the raffle was conducted by Judy Williams. The next meeting will be at Ramsbury on Monday 11th May at 7.30pm, when we will have our Group Meeting with guest speaker Patricia Godwin and her topic is titled 'As Time Goes By’. For more information please contact Rosalie Winters from Ramsbury. The next Chilton Foliat WI will be on Thursday 14th May and that will be our annual Resolutions night. The June meeting will be entitled 'Beautiful Pelagoniums', a talk and demonstration from Dr. Haycroft. Any further information please contact the secretary on 01488 681334, thank you.

Dateline: 18th March 2009

Decoupage demystified at WI

From Liz Outridge

At the March meeting of Chilton Foliat WI we were hoping to welcome our local photographer as our guest but unfortunately he was called away so we were delighted to welcome back Bridget Partridge who demonstrated the art of Decoupage.

Bridget was very patient as she guided the ladies through the various stages of making their own greeting's card. By the end of the evening we were all glowing with pride at our achievements and I would like to say a big thank you to Bridget for standing in at such short notice and providing us with such entertainment.

The April meeting will now be a talk from president Ellie Skehan on her personal tour of South Africa accompanied by a very light hearted Beetle Drive.

Dateline: 18th February 2009

New Faces and Old Friends at Chilton WI

From Liz Outridge

The Annual General Meeting of the Chilton Foliat WI took place on February 12th and, as the frost coated the cars outside, there was a very warm atmosphere in the village hall! President Ellie Skehan welcomed the ladies and introduced Jenny Coates, who has taken over as our WI Adviser from County. Jenny is an old friend of Chilton Foliat being the first adviser we had when starting up again some 15 years ago.

Jerusalem was sung and Ellie delivered her report on the previous year - reminding us of all we had done in 2008 - and she also, sadly, announced that our treasurer Edwina Hickford was standing down from her post on the committee. This is a demanding role for anyone to take up and the president told members how grateful she had been with all Edwina had done over the years keeping us solvent with careful handling of the finances and budgets. Very many thanks Edwina from us all.

Following that, nominations were taken and the election of officers was conducted. As with previous years, it is very difficult to form a full committee and, over the last two years, Chilton has not been able to do that, but no more. Ellie has always said that what we lack in numbers we make up for in enthusiasm and our ladies did not let us down. Not only did we have a new vice-president, but a new treasurer and vice-treasurer as well - plus one co-opted member and the new committee is as follows.

President.* Ellie Skehan
Vice-President Penny Burfield; Secretary Liz Outridge
Treasurer Jill Morgan
Vice Treasurer Fran Cunningham
Bookings Officer Penny Burfield
Co-Opted Member Judy Williams.

Ellie could not have been more pleased with the ladies taking up the new positions as a larger committee means sharing responsibilities and easier running of the WI, and she asked that her personal thanks be put into this report.

Full copies of the president’s report are available if you would like a copy please contact the secretary.

The next meeting will be on Thursday March 12th in the village hall at 7.30pm when the topic will be 'How to Use Your Camera'. Experienced local photographer Phil Tull will be guiding us through the do's and don'ts of taking pictures and also explaining about different camera types. This is an open meeting and don't forget your camera! * If you require any information about Chilton Foliat WI please contact the secretary on 01488 681334 or e-mail: liz.outridge@tiscali.co.uk

* N.B. In the event of Phil being called away last minute on a photo shoot the President will be giving a talk on South Africa.

Dateline: 18th January 2009

Illness strikes WI meeting

From Liz Outridge

The Chilton WI was forced to cancel our January meeting as the speaker fell ill - as did a number of our ladies! The February meeting is the AGM and we will be holding a 'Through The Ages' competition. However, we are very pleased to announce that our new WI Adviser is Jenny Coates - an old friend of Chilton WI - and she will be joining us on 12th Feb.

Dateline: 18th December 2008

WI Christmas dinner

From Liz Outridge

The annual Christmas dinner of the Chilton Foliat WI took place in the Wheatsheaf with 16 ladies enjoying a variety of home cooked fare from Tracy and her team. The evening was thoroughly enjoyed by all present and the entertainment was provided and orchestrated as always by Rita Colclough. A fun double bingo session was more a task for some members than others and now traditional 'new member' string puzzle was very well executed by Jackie Mallison, Nan, Jackie Hynes and Judy Williams. They were great sports and I'm sure the laughter could be heard around the village! Photographs are available.

Thank you to the Wheatsheaf for such a lovely evening, the food was fantastic and thank you to the Ladies of the WI for starting off the Christmas celebrations in such style.

The next meeting will be held in the village hall on Thursday 8th January at 7.15pm and Mr Slingsby from the Woodland Trust will be our guest speaker.

Guests are welcome to attend for an entrance fee of just £2.00.

Dateline: 18th November 2008

WI International night

From Liz Outridge

November's WI meeting was Chilton Foliat's annual International Night and this year we chose New Zealand.

Haere Mai* New Zealand

One of our own members, Hatty Richmond, was our guide and gave a very professional presentation with slides combining facts and figures with stunning photographs and amusing anecdotes throughout. Hatty has visited the country several times so was able to give a very personal view of the sights and sounds accompanied by two other members of the WI who have family living in the country.

After a short question and answer time refreshments were served and the ladies tucked into some real New Zealand goodies Hatty had had sent over especially from her friend living out there along with her home made ANZAC biscuits* all washed down with some good New Zealand wine. We would like to say a huge thank you to Hatty for a really super informative evening and also a thank you to Bob Skehan for providing the projector screen for the evening.

The next WI meeting at Chilton will be our Christmas dinner to be held in the Wheatsheaf on Thursday 11th December, can all members attending please make sure their menu choice has been handed in, thank you. Our Diary of Events for 2009 is now complete and copies can be obtained from the secretary.

* that’s ‘Welcome’ in Maori!

Dateline: 18th November 2008

Watermill Trip

From Liz Outridge

The Ramsbury Flyer came into its own when a trip to the Watermill theatre was organised by David Hickford for some of the older members of our community, aided by Bob Skehan in his car and who it was said carried the more 'sedate' members of the village.

It was a hilarious music hall performance which everyone enjoyed and on our return to the village we were treated a beautiful cold meat supper at the Wheatsheaf with all the trimmings, followed by scones with jam and cream, delicious! Many, many thanks to the organisers, the drivers and the helpers back at the Wheatsheaf for a really smashing afternoon that gave so much pleasure to so many.

Dateline: 18th September 2008

Chilton WI in the Pink

From Liz Outridge

Chilton Foliat WI started the Autumn season with a ‘Pink’ night.

To show our support for Breast cancer, we all tried to wear something pink and some members - mainly Caroline Kaneen and Rita Colclough - went the extra mile with pink accessories including a pink halo!  So, very well done to them!

Our speaker for the evening was Stella Puddy, of Natural Beauty, who gave a very informative talk on ‘cheeks, lips and hands’ and how to protect them during the Autumn/Winter season. Stella brought along some wonderful hand cream and gave the ladies a demonstration on how to give yourself a hand massage reminding us that this is both beneficial to the mind as well as the hands.

The October meeting of our WI will be on Thursday 9th starting at 7.15pm - preceeded by the next Membury Fort Group meeting, to be held at Chilton Foliat Village Hall on Monday 6th October, starting at 7.30pm. The guest speaker will be Alix Booth telling the story of Punch and Judy through the puppets themselves. For further information please call the secretary on 01488 681334.

Dateline: 18th July 2008

WI Garden Party

From Liz Outridge

The July garden party was almost put on hold because of the weather but it wasn’t necessary as we were bathed in evening sunshine as we strolled through the meadow and gardens of ‘The Birches’. Each member brought along a plate of delicious food and soft drinks and wine were provided by our host. The business of the day was kept brief to enable the Ladies and their guests time to enjoy the evening but only after Jerusalem had been sung!

Chilton Foliat WI always welcomes new members and guests and we would like to take this opportunity to invite ladies from Froxfield to come along to meet our little group with a view to becoming a member.

We do not have a meeting in August so the next general meeting will be on Thursday 11th September at 7.30pm in the village hall. The next Membury Fort Group meeting will be on Monday 6th October at Chilton Foliat village hall beginning at 7.30pm. For more information or to request a diary of events please call the secretary on 01488 681334, thank you.